New Bachelorette announced

As rumoured, it IS Sophie Monk!

I hope they get guys who genuinely want to have a relationship.
They are going to have to skew the blokes older, too, so hopefully fewer strippers this time round.
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  1. Ha ha ha. I just saw that. They must get some older guys. Still most will be younger than her.

    Better Sophie than Sam Frost or Nikki. Nothing against Nikki but she is not exciting to watch

  2. Ch 10 is desperate to get a celeb for The Bachelorette. Seriously will she ‘fall’ for a carpenter or an ordinary guy. She is high maintenance and the guy must have $$$. It will be a train wreck.

  3. … oh, I don’t mean any disrespect to her, but damn, like LittlePetal said, this is going to be a disaster.

    I wouldn’t bet money on the relationship lasting after the cameras stop rolling, put it that way.

  4. I think I’ll find it hard to care whether she finds “true love”, so not really sure I’ll watch. If I do it will only be to check in here.

  5. I support the universal cynicism here. Much as I like Sophie, and hopes she finds Troo Lurv, I can’t see it.
    Good luck finding any guy who is there for any other reason but publicity.

  6. Better Sophie Monk than Sam Frost but somehow she comes across as too Over exposed. I agree with the other posters, I don’t think the average Australian bloke will be exciting enough for Sophie plus she is used to having a lot more disposable income.

  7. i think Sophie is hilarious! (i loved her on Celeb Apprentice) would actually have liked to see her on I’m a Celeb, but i don’t know how well it will go on The Bachelor… if Osher and the producers allow her humour to come thru then it might be ok… if he continues with ‘funeral director’ then we have no hope.

  8. She will be great for confessionals as she has a quick wit. They’d better not just fill it with dumb jocks

      • Watched the 5 minutes of Sophie on The Project. She has a very quick wit and was utterly charming.
        Can’t bear The Project though. Walleed and the blond presenter are so self righteous, judgemental and opinionated if you don’t agree with their views on politics, feminism and multiculturalism and Peter has that forced brand of comedy. He is not that humorous.

        • The panel on the Project remind me of those kind of pompous types at uni who run for student council but no one wants at their parties. I wouldn’t mind betting there might even be a high school head boy or head girl, head prefect amongst them. Good luck to them but I was the girl smoking down the embankment, so those were strange creatures from the planet ambitious dork. On the other hand, I might be completely wrong.

          • To disagree with Aly is to be racist (and all white people are stupid). SMH said so:
            “Waleed Aly is a child of immigrants who speaks Australian English better than most Australians. He communicates clearly, with exceptional fluency, panache, is prepared to use large words and exercise his intellect – all of which does not endear him to white bread Aussies. If we ignore the racism, part of the antipathy directed towards Aly is that he speaks too well.”

            It is ironic that members of the panel can be extremely intolerant of those who do not share their beliefs.

            The problem with The Project is there is no permanent host that can act as an intellectual foil to Waleed. They are all so scared to disagree with him.

          • I always feel Waleed is looking down his nose and lecturing me. Telling me what I am supposed to think. But then telling people what to think is a pretty common social disease.

          • Yeah, Maz, I think you put that quite well.

            I get that he’s a smart, well-educated and well-spoken person … but so is Carrie Bickmore, and she does the same thing. There’s always this political vibe to whatever they’re talking about, and they can both get really self-righteous and judgemental about it (and I’d forgive them if they were being subtle, but they might as well be beating the viewer over the head while screaming, “You have to think what we think you should!” A lot of channel 10’s offerings can lean that way, and no, I don’t like it).

            And I think there is a real danger in important discourse, these days. “You have to have the opinions we tell you to, or else you’re a monster.” I don’t find that conducive to discussion or understanding, at all, and I definitely get that vibe from the Project sometimes, it’s why I generally avoid the show.

          • Yes Carrie is smart and articulate but she is not an effective counterweight to Waleed. She tends to blindly agree with him.

            Waleed is quite good on RN’s The Minefield with Scott Stephens (they sometimes stumble and invite a guest who disagrees with them)!

  9. Can’t stand Waleed lecturing to the viewers each night, his way is the right way of course.
    Couldn’t believe they won a Logie for best panel show, so rigged.

    • I don’t mind it when Waleed gets stuck into politicians (because it’s nice to see somebody attempt to cut through their bullshit), I just wish he would use his powers of intelligent journalism for good, and not the evils of self-righteous lecturing.

  10. Well said all of you. I was watching some feminists on abc and they were critiquing all of the Disney characters over the decades and criticizing any who did not meet their feminist standards and criteria. Even Mulan didn’t make the grade because she was “surrounded by male characters”. So sick of people dictating what girls and boys should play with and how they should be bombarded with just the right propaganda to give them a sense of self that the feminazi can endorse. So sick of being told what to think, or “keep silent”. It’s why I often encourage people to feel free to disagree with me.
    Sorry. Soap box gone. But Maz, Windsong, Pandy…hearing ya. So much propaganda. And we thought it was only China and Russia.

  11. I think we need shows like The Project to balance ultra conservative viewpoints. The world is going dangerously right wing and anti decent social justice. I like the hosts and respect their attitudes to world problems. I don’t find them smug or self congratulatory.

  12. I am trying to watch the Studio this morning, but it’s a struggle.

    Dr Phil was smart yesterday not giving that teen and her mum too much attention. I reckon mum was probably fuming he pulled the audience and only gave them half a show. No wonder the daughter is so messed up.

  13. Thanks. Been pottering, literally and about to settle in for lunch with Phillip.

    BTW Aus presenters I DO like are Larry, Monica White, Amanda Keller, Ahn.
    Non Aussie; I like the pommie guy who does the Chase.

      • Sara, I love that little cross between a sneaky smurk and the twinkle in his blue eyes that he gets. It was funny when that young blonde girl got absolutely zero answers. I can’t recall his words to her but they weren’t condescending like, “Well done”.

    • Try googling the UK Chase bloopers – the fellow you’re talking about is hilarious when he can’t stop laughing.

  14. Just a reminder that the new American Bachelorette starts tonight on 9 Life for anyone interested.

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