The Bold and the Beautiful – April chat with Daisy

Over to Daisy for another B&B recap and chat (thank you, Daisy):
While some might be getting sick of the musical chairs of relationships, engagements, marriage and divorce; it’s just getting interesting for me with the advent of Quidge. I really hope writers don’t let us down with this one. I want the fur to fly even more than with a wave of a Sally Spectra Boa scarf. While Quinn is trying to pour cold water on her rising lust for Ridge, and maintain her position as lady of the manor, or High Priestess of the Forrester clan; she is finding Ridges spell impossible to resist. Yep, Ridge is living up to his notoriety and Quinn’s resolve melts every time he breathes his husky garlic breath in her ear.
Between chasing after Eric and rerouting mail and newspapers to the big house, Katy, who doesn’t have to knock, has sprung Quidge in a little Last Tango in LA embrace, and has now got her blood hound nose on to get more hard evidence of a crime. Instead of running and tattling to Brooke like a good sister, she challenges the would-be lovers and gives Ridge a lecture on appropriate behaviour. Katy, that might include wiping your lippy off your wine glass when you have a rendezvous with Papa Forrester. It will be fun when Brooke returns to find her nemesis has stolen her man, or two of them now.
As usual, no one is actually doing any work. Stephie has been sitting around with Nicole discussing how blessed she is. But she is soon to have help, as Eric has once again thrown the CEO lotto balls into the air and, for the time being, made Ridge co-CEO. Maya and Rick are home with the baby. Nicole is pretending to be executive material. And wounded, passed over Thomas and Zende have been hanging out at a bar, where…..wait for it….(and it wasn’t hard to guess) a hot young spitfire, redhead named Sally (withholds the surname) Spectra introduces her gutsy, flamboyant self to Thomas. The girl has been working hard because she has impersonated her Grandma to a tee. I just hope she doesn’t have to wear those grandma fuzzy wraps all the time. I suspected there must have been a reason for Eric’s recent trip down the Sally Spectra memory lane. Anyhow, Sally Spectra take 2 should be a bit of fun. It probably means that there will now be a competing fashion house, and let’s hazard a guess that it is young, resentful Thomas who is the first Forrester talent to be scalped.
BTW, keep watch. Stephie and Nicole have been wearing wigs, and they have been very obvious.
I wanted to embarrass Juz on the bus again with another steamy pic of Stephie and Liam, but I think our newcomer deserves a shot. Happy viewing B&Bers.





  1. I don’t know who that woman is but I’m concerned that she has shot Cookie Monster and turned him into a wrap.

  2. There are some familiar faces connected with $pectra. Disgruntled Thomas will be easy meat for Spectra now Ridge has put him in his place again.

  3. Was nice to see my favourite Thorne and his wife Darla for a few minutes, its such a good change from the same storylines over and over.
    Thorne is the true Forrester son, who is always working in the basement or overseas somewhere instead of running Forrester. They killed off his 2 wives and his daughter so there’s nothing left for him, poor man.

  4. Well, I haven’t been watching long enough to know who all these Spectra, Thorne, Darla people are – the latter I know is the one who the daughter used to speak to. What an odd looking bunch the Spectras are – with the son/cousin looking to be frozen in time with so much botox. I can see it now – disgruntled Thomas going to work for Spectra – at least there is a new family in town!
    I read somewhere that so many of the B&B people are now off contract and will appear only occasionally, and I think they include Caroline and Sasha.

    • I think the milk has really curdled now. From what I recall the Spectras were the ‘Pam and Cherrrlee’ of B&B; hammy over acting presumably for comedy relief.
      I feel like B&B had a recent change of writers because I noticed a change in style.
      But even if not, I guess someone decided the merry go round of love was getting tired.
      Looking at the back of old Sally’s head was like watching Dickie Knee; a red wig on a mop stick. I hope they tone down the ham and cheese.

      • I think the actors they chose to play Sally and Sol do a good job of trying to bring back the ‘good old days”. Much more interesting having someone different and new instead of the same old merry go round. The woman playing Sally Spectra’s sister has also been on Days of Our Lives, a good character actor, instead of all the “beautiful people”

        • Too much corn for me, but it is good to have new cast. I just wish they would tone down the corn and overacting and just stick to the bad acting. But glad you are enjoying it Pandy.

