1. I missed the first few minutes, so I didn’t get to hear the resolution of the Troy/Bec tantrum storyline from the end of last episode. Shucky darn.

    Although I’m going to miss Aaron this week (gosh, that man is flawless), I’m gonna be interested to watch the reno, since his and Daniella’s place not only looks really bad, but it looks like it’s a gigantic house. I also loved Kate and Harry’s logic of locking the Bogans and the Grumpians into rooms *far* removed from everybody else.

    • There was no resolution. They simply jumped into the new reno. The promos showed footage that we didn’t see last night. I’m wondering if that’s extras on 7 plus ?

      • Well that’s underwhelming. At least I didn’t miss anything. But Julie’s probably right, I imagine channel 7 would keep that as an online extra, or something.

  2. The promo just shown heralded another walkout Sunday. Perhaps Troy spits the dummy a second time and the missing footage is from that ?

    • Given the show’s talent for over-dramatisation, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was nothing more than Troy walking outside to have a cigarette or to relieve himself behind one of the neighbours’ trees.

  3. The Bogans arguing with the Grumpians is the very definition of, “I just don’t care about any of these people.”

    Meanwhile, did I just watch Harry playing with one of the twins’ pecs? That was a weird moment.

  4. I’ve finally decided between Troy/Bec and the Grumpians. I want to see the back of T/B first. I no longer feel sorry for Bec. She’s as bad as Troy and deserves him.”We’re in this position because of Sean and Ella” Nope sweet heart – you’re in this position because you always follow Troy’s lead and Troy is totally clueless. And how awful of Troy saying he hates Sean and Ella.

    • Yeah, I lost a hell of a lot of sympathy for the pair of them at that moment, as well. He gave Sean and Ella a “2” for their ensuite and said that they “hated” it … and now he’s upset because someone else scored him harshly? What a great thundering idiot.

  5. I am so sick and tired of the Grumpians calling Troy and Bec the Village Idiots. Really really insulting, no matter how annoying they are, that is not necessary.

  6. Seriously? They talk about their ‘mates’ and family when moments before they cursing each other? Hypocrites.

  7. Poor Andrew.

    Troy actually won points back, from me, for immediately dashing over to help keep Andrew calm and help him stay conscious while Sean and the medical team tried to keep him alive as Ella spoke to 000.

    But then he immediately lost them in the preview of Thursday night’s episode. The Grumpians might be assholes, but using the phrase, “lipstick on a pig”? I feel like that’s too far, even though the Grumpians did specifically call Troy an idiot during one of the earliest renos. Although were they wrong? Like, I don’t know who’s side to take, they’re all such loathsome people.

    The walkout seems to be Fiona and Nic, but I doubt it’ll last, because channel 7 is fond of nothing more than over-dramatising stuff.

    • *sigh*

      Yes, yes she did.

      What made that worse was when we cut to Andrew and Jono side-by-side in hospital, and sitting beside his brother’s hospital bed, Jono looked like he was about to burst into tears.

  8. i don’t under stand why those girls want extra space all the time.. they go off blaming other. people for not giving them what they need.. didnt she say that the wears tie are idiots and they will just take there space!!

  9. Ch 7 made the accident look like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    Fail. Nothing to see here. Move on.

    • The only thing that occurred to me is that I find it hard to believe that Ella as a trained paramedic would have called it ‘life threatening’ if it wasn’t. I’m thinking she wouldn’t have “prank-called” ambulance unless she thought it was actually serious.

      • Yesterday at the Vets my doctor had a much larger dressing right up his armpit from treating a cat that went crazy and gave him an awful scratching.Paws to reflect on that.

      • Plus, in the shots of Andrew lying in the hospital bed getting ready for surgery? They wouldn’t be taking him to surgically fix the wound if it was a minor graze. Secondly, his hand had turned blue. That was quite disturbing. I don’t think you could fake something like that, not if he’d been taken to hospital. And with Jono’s reaction (just look at his face there while he’s sitting beside his brother. He looked in even worse shape)? I’d believe that channel 7 didn’t film it as much as they could’ve (because there was so much Troy/Fiona action! Blech), but I’d certainly believe that it was a scary and real emergency.

        Plus, again, they had two trained paramedics close-by and a medical team on-site. That probably helped make the injury look better than it really was.

        • I once sliced my hand open at work on glass. Severed an artery, cut thru nerves, nicked a tendon. Straight into surgery, 2 days in hospital, 25 stitches. Never once was it called lfe threatening.

