Survivor Game Changers – April 13

There’s a lead item on as I type this that something despicable happened on this episode of Survivor.
Can’t wait to get home to find out if it’s just hype.
I just want there to be no more of Debbie screaming, and for Cirie and Aubry to make the edit.



  1. i couldn’t stop myself from reading the spoilers, definitely not hype.
    Will come back with more thoughts once i have actually watched the episode.

      • I agree. I was spoiled for the episode. I expected watching it to be horrendous but while it was intense it was not exploitative and actually uplifting. I just cannot imagine what was in Varner’s head.

        Zeke Smith handled the thing with extraordinary grace and for once it was Tai who exactly captured what Varner had done.

        The thing that really alarms me is that trans people face a huge threat of violence and Zeke is now probably the most famous trans person on the planet. The show has to have asked for his consent to broadcast this and it’s an act of immense courage for him to have it broadcast.

  2. Wow just wow. What the fuck was Varner thinking? I was gobsmacked. He said something about dropping something about Zeke at tribal & was wondering what he had on him. Never expected that.

  3. Fuck off! I was so in The Varner corner I am gobsmacked….no one has the right at all to do that…he must of thught about it beforehand…what was he expecting…??
    I am more disappointed that this is really an issue in this day and age too…it shouldnt even come into consideration, move on…play Survivor!

  4. I didn’t want Varner 2 succeed in ousting Ozzie, but how that went down, was just really uncomfortable. Zeke will survive but Varner will cop a huge backlash. Yes, indeed. What was he thinking?
    I hated that tribal.

  5. Unbelievable that Varner would do that – especially as a gay man himself. I was so shocked watching and felt so bad for Zeke.

    • Chatting to some of my gay friends, their thoughts center on LBGTs incorrectly being seen as an amorphous lump.
      Gay men have as little in common with transgender, as they have with lesbians. It does not necessarily follow that there should be empathy or understanding between these two people just because they both prefer men.
      Instead, this should be seen as a betrayal of a confidence and condemned accordingly.

  6. Amazingly there are people on the Survivor Facebook page saying it was all scripted and they were all acting. Pffft. What the hell was Varner thinking? I know they are sleep deprived and hungry but he never struck me as stupid before. I’m really glad every team member was so supportive. From a game perspective, it’s going to be very hard for any of them to vote out Zeke in the future.

      • Yep, I was thinking this could land Zeke the million, and Varner into a sh*tload of media hate. I felt sorry for Varner because I knew Zeke would be fine, but Varner would end up the worst devil in Survivor history. I was thinking outcome/consequence more than action. Zeke handled it well. Cool as a cucumber, no tears or tantrums. Ozzie looked like he was just thinking, “My cute little bacon just hot saved”.

  7. In this day and age, there are a lot worse things to be than transgender, like the guy who outs the trans for a million bucks, so I wasn’t worried about Zeke.

  8. I was half expecting to hear Varner was having some kind of mental health issues as a result. I know there have been death threats made on social media, which is just horrible. I hope next week’s episode is a bit more fun because I think we all
    need a break after that tribal!

  9. Why did they break the Survivior rules and eliminate the vote? What a huge assumption by Jeff that was. It seems like the producers just decided that they didn’t want Varner there anymore, so they made it impossible for the vote to go any other way. Mob mentality.

    • It’s the ‘only one opinion allowed’ mentality that we have growing today. People become very aggrresove toward different opinions. So much for diversity. Not saying I agree with Varner, but I don’t agree with having a ‘party line’ either.

    • When Brandon Hantz started threatening people in his second season, the vote was taken in exactly the same way and I think by memory Probst used exactly the same words.

      • That was when they had an on the spot vote because Brandon was losing the plot, but luckily Probst’s magic gaze had a calming effect on him before things got physical

      • So there is a precedent. But it still is artificially directing the game by the producers. No person is going to go against the mob, and say out loud that they want to go with the original vote plan, because the wrath then turns on them.

        • Yeah, I don’t like the whole,’ we will just assume you are all of one mind and go with that’ scenario. Wjo knows, they might still have wanted to keep Varner for other reasons; like keeping him to sit next to at the final three.

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