House Rules judging – Sun, May 21 and Mon 22

So, who’s taking out top spot for this reveal?
This scores over two nights thing is sooo annoying. So they will probably keep it next year.
Here’s a flashback pic of LLB for you.

The leaderboard is tight at the top, but we still have Bec and Troy’s scores to come.

A bathroom pic in here.



  1. Strapped in and buckled up for yet another episode. What can we predict?

    The judges will hand out low scores to the Grumpians (This is the sole moment we viewers watch for). This will not reflect the Grumps lack of ability but will be a direct result of occult practices employed by the “cool kids”. The Grumps will not “self-reflect”, they will vow revenge and plot their way to the top of the leader board.

  2. What I can’t decide on is how Troy/Bec will score. On the one hand they pulled no punches with the statement pieces, totally savaged them. On the other hand the statement pieces were hideous and deserved the comments. The Grumps didn’t win – the other teams lost.

    We know the living room/car sales room is a fail along with the two tone a big flop. But we haven’t really seen the rest of the house, thanks to 7s focus on drama rather than reno.

    I’m hoping Troy is appreciative overall. His house was only a few steps above the Grumpians tin shed. Anything will be an improvement. I’d like to give Troy the benefit of the doubt despite recent editing. His reactions tonight will decide it for me.

  3. Dear Shed Grumpian, there’s no alliance of teams working against you. It’s just that EVERYBODY HATES YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE AWFUL.

    • Wow, Kate and Harry screwed up the main bathroom. It looked hideous. I didn’t mind the entryway. It’s like, if they’d just stuck to the Kardashian-themed bedroom, they probably would’ve gotten top marks, but it all just fell apart.

      Sean and Ella’s en suite, though, looked amazing. Even I caught myself looking at that going, wow, that’s actually pretty cool.

    • A double shower no less. Methinks Troy’s score would be higher if they left a carton of VB and a voucher from the local tat parlour on the vanity.

      • The preview from tomorrow night’s episode makes it look like he hates everything, so, yeah. Who knew bogans were so hard to please?

        • Those “hot” and “cold ” signs on the taps are bound to confuse him and make him arc up.

  4. I’m so glad the judges finally really acknowledge the arrogance of the grumps (not that they know it them or so we are told) and hopefully encourage the teams to think about the home owners for future renos.
    If Kate and harry knew they were always going to keep the bonus room, why did they pick the biggest zone in the first place?! Didn’t like their bathroom, looked like they didn’t use the space well at all. And not a fan of the Tiffany blue colour used in the entry.
    Not a fan of Kim k but did like the girls bedroom, nicely done without going over the top.
    Personally not a fan of that much black in a bathroom but other than that I liked the ensuite and the boys bedroom looked good too.

  5. Hard to tell on tv but I didn’t think the walk in robe was a good use of space, looked like a hallway with a cupboard in it.
    I liked the reactions of the others on the car sales show room comment about the living room.

  6. Sorry so many comments as I watch the show!
    I thought the judges didn’t know who did what room / zone?

    • I thought so as well – still I’d rather upfront honesty about knowing, especially compared to Masterchef/MKR “blind tastings.

    • haha! i was just trying to word spew during the ads! i did see those posts Juz, i figured if you were multi-posting, it was ok. (other sites i’ve been on, don’t like it if you multi-post!)

  7. I thought the judges were too generous in the scoring of the grumpians, it was truly awful.
    I agree the judges should not know who did what zone.
    Looks like Troy and Bec are not at all happy with their house , roll on tomorrow night!

  8. I’ll confess, I quite like the nerd twins’ kitchen. The judges were right in that it was a little bit too large (although with two teenagers in the house, a large kitchen is probably not necessarily a bad thing) but it was the best looking zone in the house so far.

    And despite the fact that almost every single other team told them to change the colour of their ceiling paint … when the judges hate the Grumpian’s living room ceiling, it’s the fault of the other teams. Put them in the tent for another week, guys. Just do it.

    • Personally I loved how the Grumpians kept shouting at Daniella that she was missing spots in her painting.

      If only she’d shouted back that they were missing personalities, and that they should rush off and find them (and not come back in a hurry).

  9. If Troy slams this reno, I’ll give up trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. There are things in the various zones that I don’t necessarily like, but nothing major that wouldn’t be too hard/expensive to fix. For god’s sake he was living in rotting dump without working plumbing. It was at best a health hazard and at worst a candidate for demolition. If he can’t appreciate what he’s been given – then to put it in blunt terms that a bogan would understand – f**k him.

    • It’s definitely a step up, but I think that the living room, dining room and main bathroom were all pretty much a write-off. Still, it looks like Troy absolutely despises it.

      Where does channel 7 find these idiots?