  5. Stephie is questioning Eric’s agenda for promoting Ridge. Too bad she didn’t question her own promotion.
    Quinn is having more flashbacks than Jimmy Hendrix.

    • Behind ajar doors, behing potplants, in bushes and amongst clothes on a clothing rack; all good hiding/listening posts. Tried and proven.

      • Sally Spectra needs to dress her age. When she says she wants to revive 80s, did she mean dressing 80? I know, their clothes are supposed to be horrible and garish.
        She would be an unattractive girl if she wasn’t having to portray an old woman.
        Perhaps they need to get a sweet 19 year old to relive old Stephanie. Seroiusly, as much as I loved my grandma to bits, I only wore a couple of her dresses, and that was so I could look all 30s and 40s in the 70s. I didn’t imitate her shopping outfit, complete with shopping trolley named Henrietta.

  6. Bill and Brooke seem to be heating up again. What a surprise. Oh,the tears.

    Thomas is already in love with Sally Spectra.

  7. Yes, but Miss 9 loves the addition of Spectra. I told her I will make her a zebra striped dress with floral sleeves.

    • Just awful. It makes her look bald. I noticed she and Stephie wearing obvious wigs a week ago. No scalp at part. Nicole’s is the worst and her very high forehead makes it a disaster.

    • Thanks Dave, but Woolif & I are in Perth today. Regular show is on record. The concensus of the old nannas on Spectra was, “Groan”.

  8. Looks like Nicole and Zende have been allocated the studio’s apprentice hairdresser. Those event planners will be up all night, organising. And when did RJ become so grown up that he now sits with the men discussing love and marriage๐Ÿ˜  Can we expect fireworks tmw with Sasha attending wedding.

    • Hell, yeah, what a pokey Arjay has become. I guess rearranging his parents’ lovelife jas given him a sense of sexpertise.
      And how was Brooke yesterday, instigating a romance between Eric and Katy. What a troublemaker! It will serve her right when Quidge emerge as the new couple. My fingers and (unlike a Forrester) legs are crossed.

  9. Worst wedding ceremony of all time. Mother of all fails. At least a few people turned up for a function at Eric’s place this time.

    They got O.J. Simpson for the celebrant.

      • Oh yeah, there is still time for Zende to have a quick “tryste” in the bathroom with Sasha.
        I didn’t like the toilet dolly, Gone with the Wind bride dress.

        • Forrester Procreations.

          I guess Nicole’s portrait will fall off the wall when said tryste is consummated. Hope Charlie’s kept the bathroom clean.

          • It’s incredible how the Forrester security team….or Cherrrleee….dodn’t spot the intruders. It would be so easy to kidnap a Forrester.
            1. Wear a disguise. Preferably something like a Marx brother.
            2. Bake a cake….not lemon bars because that might arouse suspicion.
            3. Kidnap your target & place in boot of car.
            4. Ask huge ransom.
            5. Get caught by a Forrester or Spencer because the cops are still eating donuts and looking for the crow bar that Stephie used to kill Alleee.
            6. Get out of jail free and marry Thomas.

  10. Guessing game to fill the boring wedding day blah blah.
    I think Bill will be about 3rd down the list of people to spring Quidge; the eyeball lovers. Wyatt will be the third wheel with Thomas and Sally.
    Boring Nicole will discover she can’t have children (but even that can change) because of her first birth, which will start her pining for Lily, or whatever hed name is. And Zende will accidentally have sex with Sexy Sarsha again and she WILL get pregnant, which will divide Zende’s loyalty between being a loyal husband to Nicole and a dad to his new son. And of course Sarsha won’t want her child growing up, as she did, sans Papa. And Nicole will have yo do what Nicole does best; play the resentful martyr.
    I wouldn’t mind the addition of fresh blood, ie the Spectras, if they toned down the schtick. And when is Ivy going to be brought out of Forrester oblivion to form a bitter threesome.
    Also, Quinn might need to get her whip collection out of mothballs because I have a hunch Ridge might enjoy a bit of slap with his tickle.

