Tonight the midwives cook again so there should not be any major disasters in the kitchen. In fact, we’ll be lucky if we see much cooking judging by all the dining room drama being promoted in the ads.
MKR is also on Thurs night but then – thanks to info received from LP – there’s a week-long break while some sporting event is on.



  1. The drama with Court, Duncan and Manu better be worth sitting through all these baby and birthing jokes, because my gosh, people. My gosh.

    • Think the drama is starting…Josh is stirring the pot and ….have to say that Court and Duncan are coming across as very sore losers….i mean thay must have known they would get comments about thier lengthy delays….i can’t stand sore losers.
      And Josh still thinks he can beat the midwives….he is so stupid that he is actually funny😆

      • It’s like Court has been replaced by her own evil twin sister. It’s bizarre.

        And Josh is right to criticise them for their instant restaurant, but who wants to live in a world where Josh is right about *anything*? Mad props to Della for tearing strips off him immediately after Court and Duncan stormed out.

  2. I knew it — I knew it! — that whatever drama happened tonight, it would be Josh’s fault. I totally called that last night!

    Meanwhile, it was cool how Tully announced that she was pregnant at the dinner party of the mid-wives. What she didn’t say was that it’s her second pregnancy. Her *first* pregnancy was conceived, carried to full term and then delivered during Court and Duncan’s instant restaurant last episode, because that’s how long that night lasted. True story.

  3. Coming soon to supermarkets…. all those “winning” recipes you can get from the website, such as overcooked dry chicken, offal (any way), icy ice-cream (many recipes to choose from here) & Prosciutto wrapped pear with blue cheese & brandy sauce (my personal favourite)

    • Not many recipes excite me. Those few I like can get the recipes online. No need to buy the cookbook.

      BTW I made the Japanese Pork and Mushroom Broth and it was a real comforting food.

  4. So Josh tries to do something light-hearted and funny to lighten the mood around the table (by cracking open the helium balloons. Always a good party trick), everybody has a good laugh, and then Court snarls, “fuck this.”


  5. Court is such a sore loser. There are still 3 teams to cook. They may stuff up.

    So imagine if it was the final. She will walk off if one of her dish is bad. Very disappointing with her behaviour.

  6. Court is such a sore loser…they are all talking about how good the mains are and Court….can’t do this anymore as she is quite upset….followed by some swear words…..this is the worst loser behaviour i think i have seen on a competition show. Can you remember anyone sadder than Court??

  7. The midwives are lovely…in the kitchen….joking…one of the just pulled a knob and they both giggled….just cracked me up 😁

  8. Court was dribbling in the first episodes when other people got a negative review. Probably a bit too sensitive to go on this kind of show. They got the score they deserved especially after taking so long to deliver it.

    I feel a bit sorry for Karen and Ros, Courts behaviour is detracting from “their” night.

    • Agree w/ you LP. They should have just called it what it was, a Limoncello cake. That was not anything near what a Tiramisu is supposed to be.

    • The whole thing was just so bizarre. And weird things have happened on this show, but Court’s histrionics tonight were just strange. Tomorrow night’s probably gonna be quite boring in comparison.

  9. ‘Tomorrow night’s probably gonna be quite boring in comparison.’

    Dont worry, Josh will make it exciting.

    We will also see some strategic scoring.

    Producers will love to get Hashtags at the bottom of the leaderboard.

    Then Hadhtags will try to score as low as possible at Josh’s restaurant o save themselves. David is good at that!

    • I don’t think anyone’s gonna contrive a reason to vote badly for Josh and Amy. Josh and Amy will score badly mostly because (a) everyone hates them. Everyone, and (b) they can’t cook. Even the previews have Manu yelling at them over some culinary disaster.

  10. Ah, my recording didn’t work. Windsong, I’m just going to cobble your posts together to form a recap from now on 😉 I’ll be watching Survivor tomorrow night if anyone (Windsong?) feels up to doing a recap.

  11. Tuned in just in time for scoring:
    Hashtaggers 6
    Mum and daughter 6
    Della and Tully 6
    Court and Dunc 5
    Mates 5
    Tyson and Amy 4
    Josh and Other Amy 4

  12. Entree Pete 3 Manu 2
    Main Manu 6 Pete 8
    Dessert Pete 5 Manu 7
    Total 67. They are at the bottom.
    Hashtaggers cook tomorrow and Josh says at the table that a dish smells like urine. Seems tame after the slut remark

  13. I watched tonight. I’ve confirmed that Amy and Tyson are utterly fine and not the villains. Josh is a sad loser desperate for attention. court is manipulative and painful. the midwives were robbed.