          • I sliced my thumb with a new knife, went through the artery, nerves and tendons. Home alone, wrapped it in a clean tea towel. Walked to the corner to catch a taxi to The Alfred. Surgery the next day, spent 2
            nights in hospital, cast on for 3 weeks, 2 months off work! I feel for that twin brother- no bandaid on that wound!

            I bet House Rules won’t get contestants to carry glass anymore.

    • Possibly could have been dangerous if there was no pressure applied and no medical help. Of course, even if there was no S & E, there was a perfectly competent medical officer there, who did everything necessary. Most people in life-threatening situations don’t walk themselves into the ambulance. I suspect that Ella said “life-threatening” and “bleeding out” at other times and they have suoerimposed her voice onto the footage of calling the ambulance. Showing the footage at a distance, they could add any audio they wanted.

      Troy was helpful and sympathetic, but if I was injured, I don;t think I want to be told in a panicky voice how pale I am getting.

      Damaged tendons are no joke. Probably weeks of recovery time and intensive physio. I wondere if they will bring in an ex-contestant for Jono, a la The Block.

  10. Can you believe the Grumpians!!! Upset because T&B are ruining the house for A&D. Pot.Kettle.Black. Bat shit cray cray.

  11. I note the debate about which team are worse. Hands down the grumpians for me. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are fuelling the fire by pouring negative comments into T&B ears about the other teams.

    Yes, Troy is a bit of a tool, and deluded about his design ability, and doesn’t handle criticism, but I can’t help feeling that the producers are revelling in playing up the bonus of two difficult teams. Whereas the grumpians came in with nasty attitudes, and have done everything since in a deliberately nasty way.

    • If I had to choose who had the bigger heart out of Troy and Fiona, my money would go on Troy and I can’t stand the man, in fact I detest him but somehow he doesn’t come across with the same degree of inner nastiness as Fiona.

  12. I thought Troy stuck his head in the medical situation where it probably wasn’t needed, and if i was Andrew, already freaking out, i don’t think i need someone telling me not to panic and that i look white!
    Agree that all the audio from that clip was cut up to make it look like it was more serious than it was.
    I noticed in the preview the grumps made a point of taking all the House Rules stuff out of the car, but still drove off in the House Rules supplied car!
    Kate and Harry were clever with zone wars, putting themselves next to people they want to work with! Pretty sure Troy and Bec have dug them selves a hole volunteering for the bonus room, because even if they put all their effort into it and pass the room, they will forget their other areas, the lose points there anyways.
    Also i maybe the way i roam / live in my house is different to others, but i would much prefer 1/2 a metre taken from my bedroom spaces for bigger living / dining / kitchen than vice versa… a family with young kids is going to be spending more time in those areas. And a bigger space is useless if you don’t know how to use the space well.

  13. Sorry for Andrew. Hope he recovered quickly.
    TB & the Grumpians deserve one another although Troy was very sweet when he came over to comfort Andrew after he got hurt. Too bad he doesn’t continue with that kindness and caring attitude.
    As for the Grumpians driving away…..Unfortunately they will be back.

  14. I did something today I rarely do. I bought a copy of New Idea. There’s an “article” – 18 shocking House Rules secrets.
    #1 LLB’s tragic secret past (is there an unwritten rule that every one involved in reality TV must have a tragic secret past?) Dad died of cancer, Mum had MS.
    #2 Bec was forced to quit her job to go on the show.
    #3 Here’s a shocker – There is still animosity between the Grumps and the Bogans. The Grumps claim T/B were the nastiest team, always fighting with them for the sake of it. Troy counter claims “They know what they did, I know what they did…You won’t believe whats to come from them”
    #4 Daniella is 7 years older than Aaron
    #5 Sean and Ella had to go into paramedic mode a few times on the show.
    #6 Fiona has a “secret” 19 year old son. (not really a secret, he simply didn’t appear on the show. Also, someone, maybe Windsong was speculating about Fiona’s marriage. She says she was married for nearly 20 years. As she is now 44, that breakup must be relatively recent and may account for some of her bitterness.)
    #7 Troy claims his house is still “unlivable”. “There are lots of things that need to be fixed up,” Troy grumbles. “We haven’t got the shower screen up and running, the cooktop doesn’t work and my sensor lights got knocked out during the build. The house looks beautiful, but it’s not really functioning like I think it should.” (Is this a spoiler alert ? Surely if T/B progressed to the next round they would have put in the shower screen?)
    #8 There are accusations of strategic scoring – hardly a secret.
    #9 The worst is yet to come from the Grumpians… again a hint that they aren’t the 1st eliminated.
    #10 “Baby heartbreak” – aka Aaaron and Daniella missed their kids.
    #11 Nicole has a secret acting past. Apparently she was an extra in The Henderson Kids and Quigley Down Under.
    #12 The twins used to swap places with each other at school.
    #13 Sean and Ella’s secret nuptials – no – they didn’t get married – nothing more than a photo shoot and quotes about their impending marriage.
    #14 Kate and Harry’s baby news – no – she’s not pregnant – they are thinking about a 2nd child.

