1. Engaging my psychic powers … the Grumpians get lumped with something they don’t want, and immediately throw a hissy-fit over it (proving how wise and mature they are) and begin insulting the other-teams.


    • I just consulted the Tarot and the Grumpians aren’t going to make any friends tonight.

      • Apparently the Grumpians weren’t ever in the ‘cool’ clique and are used to going it on their own.

        I can’t imagine why.

  2. Apparently I am psychic. Go figure. Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed that whenever the Grumpians score poorly, it’s everybody else’s fault? Now, not only are the other teams out to get them, but they’re deliberately giving Fiona and Nicole bad zones (what?) to keep them low on the scoreboard.

    I think their terrible home renovating skills are the thing that’s keeping them low on the scoreboard, but, whatevs. I’m probably in the cool clique, or something.

  3. First vision of the house showed it with a corrugated asbestos cement roof. Minutes later it had a new colourbond roof……magic!!

    • I imagine the asbestos roof would’ve required very specific procedures that would’ve eaten up filming time, and requires things from the teams that they just didn’t sign up for. So channel 7 quietly changed the roof before the reno started and hoped that the viewers wouldn’t notice.

        • He apparently doesn’t know what a plumber is, either, or how to ring one up. He “battles” to use a phone book.

          • Yeah, that place was a dump.

            Apparently his mortgage wasn’t even for $200K, but he’s been paying three jobs to try and pay it off for the last 15 years. Were they paying him in peanuts? Geez, he couldn’t even afford to get a plumber around to give them a functioning toilet.

            Something just seems … odd about that couple, the house, their whole situation. And don’t get me started on Bec’s love of V8s.

    • Need me glasses. I thought that said Bec’s love of VB’s. Pisshead, petrolhead, what’s it matter?

      • I think there’s a six-of-one/half-a-dozen of the other situation there.

        Meanwhile, the Grumpians are working their way through every team. They annoyed Kate and Harry twice, they picked a fight with Sean and Ella over losing 5 centimetres (that they didn’t. Learn how to read a tape-measure), and tomorrow night, they pick a fight with Aaron and Daniella. Meanwhile, tonight, the twins literally jumped out a window to avoid them.

        I can’t wait until the Grumpians get Jo or Laurence in a headlock and demand them to explain why everybody is out to get them.

  4. Can’t believe how prescient you lot are- picking that the Grumpians would feel aggrieved and paranoid.
    Feel free to predict the lotto numbers.

    • It’s always the question, isn’t it? Why aren’t genuinely-psychic people incredibly wealthy? Anyway.

  5. Bec’s comment that all she needs is Troy to say “I love you” and give her a peck on the cheek at night was too over the top for me. So he can be a jerk during the day and as long as he does those two things everything is OK. She also believes she is the luckiest person in the world (or however she worded that). Very sad.
    Troy….he’s owned that place for 16 years. He could have done some of the plumbing repairs on his own or just spend some $ and get a plumber. How long has that place been in disrepair?
    Grumpians….same old sh*t, different episode. Maybe there will be a storm with strong winds that will blow them and their tent far, far away.

    • That’s what I couldn’t understand Smythe, he has been there 16 years and the plumbing problems are atrocious. Who lives like that?
      Something just doesn’t ring true that you can live in a dump like that for so long and not do any home maintenance.
      Bec is a fool and I bet once she moves in she and her poor kids won’t be there for long.
      I also agree with what you said about Grumps. I just fast forward when I see there mouths moving. No wonder they were outcasts at school. What horrid, nasty people with inferiority complexes.
      I think by the colours that are being chosen this house might be quite boring, or maybe it’s just after having watched the twins house for a week.

  6. Here we go again….waiting to see Grumpians create a V8 coffee table.
    Personally I’d just like to see the house centred on the block properly – what’s with that angle.

    • There’s a couple of houses around where I live that sit on a weird angle, on their blocks, and I just can’t imagine living there. I’m so OCD that it would just annoy me, being on a weird angle like that.