      • Well if they didn’t have such ridiculous decorating rules to begin with, the contestants would get a better renovation.
        I think you need to be an uneducated bogan to get the first interview to go on this show.
        No taste required and I’ll leave my manners and class at home.

      • I can only assume that the teams give a list of their likes and dislikes or a wish list and then producers turn them into difficult to interpret house rules…

  10. Yes, I liked the twins kitchen, but now having seen the dining room, it does look a bit big. I’m not sure what it is about the dining room but I just don’t like it. Also having 25 different pendant lights in my house would drive me insane!
    I liked the master bed room but agree with the judges it didn’t really feel regal…

    • I can’t get regal and ultra modern into my headspace! What on earth would it look like? Gilded IKEA?

    • i figured at least a four poster bed, and / or a massive bed head, i would have done a king size bed if room allowed for it. i liked the coloured wall paper in there (thats just personal taste) but, it wasn’t regal either, perhaps a textured wallpaper… can’t remember what was on the windows, but i would have done curtins. Can’t hink of anything else off the top of my head but if i was any of the teams i would have used these things they call Google and Pinterest!

  11. From the previews it definitely like Troy WILL be an ungrateful bogan. And it seems like he’s slamming the same black bathroom features which wowed the judges. I can only imagine the crematorium comment was directed at the black tiles.
    I loved the kitchen and the laundry. Thought the lounge was as badly thought out and impractical as I expected.

    • If you don’t like black tiles and fittings (like me, and obviously Troy) then that ensuite is a big fail. If it had only been the pale blue, with white, it would have been good. Ella (?) made a big assumption making the room so dark and drab. It is not necessarily ungrateful to speak honestly about what you don’t like. If you gloss over it, then when the scores are revealed there is a mismatch between your comments and the scores.

  12. Who doesn’t know that you need glue for wallpaper? If they hadn’t watched HR before surely they would have caught The Block,

    • Well, you are talking about a collection of contestants who a) didn’t know what the Sydney Harbour Bridge looked like b)throw a tantrum (and needlessly kill plants) when their tire pot plant was (rightly) slammed c) didn’t know what pop art is e) don’t like criticism and tune out (umm, did they miss the whole point of the show) and e)think abusive relationships are A-Okay.

  13. I’m fast forwarding through the reveal. What’s with the pool fencing at the entranceway? Loving LLB’s comments.

  14. LLB: “This is the bathroom of a mass murderer.” lol.
    It’s a big room so I’m surprised they didn’t do some darker tiles. And they had more space for heaps of storage.
    Credit to the HR music editors for playing what I presume is a Kanye song when the Kim K room was revealed.

  15. That laundry is indeed the best room in the house. So I guess Bec and Troy will hate it. Kitchen was nice but far too wide and not keen on white cooktops. Dining room was blah. Master bed was more coastal chic than royal. Where was the velvet or lushness? Kid’s bedrooms with wacky features look good on TV but I just think about undoing it all for resale.

  16. Thought the judges were too generous with Kate & Harry and the Grumps. The 4 seemed correct for the Grumps due to their arrogance and drab lounge but except for the bonus room KH did a horrible job and they probably deserved 4s, too. Laurence was right about the lounge. It looked like a waiting room. No heart and soul in that room but the same could be said for the dining room. I’m surprised A & D kept that tire chair especially after Troy’s comments.
    The twins’ bedroom was nice but not fit for a king and queen, although Troy and Bec (especially Troy) are far from being royalty.
    The judges should be reviewing the zones without knowing who did what.

    I don’t think most of these teams care about the homeowners or the consistency of paint & furnishings in the home. This is the worst group ever, IMO, although I do like the ambos & the twins. They seem to be trying their best compared to the other teams. A&D aren’t bad and at least the laundry room was nice but keeping that tire chair….enough said.

  17. I’ve been thinking about our sponsor ‘pick a wall’ and noticed that even the Grumpians seem to have got it on the wall ok. I sense conspiracy as they looked all at sea trying to hang it up and suddenly its smooth and nicely even.
    Further to my conspiracy it seems like every week one of the rules is deliberately configured toward a sticky wall mural (which might also explain why Kate didn’t know about wallpaper paste as they is only used sponsor products to date),

  18. So the previews for tonight seem to indicate that this season has lumped unfortunate viewers with *two* teams of ungrateful bogans, and not just one. What were the odds?

    There’s something funny about the scoring, though. The judges gush about some of the teams and give them 7s. Then they spend a long time complaining about the Grumpians and give them 6s. This is a weird show.

  19. Why is it we’ve now had *two* families where the teenage children are far more gracious and respectful and mature about this whole thing than their parents? Bec’s daughter stepped into her Kardashian-themed room and looked like she was close to tears. That was a real, “awwww” moment.

    • I feel bad criticising their language and their speech patterns – but I’m happy to criticise their mean-spiritedness and their shameless strategising.

