The Voice starts in a few weeks

Who’s going to be watching The Voice Australia this year?
I haven’t seen a few seasons but I am tempted to tune in to watch Boy George as a judge.
The other judges are Delta, Seal and Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child).

It starts on Nine on Monday, April 24.



  1. It has never been my favourite but i might tune in just to see the new judges… depends what else is up against it!

  2. I recded tonight’s but have a houseful of grandkids and have let them commandeer the telly with episodes of Moone Boy. Was the Voice on Sunday night too?

  3. I might only watch the auditions. It gets annoying after that, the way it is set up. Everyone who watches knows what I mean.

  4. Loving Boy George. He can’t hide that funny Brit side of him. I loved when he got Sally Skelton. I jave never seen him much before so it is a treat to see he is a funny, relaxed guy

  5. Oh my gawd, Boy George is soooo delightful. I had no idea that he was such a relaxed, cheeky regular person. And when that farm hand came on, they were so much fun to watch.

  6. BG just gave a young guy his airfare to Nashville and offered to introduce him to Dolly, Keith and Taylor Swift’s producer. He is so kind.

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