  7. What a hoot – they are doing the coffee table. I think we should all predict the winning lotto numbers.

  8. I really liked Kate’s statement piece. Harry has rocks in his head – he may as well turn his tyre into a swan.

    • Harry’s an interesting sort of a character, isn’t he?

      I don’t think he’s a bad guy (and certainly, I’d much rather spend time with him than Troy or the Grumpians), but it’s like you want to shake him, sometimes, and tell him, “Listen to your wife. Dude. For reals.”

    • The money he spent on his tattoos could have gone towards plumbing. But what the heck a flushable toilet isn’t really that important.

      • He’s over invested in his beer gut. He must have agonized over the choice between tattoos or turds. That must have put a strain on the relationship.

        • That would explain why he’s been working 3 jobs and still paying practically nothing off his mortgage.

  9. Predictably, the teams all stumble over the V8 rule. Personally, if I was one of the teams, I’d just ignore that rule completely. That would be such a hard thing to incorporate into home design for actual professional designers, let alone a bunch of amateurs. Everyone who tried to use that got shut down pretty viciously. It’s like, don’t bother guys, just give up and get on with it.

      • I didn’t think the V8 rule should have been that difficult: Artwork, model cars, photograph of an engine or a v8 vehicle. The Grumps actually did find a statement piece that wasn’t horrible and did fit the v8 rule. The other teams did not have a clue. It was sad to see the crap that they made. Did anyone other than the Grumps go on the internet to try to find something? A tire chair, a tire garden, a bookshelf with jacks…..total garbage. I would have been very disappointed, too. Kate’s art piece looked nice and Harry replaced that with a piece of trash. At least the ambos produced something that was OK although not a statement piece.

        The Grumps have created the issues with the other teams but when Aaron would not move his stuff that wasn’t right. It was impeding the work in the lounge room.

        Can’t wait to see what Troy thinks about the reno. I don’t think that he and Bec will be very happy but at least it’s an improvement over the dump and it didn’t cost them anything. When it’s finished he can probably sell that place for a profit and find another house.

  10. That lounge room is ridiculous. Given that Troy’s last word was that the family liked to sit at night and watch TV, and the seating doesn’t even face the TV.

    • I thought that too, you know. The chairs face each other, so anyone wanting to watch the giant TV is going to need a chiropractor the morning afterwards. Particularly when Troy specifically said that he wanted the TV to be a focus in the living room, it’s one more tick of the Grumpians’ arrogance and disregard for everything other than their own ideas.

    • Lounge room setup does not make any sense. Just put the TV on the wall where the “coat hanger” is going to be, take away one sofa and get a smaller one or some oversized chairs. The family will need to go to the chiropractor for treatment based on the Grumps’ layout.

    • But he would be totally within his rights to point out that none of them can watch telly with sofas positioned like that.

    • Troy was harsh but those statement pieces except for the Grumps’ & the ambos’ were junk. Some of his comments were a bit over the top but the statement pieces were shocking and not in a good way.

  11. The girls were lucky that the other statement pieces were so bad otherwise their coffee table wouldn’t have won. Lucky them not having to paint all night in that stifling heat.

    • But you just know they’re gonna sit there in the yard heckling and mocking the other teams while they enjoy the night off. I wonder if either of them understands why the other teams don’t like them?

      • Not at all. My step-father had a favourite Robert Burns quote –
        O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
        To see oursels as others see us!

  12. How about taking the whining bogans Troy and Bec out and running them over with a V8? No point casting pearls before swine.

    • That seems a little extreme … but if the Grumpians are also crossing the street at that time?

      I mean, it’s just an idea. *shrug*

    • I can’t be the only person who thinks that, as one, they *all* look thoroughly awful.

      Kate really should’ve gone with the watery painting. It wouldn’t have been any worse than the other four.

  13. HR has found its way into the abyss of reno shows. Don’t know how it’s going to pull itself out. They need to leave the drama (real and faux) behind, show more of the reno, only have one episode with both judges’ and homeowners’ scores and do a better job screening the contestants.