  20. I have to say that if there is another series of HR after this one I dont think I’ll be watching it. I just can’t stand the viciousness, and immaturity of some of these contestants and the show seems so rushed, and, as usual, there are way too many ads. I tried to watch one episode on the internet last night and it kept playing the same ad over and over again every ad break. Its become a real waste of time. I do love LLB though, he’s a hoot.

    • I’ve only caught snippets of HR but LLB is hilarious. Hope he gets an Australian spinoff of his own. Our TV judges are ever as brutally clever: “it looks likes a kebab shop.”

  21. It’s really bothering me how often Troy speaks by saying, “We don’t like this,” or “We felt that…” or “We thought that…”

    I’d love to hear if Bec was actually allowed to have an opinion of her own, just once or twice.

      • I noticed her doing that too, it was a little unsettling. It doesn’t exactly paint (hah, a home reno pun) a picture of a healthy relationship, does it?

  22. “Youse are amazing….” but then …. “we hate the ensuite” …. and “Haley loved her room….” but “We fail the bonus room….”

    Does Troy really ” know design” ???

  23. I felt quite sad for Kate and Harry, to be honest. Okay, they screwed up most of their zones this week … but the judges loved the bonus room, and Bec’s daughter clearly loved the room, but they still failed them for it? I absolutely think that was strategic.

    And Kate’s right. Regardless of whether one of the Kardashians is an appropriate role model for a 14-year-old … that was one of the FREAKING HOUSE RULES THAT TROY AND BEC SET THEMSELVES. Or at the very least, had strong input in. Like, what the hell?

    Great, now there’s two teams I can’t stand. Eugh.

    • So suddenly Kim kardashian is not a suitable role model for a 14 year old. Who knew?
      That was stunning hypocrisy of Grumpian height.
      Totally appalling- total strategy and unpleasant all around.

      • Exactly. There were a hundred ways (and probably more) that they could’ve asked for a chic, glamorous bedroom for the 14-year-old daughter. But they specifically asked for the Kardashians, and then penalised the team for giving them exactly what they asked for.

        Oooh, I’m annoyed.

    • I am so glad Kate spoke up to them and said that about maybe Kardashian isn’t the right role model for a 14 year old then because that’s what she is all about.
      If she wasn’t going to fail before she said that she definitely was then but I think they were always going to fail for that room.
      Even though the young girl got what she wanted and loved it.

    • I think Kate and Harry did an awesome job on that room, capturing the feel of a bit of hollywood without emphasising the ridiculous Kardashian woman. Kate is all class.

  24. Troy and Bec were quite mean with their comments and scoring. They should have said they didn’t want black tiles in the house rules. Of course they loved the Bridge mural and coffee table because they are bogans!
    Once again the poor kids loved their rooms and rightly so because its what they asked for, so regardless of Bec saying the ceiling felt claustrophobic to her, if her son loved it that’s all that should matter.
    Can’t wait to see them walk out of the judging room, reminds me so much of MKR and their walk outs!

    • A “2” for the ambos. Very unfair. Black and white are colors used in modern design. How did the ambos know that they didn’t want black? Josh loved his room but that wasn’t taken into account. Harry & Kate didn’t finish their zones and the paint work was bad and they got a higher score.
      I was not a fan of the bonus room but it fit the brief. Easy to glue the wallpaper back down again and to remove the book if it was offensive to them. Why anyone would want something modeled after Kym Kardashian I have no idea but that is what they wanted and that is what they got.

      Troy knows design….LOL. Troy is clueless. They kept saying their house but I have a feeling that in the near future Troy will be living there alone.

      • Me too Smythe, I don’t think Bec and her children will be there for very long at all. I felt sorry for her earlier but now she deserves what she gets.

      • You shouldn’t have to specify no black (although I would if I was on this show). It is such a polarising look, that black should only be used where it can be changed easily. The rule re colour was to wash with pastels, which does not suggest black, and none of the other teams interpreted it that way, despite the masses of darkness used in the previous renos.

    • I was happy that Aaron and Daniella won, I find it increasingly difficult to dislike either of them, they seem so pleasant and capable.

      OTOH, can we lock the Bogans and the Grumpians in a cupboard and just not let them out until the season ends?

      • I like the idea of them all in a cupboard, stealing each others oxygen.

        Tonight I wanted to see Troy in a crematorium.

        • The sad thing is that after this round is over one of those teams will still be around.
          The comment about the bathroom reminding him of a crematorium was extremely creepy and uncalled for.

          • It does beg a rather unsettling question, doesn’t it?

            Just how many crematoriums has Troy been in lately?

            Run, Bec. Run!

  25. I just can’t wait for tonight and see what the atmosphere is like.
    Everything that Troy loved because he knows style, the judges hated. He is such a knob.
    Bec just followed along and waited until she heard what he thought and then agreed. Your children loved their rooms. You two are fools.
    I bet they do a walk-out because they have their house and they don’t want to do any more.
    I wonder if they are allowed to do that or if they are contractually obligated?

