Survivor – tribe swap time and a visit

The tribe shuffle could save a few people who are on the outs (please let Aubry be safe!) but what I really want to know is who the returnee is.
Boston Rob or Parv are the biggest bets – surely they wouldn’t bring back Russell. Although, it’s probably only to announce a challenge, so I guess that would be ok.

It’s on Go! from 7.30pm but you can usually stream from the Nine site from 3pmish.



  1. Finally finally finally the Queen is gone. After 94 days she finally had her torch snuffed for the first time. Didn’t even make the jury. I was worried for Tai for a minute when he didn’t play his idol. I thought he was going to go with 2 immunity idols in his pocket.
    So Debbie thought she got the raw deal going to Exile Island, but instead she goes to a boat fully stocked with food & drink. All to herself. I would have guttsed myself stupid & got very drunk. Then Cochran visits.
    Wow that challenge. Those things looked bloody heavy to be dragging along.
    Now Tai’s back on the tribe with the chickens. They should have eaten them while they had the chance.

    • I was wondering how many of them would get a hernia during that challenge. Health and safety officers???

  2. Seems a little staged there at tribal, all that bloody chat again, Tai doesnt play the Idol and it all goes the way it was planned…mmmm
    Bloody Debbie does my head in..,Cochrane put it nicely when he said she was a confident player….i cant stand the woman!
    That was a great challenge too…

  3. I love scruffy Ozzie. He was looking his Survivor yummiest tonight
    I will miss Sandra. I love her sass. I was hoping stupid Tai got the boot. Obviously the only ones blindsighted tonight were us, the viewers. Otherwise, after all that nonsense and last minute shuffling, Tai would have used his idol.
    I was expecting Debbie would have some kind of bonus in going to exile. But I wonder if producers had different exiles depending on who drew the straw.

  4. I accidentally got spoiled as to who was going home and that Cochran was the former survivor, which was annoying but still a great episode.
    So much for a tribal swap, everyone except Sierra, Cirie, Jeff and Brad have gone back to their original tribes!
    Yeah, really not a Debbie fan, and honestly would have preferred anyone but her to get that exile “island” treat.
    With tribal council, i wondered if Ozzy (and everyone else) was in on the plan to have Tai, suggest Ozzy, to make sure Sandra was really comfortable… Tai seemed too confident about not using his idol.

    • Good theory on the tribal plan, Erin. Certainly there was a lot we WEREN’T shown.
      Also maybe Debbie’s time on Exile was really a set up to give her time in a sanitorium as she was going mental. They might have thought, “Feed her give her a morale boost and some time out so that she didn’t have a real breakdown”.

          • That’s hilarious – her BEST shot is not to be around people! I’m relatively new to the survivor genre so haven’t see her before, but I can’t imagine how she thinks her strategy of saying she’s great at something, then failing, then blaming everyone else for that fail is going to get her anywhere.
            I’d vote her off purely for the peace and quiet!

  5. How much better would Exile have been with Aubry, Sandra, Cirie or anyone other than Debbie! I really wanted to hear someone talk strategy with Cochran! Do we think Debbie will tell people about the boat? If she does, will people believe her? Will anyone else get sent to Exile? I know Cochran was a one off because Probst said he just flew in for a few hours.

    • Sometimes Deb gets carried away with trust, so she might tell someone. I recall last time she was on there was someone she was adamant she could trust and she was gushing over it.

    • Yep, that is also why i wanted someone other than Debbie to be exiled… would have been much better strategy talk… I’m sure the producers wanted real strategy talk with / from Cochran as well!
      Not sure if she will tell people about the boat, kinda agree with Daisy, she is likely to tell the wrong person / people and her advantage will blow up in her face…

  6. I am not a Debbie fan. I found her totally annoying, but haven’t seen her before (survivor newbie here).

    • In her first season she seemed crazy but relatively benign. No screaming in people’s faces over imagined slights

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