    Don’t want to hear the Grumps mention the “cool” group any more. They should be gone after this round although the producers may want to keep them around and get rid of Troy & Bec.

    • You know how channel 7 works – they will be gagging to keep in their controversial/headline-making horrendous people.

      I feel bad watching this show now – instead of some fun ‘wow – who thought those tiles were a good choice’ and ‘check out that ridiculous light’ it’s all about the stupid baddies. It’s just like MKR and NOT in a good way.

      • totally agree. That seems to be the game plan for Ch 7 in both HR and MKR: throw in an obnoxious couple and let them roam free causing controversy ( its irrelevant whether they can renovate or cook)

    • Totally agree, I want to see more reno and why do they need to split the judges scoring and homeowner scoring. There not much content. Just commercials and rehash!

    • there can’t actually be that much drama happening if they have the time to split the reveal / judging over 2 nights. i also assume the teams don’t actually do much of the work themselves.

  14. Last night’s HR was possibly the worst I have seen. Those statement pieces were an insult to anyone’s intelligence, discounting the fact that a V8 statement piece was a house rule. Who would want bits of a V8 in their home? As far as the Grumpian goes, does she ever do any work as she just seems to walk around and pick fights with people.

    • I noticed that too actually. For all her complaining, Shed Grumpian doesn’t actually seem to do anything. She wanders around and yells at people she doesn’t like (which is everybody). Is there footage of her doing any actual renovating? And I’m starting to understand why her team ran out of time to finish the paint-work in the twins’ house.

  15. I was screaming and swearing at the tv last night, think i might have to give up watching the tues/wed night because they don’t really add anything to the story line and just watch house reveals!

    • It’s not a bad idea. All the good and actual interesting story-development happens on Sunday and Monday.

    • Erin, I only watch reveals on both HR and The Block – the rest is just crap because they don’t show anyone doing the actual grunt work.
      Grand Designs, Flip or Flop, House Hunting Renovation, Jo Gaines and her husbands renovation show and Restoration on ABC are the best design/ Reno shows on TV.

  16. My son has a real V8 coffee table he made himself. Its a V8 engine block cleaned and spray painted silver with a custom piece of toughened glass sitting on top. Doesn’t look too bad…

  17. Poor old Troy, I never thought I would say that but those statement pieces the acquired for his home were atrocious. To think I had a go at him for his poor little Alessi kettle.
    That old bald tyre with the plants in it and the sideboard the twins made to go in the bedroom fit for royalty, all were disgusting. Harry was an idiot thinking his tyre would beat that beautiful painting Kate bought.
    The coffee table just happened to be the best of a bad bunch, so don’t be patting yourself too much on the back Fiona.
    It was really like they couldn’t be bothered and the cheaper and tackier the better.
    I have a feeling Troy and Bec are going to be worse scorers than the Grumpians.
    What is it with those women and calling everyone except themselves “cool”?
    I think I would get along with the other couples much more than I would ever get on with the Grumpians and there is no way in this world I would ever call myself cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  18. Earlier in the week I said this …

    “But you just know theyโ€™re gonna sit there in the yard heckling and mocking the other teams while they enjoy the night off.”

    A clip posted on the House Rules FB page shows the two girls doing exactly that. *sigh* I really should use my amazing psychic powers to win the lottery or something, you know?

  19. Watched the encore over the weekend. Couple of thoughts:
    Kate married WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY beneath her. Did she pick Harry on the rebound?

    There was no need to chuck the plants because your “design failed”. What a waste. Again, why on earth is Kate with him?

    The Gold Coast couple are a bit vacant (lights are on but no-one is home). Can understand why the Grumpians are totally frustrated with them. They (the Gold Coast couple) are far too stupid to interact with. (How can you not know what the Sydney Harbour Bridge looks like?)

    As to Troy’s house, was the land subdivided? The house’s position makes no sense. That said, it looks more like a rental with Troy as the slum lord.

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