  11. Too right Daisy, that wedding reception was sooo boring to go along with boring Nicole and Zende – I couldn’t be less interested. I was more interested in the wonky chocolate wedding cake. Had to change channels when they busted out the speeches- every character had a little speech!
    I think they need to move the Quidge storyline to keep me watching.

    Can someone explain who the young Sally Spectre is?

  12. Lola, way back, and I didn’t watch then, but there used to be a flamboyant over actor and her hammy team; Spectra Fashion, always hamming it up and swiping ideas from FF. Someone had the really bad idea to resurrect a clone of them. Others will be more familiar with the characters, but Darla is now Darlita, and I am guessing the dressmakers is probably a clone of a previous dressmaker.

    • I watched way back when the original Sally, Sol and Darla were in the show.
      The old Sally Spectre must be rolling in her grave.

      Not sure about the re- boot of Spectre fashions. Can’t the writers come up with an original idea.
      Where were Thorne and Felicia ? MIA at the wedding.

    • Oh no, Sara. Nothing to look forward to today? I want Quidge back; under the outdoor shower, steam room, CEO’s desk, behind a potted palm. I don’t care where.

      • You want to see Sasha’s febrile attempt to catch the bouquet. (I won’t spoil who catches it)

        Dr.Phil was the pick of Ten today.

  13. At last Quidge is back on track. Ridge asks Quinn (and I do not lie), if “slapping is on the table”. Yeah Ridge, on the table, on a chair, on a kitchen bench, wherever you like”. Go for it Dark Prince.

  14. Quinn is seriously gagging for it with Ridge. That woman is so damn good looking, it’s hard to choose a photo because they are all good. Anyhoo, her dark side is demanding its evil way.

    • She has the most amazing eyes, doesn’t she? It’s like they make her put in contact lenses to specifically catch light in the most amazing way. I’m not even into women, but damn. You lose yourself in her gaze.

      • Eric and Ridge have been hypnotized by her eyes. Charlie could be next.

        One of the better actors in the show, too. ( Not that this is a huge achievement)

        • Not sure if she and Ridge are acting. I think they are into it. My tv screen is over heating everytime they ‘don’t kiss’.

          • Little RJ will be picking up on those magnetic vibes soon.

            The producers have got Brooke looking as hot as possible.,,,but all the steam is coming from Quidge.

          • Poor old Brooke is struggling to glisten next to Quinn. She has been at her simmering best since they have hooked her up with Ridge. Must be something cooking…and not just lemon bars in Eric’s kitchen.

  15. Watch out Quidge. Ivy is on the warpath. Quinn will have to offer her a raise. Or perhaps Ridge will. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Ivy and Katy are pretty good at snooping and interfering.
        I reckon Quidge can steam up that steam room without even turning it on.
        Poor old Eric’s ticker isn’t going to take the shock if he looks out his window. Unless his window faces Katy’s bedroom.

  16. Here’s how they will get busted……
    Ridge, then Quinn, then Eric catch Brooke’s flu. Then Katy. And Bill. ๐Ÿ˜š
    Follow the trail. ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™

  17. Ivy over – acting in today’s episode. Brooke too trusting of Ridgy Didge.
    My gut feeling is Ridge will fall for Quinn and visa versa and blow the whole company/family up into taking sides. Brooke will go back to Bill as she can’t live without a man in her life. At least this storyline is a lot more interesting than Nicole, Zende, Sasha and Rick’s trans sexual wife.

  18. Quinn needs to change out of her pink top into something black, and push Ivy off a bridge. Ivy is really good at cornering someone who she has the dirt on. She had lots of practice blackmailing Stephie.
    Ivy, stop it. You will be giving Aussies a bad name.

  19. Ridge is weaving a strange web indeed. It was just “two people being stupid”……

    I don’t think Bill will succeed at derailing the Spectra show.

  20. Oh come on Bill. It’s California, not Dubai. What’s with that eyesore of a building?

    And Ivy manages to collect more inside dirt on people than does Julian Assange. And she’s not afraid to use it.