    • Unfortunately the Midwives try to be cheffy but didnt work. They are excellent homecooks but not good enough to try to put their own spin in recipes

  14. Well I think Courtney is a sore loser. She definitely didn’t like being on the bottom of the leader board was a bad sport about it. I’ve never seen anyone ever behave like her before.
    I’ve always liked Manu but my estimation of him went right up last night for calling her on it, good for you Manu for not sitting there and taking her bad behaviour at the table.
    Of course Josh stirred the pot to start with but I have no doubt Courtney’s mood would not have been any better if the conversation about their time keeping hadn’t started.
    She was all smiles when she realised she wasn’t on the bottom any more.
    Top of the leader board for Manu.

    • BUT…Manu or Pete should have done the same to Josh when he called Amy a slut….joke or not! it was inappropriate for 7.30pm TV.

      • Yes that is true. Maybe after that they thought, right in future we can’t stand by and let this continue.
        That is why tonight or Sunday he is going to give it to Josh with both barrels loaded and I can’t wait.

  15. But Manu didnt have a word with Josh when he said Thanks Sl#t to Amy. Its all for drama. Following producers cue??

  16. Disappointed with Court and Duncan, especially Court. Definitely a sore loser. Her behavior was terrible and she is now on the bottom of my list along with Josh. Psychologically she is probably too sensitive to be on a program like this. I doubt that the midwives will be crying and swearing at the next instant restaurant.
    Josh probably should not have commented about the lateness of the meal but it was a fact and no one was overly rude about it. Court & Duncan started out the night being grouchy and angry even without that comment. They should have apologized for the lateness of the main and dessert during their instant restaurant round. Maybe they did and it was edited out.
    I don’t understand the scoring at all. No flaws in the mousse dessert and it only gets a 7 from Manu and no flaws in the beef cheek ragu and that gets an 8 from Pete. Was it because they weren’t unique dishes? Was it because the producers wanted to make sure that Court and Duncan would not remain at the bottom, not that a few extra points would have helped the midwives. However I do think that their scores overall were lower than they should have been and the judges keep telling people to cook like they would for their families.

    • Definitely agree with you Smythe. Manu made a point of saying to the midwifes that they shouldn’t try to compete with the others as they are all different, then when they cook their “signature home cooking”, which apparently was delicious, they are not given a 10?
      Didn’t like the big smile on Court’s face at the end when she realised she was no longer on the bottom of the leaderboard, not good sportsmanship from her.

  17. Maybe Court and Duncan were stoned both nights. They always have red eyes. They must have got some bad shit.

    More likely Court is a spoiled brat who chucks a hissy when things don’t go her way. Life is tough sometimes,princess. Learn to cope. She was all smiles after she was indulged a bit by the others (Are you all right, Court?) and got extra attention from Manu. She should have been told to grow up or go home. Josh should have been sent home long ago. I’m annoyed at myself for watching almost the whole episode, which was mostly a grown woman acting like a three-year-old who didn’t get the cookie she wanted. And her husband was nearly as bad, with his hangdog look, leaning his oh so heavy head on his hand.

    Anyone else interested in starting a GoFundMe to buy Ros some tops and dresses that don’t have cutout shoulders?

    • Being stoned explains why Court and Duncan took so long to serve their meals and , yes, I did notice Court’s red eyes .

      Those hipsters were soft.

      • I thought maybe they were sick at their instant restaurant because they were in slow-mo. I didn’t see their first IR; were they the same?

      • But if they were stoned they would be happy….and not care…” hey man….whats up”” 😆

    • Some may leave voluntarily or worse still, in a pine box….

      Manu could yet beckon some to ” fart your way buck into ze competition”

    • The new MKR cookboob have Tim/Kyle, Tyson/Amy and Valerie/Courtney on the cover. Surely one of these teams will be the winner.

  18. Looks like Kingswood Country was filmed at the Hashtags’ place.

    Court and Duncan are still miserable.

  19. Amy (the cool one) just admitted that Tyson went through a phase in his childhood when he was obsessed with Shania Twain.

    I like him *infinitely* more than I did two hours ago. Like, he’s suddenly become one of my favourite people in the whole competition, right now. I’m not even joking.

  20. I have come to really like Tyson. I think his earlier standoffishness was due to not knowing the others well enough to relax around them.

  21. Sorry, gice – just realised the MKR post I scheduled for tonight didn’t work. Too busy watching Survivor!

  22. Tyson is just a quiet introvert guy.

    I sincerely hope he can get a job in a restaurant as he has a passion for food and can cook. Also he is quiet and will kust put his head down and cook.

    Hopefully the rumour that he is working in Asana is true.

  23. I think Josh will cook a bad dish and Manu has this to say:

    “If you are sitting here tonight, you will take this apart”

    • Yes, the promos are releasing the footage a bit at a time. I think after Manu says this is when Amy walks out with embarrassment and it continues into the car park and Josh is bleating “Trust me, we can make it work.”. The word “divorce”: is also mentioned.

    • From the comments it looks like she is using black rice and not black glutinous rice. But Betty would not make this mistake. Black rice is chewy, glutinous rice will be sticky

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