House Rules – ongoing chat – May 3

The old House Rules thread was getting long, so here’s a newbie.
Is anyone watching every night or are you just dipping in and out? I’m firmly in channel flick territory but will do a fast forward watch soon.
Mr Juz is having LASIK eye surgery tomorrow, so I will be in charge of the remote for the near future – yippee!



  1. I’m trying to watch this and MC as well, one is recorded.
    On the House Rules facebook page people are saying the house is a bit suss as well considering what the owners paid for it and what the mortgage is.
    I always wondered how the first place got a mortgage too for a shack!

    • I meant the house from tonight seems a bit suss considering the high mortgage.
      Could be why the prize money was changed to $200,000 as well.

      • I agree. The home-owners admitted to paying “five fifty” for the property some time ago … I’m hoping they mean they paid $550.00 for the property, because if they paid $550,000 for (what amounts to) three rooms and a tiny patch of grass? That tells me that the Australian property market is in worse state than anyone realises.

  2. Just to continue a thought from Fijane’s post in the last thread … to me, I found the worst part of last night’s episode when they were inspecting the bedrooms of the two sons. The boys were so respectful and complimentary and really appreciated what had been done for the family … and then the mother started finding fault, and criticising every little detail. And both the boys tried to keep saying something nice, but the mother just kept badgering them, kept badgering them, kept badgering them (“It’s horrible. Isn’t it? Isn’t it horrible? This doesn’t work, does it? Does it? It’s horrible, isn’t it?”) until they eventually bowed out.

    It was really unsettling to watch. It very nearly crossed the line into bullying, to be honest. Fijane was right, I too got the impression that people being bludgeoned into submission is just how Fiona and Nic operate. I think both those women are obnoxious and self-obsessed and arrogant, and simply not used to anyone disagreeing with them or standing up to them. Abuse the other contestants all you want, but when you start getting obnoxious and aggressively-opinionated with your own kids? You’ve got problems.

    And damn it, just like with Josh and Amy (gee channel 7 knows how to find awful reality TV contestants, doesn’t it?), I now feel invested in seeing the other contestants stand up to these jerks.

      • I thought that too :). I was like, wow, that’s an interesting way to pronounce that word…

    • I so agree. I was quite disturbed watching the mother manipulate and bully her respectful and courteous children. I started wondering if there is a dad somewhere who is a decent person. Clearly the mother is not.

      • I was wondering that too. It really made me squirm watching the elder boy trying not to say he didn’t like it. Obviously brought up by someone who instilled honesty.

  3. I’m watching House Rules, Masterchef and The Voice – all through the wonders of recording. Tonight I’m watching House Rules live simply because the promos are promising a delicious moment where Troy decides to ignore the Grumpians and goes ahead and smashes down the wall that they are refusing to negotiate about, despite the home owners desire for an open plan design. If I am cheated of that moment because of dodgy editing I’ll be spitting chips.

    • It looks like you and I both were duped by the promos. The wall in question is the one between the laundry and bathroom, which the women built too far into the bathroom (deliberately?) and we don’t see it get smashed until next ep. I didn’t like the way the edit showed the women staring dumbly at Troy and Bec for that extended time. I just don’t believe those two were struck dumb for more than half a second. Lame attempt to make the incident seem more dramatic.

      It looks likes the women get their way retaining the wall in the lounge. I hope the dining room people (twins?) don’t get blamed for it. If I was them I would leave that wall totally blank, to make it easy to take down, which they can do because it is not structural.

      From the promos it looks to me like they are overdoing the black part of black-and-white. I would do 80% white and 20% black so the house wasn’t too dark and drab. And how come only two bedrooms? Harry and Kate emphasised their intention to have more kids. If blonde couple are smart, they will design the Play room as part bedroom.

      I find it hard to type Kate and Harry – I feel like Wills is being cheated on.

    • Yes, that was annoying about the wall shenanigans! I don’t think they we that dumb struck – think they were trying to come up with an excuse as to how they could get out of it…

      Oh i so hope the twins use your idea of leaving the adjoining wall totally blank Fijane so they can prove that it wasn’t heir idea. I almost think the grumpians think because Fi’s house wasn’t done to the rules, then they can make up their own rules for this house too. (There is a difference between the wrong paint colour, or the wrong frame on a mirror and purposefully not knocking down a wall after the owners emphasized how important open plan is to them). I hope we see them in the tent next week. Surely there is no way with a blacked out living room and non open plan, that they could get top marks…

      Agree about using too much black (although i think Kate and Harry ‘arksed’ for that in the kitchen), when i think BoHo, I definitely don’t think black!

  4. I admit, while I’m still lusting after Blonde Adonis, I’m really quite liking Troy and Bec. I think they’re totally out of their depth on a design/home-renovation show, but gosh darn it, they’re both so likeable and pleasant, it’s hard not to like them. Same with the nerdy twins, actually.