    and the last 4 are Guess Who teasers
    #15 Which team does a competitor refer to as wolves in sheep’s clothing ? My guess would be Troy saying this about Sean and Ella.
    #16 Which two teams haven’t spoken since filming wrapped ? Well duh, #3 gives this away.
    #17 Which contestant refuses to watch themselves on the show? There are a few who would find watching themselves a little mortifying I’d imagine.
    #18 Which team couldn’t even open a ladder before the show ? I’m guessing the twins πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, thank you so much Julie. I was tempted to buy the issue myself, but thankfully, you took the bullet for us all. You’re a brave soul :).

      Most of these aren’t that big as secrets, but some of them were interesting.

      #3 … not really a shock. If you take four of the most awful people in the country and lock them in a closed environment, obviously, the end result isn’t gonna be pretty.

      #4 … that is surprising, because she doesn’t look it. Still, 7 years is hardly a big deal. I’m dating somebody who’s 10 years younger than me (I’m 34). Their kids are still gonna grow up to be beautiful.

      #5 … that’s also interesting. I wonder how many other times the teams injured themselves and Sean/Ella had to step up and help out? Given the general co-ordination of some of these people, I imagine it’s quite a few.

      #6 … Fiona’s third, eldest son? That poor kid. I bet they clash a *lot*, if she hasn’t totally broken him. Interesting about her being married for 20 years, too.

      As for #18, yeah, I’m guessing that’s the twins too :).

  15. Karma`s a BITCH Troy,Bec,Fiona and Nicole. and yes you are definitely not in the COOL group. I wonder why. this season of house rule would be the worst I have seen. T&B,F&N have no style, and are very ungrateful, wish the viewers could vote, I would give them a 0

  16. Well we know Fiona will be happy if the twins leave the show, she made that quite clear to all of us viewers. She continues to show us how utterly uncouth she is.
    I was disappointed we didn’t see the follow on from Monday night. What a big build up of bullsh#t that was for the viewers.
    They didn’t show us any more than what we had been seeing in the previews from the previous Wednesday night.

  17. OMG the Grumpians integrity is at stake. You should have thought of that earlier in the competition girls.

  18. Meanwhile, tonight in QLD (and I’m guessing in NSW too) it’s the first State of Origin game, so the episode has been shunted to tomorrow night.

    • Oh no, does that mean its shown in other states but not NSW or Qld tonight? I better not look on here then or facebook for spoilers.
      Won’t be watching State of Origin either.
      Looks like Masterchef tonight for me.

      • I’m getting both…..but watching Origin and checking here. I won’t post spoilers.

        • You’re all very kind :). But I’ll just avoid the thread any further, until tomorrow night when the episode airs up here in QLD.

          • I work at Suncorp stadium where Origin was held tonight. Not really a football fan but boy, as a proud QLDer it was pretty darn hard to listen the Blues supporters chanting New South Wales after the match.

          • I’ve been to Suncorp more than once, it’s a really cool stadium.

            I’m making my peace with the loss. The dynasty can’t last forever. This is a young man’s game, after all. When JT and Slater and Cronk are in their 50s, are the selectors still going to pick them (so we can watch them dodder around in the backfield on walking frames)?

            I always imagine that walking into a packed Suncorp Stadium, with 50,000 people either chanting your name or screaming for blood, would be a pretty amazing feeling.

  19. Cannot wait for Troy to challenge the Judges, more front then Myers..But he is the design king[design of bogans], and you pair of bitches F&N just go home .

  20. T/B and grumps were really just as bad as each other last night. The girls claiming they are thinking of Aaron and Dee, where was that attitude at their first reno (Harry and Kates) when they insisted on keeping the wall for their lounge, going completely against the wishes of the home owners and stuffing up the other teams zones. Troy and Becs attitude is just as bad but i do agree with them, the ensuite should not be open, should be closed in. And there is no need for a double door entry way. I haven’t stayed in many 5 star places but a open ensuite certainly doesn’t scream luxury to me!
    As for the rest of the show, it seems to fallen to The Block level of fake crap for the camera with the ‘Where’s Wally / Sean’ thing…
    I hope Kate and Harry share the painters and drivers with the twins. I actually think its unfair that they haven’t given the twins an extra person, especially when the accident happened onsite.
    And surely the girls crying into the arms of Kate and Harry after the statement piece judging was a ploy to get use of the painters and drivers…
    Can’t wait for the Troy / judges showdown!

