MKR Wed – meat challenge

My Kitchen Rules Wed chat.

It’s a meat challenge: pork, beef, chicken or lamb. Advantage winners Della and Tully get to choose the order in which everyone picks the meat, as only two teams can use each category of protein. But it’s a meat “three ways” comp. Remember when razors only had one blade and now have six? I expect next week’s challenge to be onion 15 ways.
They make it obvious who the threats are by making the last three “choosers” Mum and daughter, Amy and Tyson and Beardies.
Della and Tully themselves pick pork – usually a quick cook, depending on the cut.
There’s an ad saying next week is the final week of MKR, so I expect MasterChef will launch soon.
Della and Tully say meat doughnuts are a thing in Melbourne, and it appears they are right article here
I’ve had mince Piroshki from the excellent stall at the Adelaide Central Market and they are delicious, but not exactly gourmet.
The mum is getting flustered in the kitchen again, knocking a salad on the floor. And last night she lost track of time and it cost them. Daughter needs to take control and keep mum on task.
And, yet again, playing is rushed and they leave chutney off by accident.
Tyson and Amy’s beef trio looks restaurant quality. Beardies have taken the pub food route, which is their wheelhouse. Mates got a bit of airtime so could be in trouble, and maybe the midwives.

The bottom two are … midwives and Beardies. Their soz tasted burnt and their schnitty sucked – sacrilege!
They go to a sudden death dessert cook off and again it’s a trio challenge. Midwives are much more comfortable with desserts but they’ve picked chocolate, so the danger is they’ll go too sweet. The judges would be more impressed with fruity desserts, surely.
Beardies are doing a mousse trio.

The midwives are making a massive chocolate cake that only needs to feed two people, and it is only 1/3 of the dessert.
The other teams are sceptical about Beardies’ mousses -the flavour and serving three soft textures.
The judges won’t be happy with the mousse that’s just chocolate and cream.
The midwives’ dessert looks like an old school Death by Chocolate platter from a chocolate cafe. Pete will have to go for a looong surf after this. They showed different techniques at least. If only midwife No. 2 had worn her trademark off the shoulder top.
We’ve been fooled! The judges love the Beardies’ dessert. I shouldn’t have fallen for the “we don’t do desserts” edit.



  1. Happy Belated Easter everyone – and aloha from Hawaii. Had to check in (yes I’m pathetic) to ensure that Josh failed. Excellent. And as a bonus, court despatched.
    Good news all around.

    Does it mean that only beards or Amy/Tyson can survive? I’m not clear whether I read the rules right?

    • Good to see you! 🙂 I’m hoping for a finale that involves Amy/Tyson and the beards. I’m really hoping Tim and Kyle take this one home, but this season’s been so lackluster that I’m not counting my eggs before they’re whipped, beaten or poached.

    • Don’t worry about “rules”, Brussellsprout and enjoy Hawaii.

      Raw meat got through last night. There ain’t no rules.

  2. I know I’m late in saying this but I am so pleased to see the back of bad losers Amy and Duncan! Could not stand them after that fateful night.
    I think that Pete and Manu are going for mum and daughter with dad’s cookbook for the win. I’m probably wrong, I usually am.

  3. Valerie and Courtney were doing too much. Everything made from scratch. Also why did they have to make so many skewers?

  4. Damn it MKR, if one of the only teams who can actually cook, this season, get eliminated? After suffering through two months of the culinary cesspit that was Josh and Amy? I’m going to be very, very annoyed.

  5. On the plate, it looks good for the boys.

    Too chocolatey for me from Karen and Ros even though I am a chocoholic

    • And they knocked out three amazing desserts. Not only did they blitz the competition, but they came out even stronger.

      But damn, I hope they win.

  6. Not happy Jan. Kyle will need to up his hygiene, what with running his hands through sweaty hair and then into the food. This is so not a good series with mediocre cooks.

  7. Cover on the MKR cookbook have Amy and Tyson, Valerie and Courtney and Tim and Kyle. One of these teams will be the winner. I dont think it will be Valerie and Courtney. They wouldn’t like another Asian type food for the win. We already have Indonesian last year.

    For modern flavours Amy and Tyson got what it takes to win.

    Also another gossip from the mag: Tim has a blow up with Manu or the producers

    • I think those are the top three teams. I’m leaning towards a grand final with the Beards and Amy/Tyson. But I’ve been wrong before, very wrong.

  8. Had a giggle Tuesday night as the commentator queried whether David and Betty had #donetheirdashtag. Gold. They are so annoying especially when Betty said her mum always told her if she had nothing nice to say don’t say nothing. Is she for real?

  9. Don’t know if those mousse were really that tasty based on how Tim was preparing them. I wouldn’t think that they would all be light except for the one that he added egg whites to but, whatever the case may be, I didn’t think that they would be eliminated.
    Am hoping that Amy & Tyson win.

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