  5. I like LLB, but can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever let the other judges complete a sentence.

  6. Interesting how pressed metal was used in last house and there are plans to use it in this one. I would only ever use it in a Victoria reno. In contemporary houses think it will date quickly.

    • I agree. I think it is a feature that needs a very specific vibe, not put into every house willynilly.

  7. Those two women are driving me crazy and I hope I don’t have to hear ‘contemporary country’ ever again. What horrible people. I’m sure they are leaving that wall in for spite. Hopefully they will lose lots of points. Looking forward to the laundry wall being torn down by Troy who appears to fancy himself as a top notch designer haha, good luck to him and Bec though, they have done the right thing by the grumpians only to be walked over.
    I think there is a tad too much black in the kitchen and they maybe could have gone for a pale blue or mint fridge instead of the pink. I love the pink but maybe not a guys choice.
    Looks like a black bedroom coming up from grumps.
    I like the twins and hope they do well.

  8. Every time those grumps are on I just cringe. They think they are going to win. I think they are going to be eliminated.
    They complained how the teams did not meet their house rules but Kate and Harry specifically said they want open living spaces and the grumps are refusing to do that.

    • Exactly Smythe, they made such a point of telling us how it was called House Rules and now they are going against them. Also with the statement piece, the homeowners are 50% divided on liking it but they are keeping it because they like it! I hope they end up in the tent.

  9. Every single other cast member has talked about the giant “risk” that the Grumpians are taking by leaving in the wall around the lounge-room. But it’s all nonsense. It’s not a risk, it’s arrogance. The Grumpians decided that they know what the home-owners *really* want (despite the fact that the home-owners specifically asked for the exact opposite), and because of their own pride and arrogance, they’re incapable of acknowledging that, “our idea might be a bad one, so let’s change it”.

    Bring on the scoring on Sunday night.

    • Not to ,mention that leaving that wall creates a small narrow lounge room which is then painted BLACK???

  10. No House Rules for me this season, Channel 7 focusing on unpleasant contestants rather than the design and work on renovating rooms.
    Major turn off.
    I’d rather watch one hour of The Living Room or Grand Designs or Jo Gaines and her husband flipping houses.

    • I totally understand your point of view Lola. The MKR experience this year was so dispiriting for me that I’m not entirely sure why we have started with House Rules.
      I cannot stand the designated baddie approach – even though I do loathe the house rules baddies!

  11. Nice example of driving just shown. Timber extending in next to the driver who is happily steering one handed.

  12. Those two Grumpians are vile. Her two sons are absolutely gorgeous young men and obviously know their mother is disgraceful. The disconnect between mother and sons seems to be huge. There father must be lovely, and why there mother is now hanging out with her equally vile best friend.
    I hope the home owners give them a 0 for keeping the wall and don’t mistakenly penalise the boys.

    • Grumpians on statement piece: “Harry doesn’t like it, but we both do so its staying…” One half of the team who will be judging your room doesn’t like it, but you both like it so you are keeping it?!
      That should tell you all you need to know about the attitudes of these girls and their respect for the other teams needs and wants… Its one thing to paint a wall in a colour maybe the owners don’t like but to sabotage with structural features that aren’t easily (or cheaply fixed) is just nasty.

  13. Came in half-way into the show and didn’t see explanation of Boho so thought they had the spelling wrong – shouldn’t it be Bauhaus? No, I was wrong. But I did look up boho design and I must say that I rather liked the ones I looked at – something I could live with. The designs I found were heavily influenced Moroccan and a lot of white – no black walls. Though the interpretation of this look by these teams could be an absolute shambles.

  14. Did the producers choose the worst from all of the contestants who applied? Very little common sense and poor design skills.

  15. I googled Boho to see for myself what they should be looking for and so far I am yet to see any of the beautiful bright furniture and artefacts that were displayed, except for the few pieces that passed.
    The poor twins have not got a clue. The Chinese lantern which wasn’t a light was horrid, the dresser was a teak one like my nana used to have. Why didn’t they use google if they didn’t know what it was?
    Did they ask for every room to be painted black because it looks like most rooms are heading that way.
    The grumpians are just pig ignorant 🐷 🐷

  16. I am not a real liker of what i see on house rules because the rules are interpreted differently by everyone. So how about the owners or the judges read out the rules and give there version of what they think. The Gold coast house showed on the 4/6/17, who would want open plan living in there bedroom and on-sweat. Who wants to lay on the bed and watch your other half on the crapper. Plus it gives you a lot less wall space. To be honest i think Troy and Beck are right the judges are wrong and the 2 girls should be sent home with tails between there legs, Some of the work done by the girls is crap[ door last night] Cec

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