    • I suspect Troy will be babbling like Tiger Woods when Laurence fires up with his feedback.

  21. Wow, this episode has more tension about walls than the friggin’ US election.

    As obnoxious as the Bogans are … I take their side on this one. It’s called compromise, girls. You asked for space in their bedroom to put in the toilet, which they gave you. The toilet then took up more space than you asked for. Instead of throwing a tantrum because you’re not getting what you want, how about negotiation? Compromise? Acknowledging that they gave you something, so you could return the favour? The Bogans are right. I can’t imagine how an open bathroom would say ‘five star luxury’. And Nicole appealing to the sensibility of the home-owners seems ABSURD, given how quickly they ignored the home-owners’ rules back during Kate and Harry’s reno. I can forgive a lot of things, girls, but hypocrisy isn’t one of them.

    And once again, when Fiona doesn’t get what she wants, she storms outside, screams abuse at the camera about how everybody is so mean to her, and throws a tantrum. Blech. Go away. And take Troy and Bec with you.

    Meanwhile, can someone check in on the twins? This show is hard enough with two people working together, but now Jono’s down to just Jono?

    • I also don’t like the idea of an open bathroom for both privacy reasons and practical concerns with water. But then again, Aaron/Daniella were the ones who gave another team an open ensuite from memory, so maybe they’d like it.

      And yes – producers should definitely give Jono a partner.

  22. Wow just watched the dummy spit. Un-Freaking-Believable!! That poor site manager must have felt like he was refereeing a school yard spat. I’m with Erin – both teams were as bad as the other. Both were thinking only of getting ahead of the other and neither were considering the house owners.

    Had a chuckle when Fiona said she was saying goodbye to $200,000. Sweetheart, you were never a contender for that money.

  23. It was a man-child moment, sure, but Harry dressing up Sean like Wally was a laugh-out-loud moment from me, and then Ella got involved when she got back from shopping.

    If we have to get away from the actual renovation stuff (for focus on the contestants), let’s have this kind of focus, with the teams laughing and joking along with each other, opposed to the nonsense from the Bogans and Grumpians.

    • I thought that was a bit funny too, but I wish they would return to the old format where the teams were actually nice to each other.
      Its terrible that Jono can’t have a new partner, not his fault what happened. Why couldn’t someone last night at least have helped with the shopping? Those professional painters could offer to do his zone too. he can’t possibly do everything himsef.
      Windsong, even though we live in Qld my husband and kids were born in NSW and were very happy with the origin results! Makes a change, Qld can’t win every time. They said it was a good exciting game.

  24. In the preview for next week, did they show a glass shower screen just spontaneously shattering?

    Part of me can’t help but thinking that even the houses themselves are trying to take out some of the teams because they had to suffer through the filming of the series.

  25. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/house-rules-drew-heath-slams-laurence-llewelynbowen-for-his-britishtype-behaviour/news-story/601728f2d7267274d051890f040d53d8

    I found this quite interesting. I didn’t realise it was the somewhat forgettable “other male ” judges first TV gig. But in hind sight it does explain his lack of performance especially in the earlier episodes. He’d start to say something and LLB would jump in over the top over him. He does seem to be growing more comfortable in the role now.

    Just saw the Troy/LLB promo. Can’t wait for this. Please don’t let it be another editing let down.

  26. The idea of open plan living in bedroom and on sweat as far as i am concerned is wrong. Some people might think it is OK but who rely wants to lay on the and watch the other half use the toilet or the shower [people do like privacy]. If i remember the girls refused the boys space and then cracked up when they were refused. The house rules should in my opinion be read out by the owners or the judges and explained to stop any confusion over the meaning. At present i hope the boys do well because they appear the most likable and i am sorry but the girls should be sent home with their tails between their legs. A lot of the work done by them is crap [door ]

  27. The only issue now is that a nasty piece of work like the bogans -ok, I really mean Troy- will now have nothing better to do.
    I can see him sitting around moaning that he was hard done by, trying to flog his story to a crappy magazine and of course spitefully trolling sites that discuss his behaviour in an unflattering light. Don’t like his chances of mustering much support or being able to defend the indefensible though!

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