    • We have to remember that the homeowners judge according to their personal taste, which is what I think Troy did, Sure it would have been better if he had allowed Bec a say, and expressed his dislike in a nicer way, but he is entitled to say if he doesn’t like something. It is not the first (or second etc) time that the judges have been out of step with the home owner, because they judge only on style and the Rules.

  26. I hope Troy & Bec really do walk out and don’t come back but it’s probably just faux drama and if they walk out then we are stuck with the Grumpians. Perhaps if they leave they can take the Grumpians with them. Maybe they were angry because they got a low score from the judges. Don’t know how that would happen because Troy knows everything about design. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I wonder where he ever got the idea from that he knew about design? Did someone tell him or what? I bet Bec did, the fool that she is.
      He is living in lala land.
      I really cannot believe he was living in that hovel and the others stayed there on weekends.

  27. They really should have had a rule about ‘light and bright’ if they dislike, sorry hate, black so much! A 2 is really rough, Ella was right, they should have just plastered it and stuck the necessary plumbing in and left it at that.

  28. Did anyone else find it weird that Troy and Bec thought it was the twins who went with the yellow ceiling? Like the nicest push-over guys are going to do something like that and not the stubborn old mules up the back?

  29. I think the first time I didn’t see that hideous smile on Fiona’s dial was when the judges let rip about the ceiling and how arrogant and selfish they were.
    That would be the one and only times when she hasn’t bared that ghastly smile on her self satisfying mug.
    What must their children, family and friends be thinking of them?

    Even congratulations to Troy and what he had to say about the ceiling. The only congratulations to him.

    If it was meant to be family movie night, you would want big, comfy couches to lay back in not those horrid, straight back seats, one each. How uncomfortable they looked.

  30. I was planning to watch it on catch up today but I think it could make me too angry!
    Check out Jo’s face!

    • When Jo announces that Laurence gave one of the teams a perfect score, if you pause the footage at just the right moment, you can see that the nerdy twins are the only team not clapping, but are standing there smiling, so it’s a fair bet that they hit a home run this week.

    • The promos here have Troy hissing ” You can blow it right out of your …… ” as poor Joh cops it.

      Now his dump has been reno’d, well see more of the real Troy. What a piece of dog shit he is.

    • It’s gold. All Joh asked Troy was if there was anything he wanted to get off his chest. (the t shirt probably needs a wash)
      But the battling bullshit artist shirked it and bolted, taking “babe” with him. How could youse be nasty to Johanna Griggs?

  31. Did anyone read this:
    They are so ungrateful. They are lucky that they were chosen as contestants on HR and that the dump got reno’d for free. Total whiners and bogans. Maybe they would prefer the hovel.
    Please walk off the show never to return. You will NOT be missed.
    Seems like they weren’t around for the fix up rooms because if they were they wouldn’t have had to spend $$ to fix that zone unless they chose a different zone.

    • A pair of human train wrecks. I see where Bec fits in now….she’ll be paying for them repairs. No more flushin’ turds wif a bucket, mate.

      That’s complete hearsay concerning the son’s liking of his room. “Polite”, like Troy’s a role model for that.

    • As mentioned in the comments thread on the article … yeah. Given the state of Troy’s house prior to the channel 7 renovation, does anyone really think he’s gonna spend thousands fixing the new house any time soon?

      I mean, c’mon. The guy thought piercings, tattoos and that beer gut were better investments than, y’know, a functioning toilet.

      • Troy finks a flush is somefing you have playing cards.

        Pistons, pissin’ on and piercins’ are me ‘obbies.

      • She looks like she has had a hard life. I thought she was on the wrong side of 50 – some hard living there!
        Troy is no better. His beer gut, piercings and tattoos are extremely ugly. Matches with his unpleasant personality. Bec comes across as a woman that needs a man, any man in her life.

    • What a load of crap, they have been left with so much work to do. At least now their house is stylish and livable and up to current health and safety regulations, unlike before, where they used a bucket to flush the toilet.
      Why doesn’t it surprise me that Troy has a part-time job as a gardener and Bec works full-time?

      • We would have thought that replacing the gutters (as they looked rusted through) would be a higher priority than replacing bathroom tiles. #justsaying.

        We do agree that the sports room needs to be redone. Hate ply.

  32. I only caught snippets last night, and just got a job interview for Thursday so rushing out to get an new outfit tonight! Will have to catch up later in the week, luckily they recap so much, it shouldn’t take too long! haha!

  33. Wow, reading this thread there is a lot of down on Troy. He’s not my cuppatea but he is reasonably representative of his locality. I’ve met a lot of men like him, and he doesn’t seem any worse than most.

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