1. Well, it was a nice moment but
    Anyone else think Jeff pretty much forced Cirie into completing that challenge? He really wanted a “story” to tell. I enjoyed Sara’s gameplay tonight but Debbie? Really? Not Brad or Sierra? Or was Debbie the pick because they could convincingly tell the other she was nuts and they were confident she was idol-less.

    • i would much prefer to see the teams being picked and drama surrounding that!
      I think Debbie was just driving everyone up the wall it was easier to get rid of her now. Am looking forward to the reactions when Tai pulls out his idols thou!

      • Gggrrrr, Tai and his bloody idols, and challenge stamina. He is nearly as foolish as Debbie with his blabbermouth. He will no doubt be in the final 3 with all those idols.

  2. I loved Aubry’s eye roll at the camera when Debbie was laying down the law. And Sarah spotting the advantage on the pontoon. Michaela must be dying watching that on TV.

    • Yeah I was watching it & they kept panning back to it & I wondered if she would see it but she didn’t. She will be kicking herself watching it back. Good on Sarah for spotting it.

  3. Man, that Mikalea does my head in and am so glad she didnt find it…nice move Sarah..
    Definitely thought it was all very staged with the Cirie moment, I really felt for her too..
    Think they gave away tonights evictee with Deb playing the huge self confidence card…she really does annoy me so happy she gone…just need Mikalea next!

  4. Thank goodness. After seeing one of my favourites; Oz, go last week, it was nice to have a win and see Debbie go. She was a lot more annoying this season than last. And how was her take on a democracy. Debbie, that’s a dictatorship. Don’t let the palm tree hit you on the butt on your way out. On second thoughts, yes do.

    I actually like feisty Mikaela. She is a straight shooter.

  5. Also, wasn’t the reason Debbie went cray cray a few episodes ago because the others had a go at her balance skills and she claimed to be a world class gymnast or something??! Why crawl on the balance beam in the reward challenge then?! (Although i realise it isn’t necessarily the slow option if you get over it in one go rather than falling off a couple of times)

    • I just watched it and thought the same thing. Surely her years of gymnastics/ballet that she touted would get her across the beam!
      I found her intensely annoying and happy she has gone.

    • i would only be happier if she was never cast on the series at all! I watched her ponderosa vid – so full of herself! Poor Hali and Ozzy (and future jury members!)

      • Gawd- I forgot that. I haven’t seen an entire survivor series but I can only imagine how annoying she would be on a jury.

  6. Sarah changed my opinion of her this week. I saw some quite clever gameplay by her, although I’m not sure who actually was the driver of the blindside. She was definitely the one who flipped, but was someone else (eg Aubry) planting the ideas in her head and making her think she was in control? Maybe.

    Been waiting weeks to get rid of Cierra. Her next, please.

    • Same, same, Fifane. I was annoyed at Sarah last time wnen she was so gullibly playing into Tony’s hands, but now I can respect her.
      And my fingers and toes are crossed for that cocky, Queen bee Cierra to get the boot.

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