Survivor GameChangers: The Merge – 2 episodes tonight

After the emotional strains of last week’s tribal, I’m hoping for some fun scenes seeing everyone scramble at the merge.
And – yay – we get two episodes tonight – at 7.30 and 8.30pm on Go!



  1. Finally Cirie makes the edit! Aubry is still not getting much time. Felt a bit sorry for the second player voted out but the first was no biggie

  2. I was hoping with that merge feast, the one’s who opted out would go somewhere else & have something better.
    Debbie was hilarious pretending to be drunk. And Tai doing a streak. Thank God it was blurred out.
    That challenge where they forgot the fish, can’t believe they had to drag the whole bloody thing back & not just run back & get it.

  3. Yes, I was hoping Brad and Tai would end up with something better too, maybe on the exile boat!!
    I was also kinda shouting at the tv for Debbie to give up her feast because she had a fest a few days ago (obvs not tell them that thou).
    Yeah, i thought they would be allowed to just run back for the fish, but i guess if they were, then that kinda defeats the purpose of that part of the challenge, because they could have, “forgot all the fish” and just carried the logs and fish separately which might have been quicker? Although logs looked pretty heavy on their own.
    I did liked the strategy chat in the first episode which was less of, “i don’t like them, they are a threat”, to more like, “we need the numbers on our side.. we don’t want to give them numbers to them.”
    However sometimes, all the voting strategy does ahead of me (and they seemed to go around in circles last night).. can someone please explain why Cirie had to vote for Michaela, in order to save her?

    • Yeah I thought the same about Debbie that she should have given up the feast since she had been on the boat & had a feed there.

    • Cirie couldn’t let her own alliance (Michaela voters) know she’d convinced the other side to vote mainly for Hali, rather than the original plan of mainly for Michaela with a few votes for Hali in case an idol was played.

  4. We replayed Siri’s vote and still couldn’t work it out, Erin. I thought it showed how well she knew how everyone was going to vote. But I still didn’t understand.
    I can see why they don’t trust Debbie and Tai. They trust and blab to easily.
    Even though she is a hothead, I like Mikaela. I don’t know who I want for the win though. Aubrey has been playing a different game, keeping her head down, which means less camera time.

  5. Thanks Daisy, glad, I’m not the only one confused! I replayed it a couple of times too, and replayed bits of the strategy talk after the Immunity Challenge, and couldn’t quite grasp it.
    I’m not a fan of Debbie at all – i really hope she doesn’t make it to the end. I don’t mind Tai but agree he is a blabber mouth and flip flops too easily.
    I like Michaela and would happily see her and / or Cirie get to the end… I’ve read / heard alot about “Survivor winners edit” not necessarily this season but about Survivor in general, and usually by the merge am starting to get my own theories about who is making it far and who isn’t…
    Also i forgot to mention earlier… I’m glad Zeke isn’t getting the “sympathy save”. Its like they brushed it under the shelter and just continued playing Survivor.

  6. I didn’t like Zeke in his last season and I’m not going to like him now just because he is transgender. That would be reverse pc. My favourites, Malcome and Ozzie are gone. No I didn’t like them for their hottness. I like the strong survivor types.

    The strong ones need to band together, knowing they get picked off. The big guys should have taken in Mikaela.

    • I liked Zeke at the start last time. But I went off him when he turned nasty & went after David after being in an alliance with him.

    • I think you and I have similar ideas, Daisy. I’m finding the young girls quite irritating this season and would like to see the back of Sarah, Andrea and especially Sierra. Ozzy was a favourite, and Malcolm too. Never liked Zeke or Tai in their own seasons, and Tai is being even more annoying now that he is trying to strategise. Pity that he has the idols, but hopefully he will play them for someone else, and get blindsided. Really want Aubry to win, but I’m worried that she often seems to be on the wrong side of the vote. She may be “taken” to the three, but unable to present a convincing story to win.

      • Yes, Fijane. I don’t think I added that I don’t like Andrea. I still haven’t forgotten how she played Malcom one season. And what was the posing on the rocks all about? Camera time?

  7. Like last season, Zeke is going too big too early. He shouldn’t have played back to back seasons as he did not have enough time to reflect on his game. From the preview it seems Andrea is ropeable, and I believe they were friends in real life before the game. I wonder if they have now patched things up?

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