  21. I’m not spoiling anything, today on the Daily Tel website there is an article about the episodes to be shown here starting next month. Seems the wedding took place in the gardens of Government House of all places!! But there is other stuff too, so read on!

  22. Thanks, Sara. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Wasn’t Charlie ridiculous, poking around upstairs at the Forrester mansion. Seriously? What were he and Pam doing upstairs? And the door thing was a joke. I have never seen a door get stuck, or unstuck, like that.
    Also, as head of security, is it Charlie’s job to keep tabs on sneaky romances? Isn’t that Ivy and Katy’s job.
    There are other reasons that Quinn might have been wiping her lippy off Ridge, like he was just trying it on. But hey, Quinn should just kill Charlie.
    And don’t Charlie and Pam have their own kitchens? And when will Sally stop wearing the Pirates of Penzance theme. Aayyyrrrr. She should get a black patch to complete that ensemble.
    And little AJ interviewing interns??? Ha ha. Oh well, the CEOs are too busy posturing in the office, planning weddings, and kissing.
    Lastly; in keeping with the theme, Sally’s Aunt should have been wearing this…..

  23. RJ doing staff interviews ffs. Ive watched this show only for about 4 years and im sure his first appearance for me was when he returned from Paris with Ridge – who I thi k had replaced the old Ridge. Anyway RJ looked like a 6 year old. Sorry, rambling a bit, but how come he has aged so many years in such a short time.

    • Next thing, young Will be interviewing staff for Spencer Publications. He already has joined the tennis team or some such thing.
      I hope Ridge and Quinn get pregnant. Can you imagine all those evil genes? Morroni x Fuller. That kid will be running his own drug cartel at 8 years and be president by 14. And Quinn will help him to get there by bumping off any of his opponents.

  24. There was a pic in weekend paper of wedding guests in Sydney, how does Sally Spectra get an invite. I think Quinn or someone was up to tricks as someone was pushed off Manly Wharf.
    How old is RJ. How come he is overseeing interns. Now he’s got his eye on Coco๐Ÿ˜

    • Well, I will Speculate. Sally Spectra passes herself and her fat nanna off as airhostesses by sneaking into the airhostess changerooms and clubbing a couple of hosties and stealing their uniforms. Then they bungle their way uselessly through the flight, spilling drinks and peanuts on passengers, but not drawing any suspicion from the rest of the flight crew. The only one who notices is Thomas who introduces Sally to the mile high club.

  25. I thought that was pretty ridiculous as well. Hasn’t RJ just finished boarding school? Maybe he should be doing an internship first before he does the hiring and firing.
    Is it just me or does Zende, Nicole and Rick’s transvestite wife bore everyone to tears. Seriously, they bring nothing to the show.
    Good to see CJ back. Was he Sally’s son with Clark Garrison?

  26. Not just you Lola. Zende, Nicole and Maya are as interesting and lively as a lump of wood. Three lumps of wood. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
    But Ajay is doing a wonderful job portraying an entitled little upstart. He could win an Emmy for that.

  27. Whilst waiting for an appointment today I decided to google RJ as I am fascinated about his age. Apparently there were three or four child actors playing the part until he arrived last year at the age of 16. So still too young to be interviewing staff, should still be in school. It seems that Brooke slept with Ridge’s brother Nick and she had no idea who the father was when she became pregnant. DNA proved it to be Ridge, so she married him. Tart!
    Then it seems that Liam (Scott?) has just won the Best Actor award at the Emmy Daytime awards. Now go figure that one out.

    • Can only assume that three or four zombies were nominated with Liam for that award.

      Charlie’s no CSI. Who’ll blab to Eric first?

      Brooke and Bill will be back on soon.

  28. Brooke should just ask Ridge and Bill for a threesies. It would save a lot of packing and repacking.

    • We’re very relieved that RJ wasn’t killed by the forklift. He could be CEO of Forrester Creations in a couple of weeks.

      C’mon Katie, you can do it.

      • Rescuing Arjay from death could be considered Coco’s first act of sabotage.
        Just watching Ivy subtely exercizing her power over Quinn now. Knowledge is power.

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