1. From the newest promos looks like Laurence shitcans the bogans’ zone and they leave.

    But they will come back. I know design.

  2. So we spent the week suffering through Shed Grumpian throwing tantrums, and now it’s Troy’s turn to throw a tantrum and storm out of the place.

    Well, at least we’ll have a little variety…

  3. It’s perfect? Is it Troy? Apart from the 10cm gap.#Iknowdesign.

    Troy just tell Bec she is doing a “sh!t” job. Wonder what he is like without the cameras?

    • And when she asks him to just treat her with a tiny amount of respect, he tells her that she’s a drama queen and that she’s doing a “shit job”.

      What a great guy, eh?

      • He is really getting creepy, and frankly, if this is what he’s like on camera Bec should run like f*ck

      • He’s a keeper for sure.
        Whenever I think Bec is acting like a truly nasty piece of work, Troy pushes in and effortlessly shoves his way to the bottom. How unpleasant is he? Oh, also delusional, rude, sexist, boorish and tacky.

        • Yet still, Bec will always check what Troy’s opinion of something is before she expresses herself (and spoiler alert, she always agrees with him). It’s like she’s constantly seeking his approval or trying to stay in his good graces, and I just feel, this isn’t how a healthy relationship should work.

          I kinda feel sorry for her, to be honest.

  4. Lmao! Leave the price tag on… so classy, and then wipes his filthy sweaty head on a new towel and puts it in the cupboard! Eeewwww

      • Be reasonable here people. We are talking about a man who prioritised tattoos over a flushing toilet.
        Lower your expectations. (Not as far as Bec has, obviously, but lower them.)

  5. So the walkout wlll be after Troy gets a fail on the bonus room ?

    Personally for the ambos sake I hope he leaves the receipt as well as the price tag – will make it much easier to get a refund on the artistic greenery.

  6. Credit where credit is due, the lounge (with the exception of the coffee table), and entry are lovely, great work

    • It was a much better effort, but unlike most others. I thought the couch was awful. And I notice they very carefully did not sit on it, because then they would have had to acknowledge that the back sloped too much for comfort. And once again the tv is too high to be watched. But, yes, no glaringly horrible features. Hallway was nice.

    • Thought they would have received higher scores since there was very few negative comments about their zone. Was surprised how Troy and Bec were scored by the judges. Based on the comments thought they would score lower.
      The judges should NOT know which contestants did which zone. I think it is influencing their scoring.

      • I couldn’t believe the scores for the ‘battlers’ (puhleeze) either, especially after the comments. Theirs was way worse than the Grumpians.
        And agree, judges should not know who did what.

  7. Wow, so channel 7 duped us. It’s *not* the twins who get the 10 from Laurence (he only gave them a 6). You’re playing a tricky game, there, ‘House Rules’ editing team.

    Which means that it must be Kate/Harry with the perfect score. I highly doubt Troy/Bec (the only other team yet to get their store) will storm out in a tantrum because they scored *well*, will they?

    I agree with Australianne above. The house is looking pretty good this week, I gotta say. I even quite liked the kitchen. And the odd ceiling lights notwithstanding, the master bedroom was pretty groovy, too.

  8. I loved the bedroom with the exception of the pallets and those multiple chords. In my rather cramped flat I battle chords all the time. Two single power points in the lounge/dining room and a TV, DVD, Fetch box, Computer, Printer, Fan, Modem, Game console all needing to be plugged in… Power boards and chords everywhere. My pet hate. I often try to rearrange things to hide all the chords. Lying in bed staring up at chords dangling down would infuriate me.

  9. Even when getting praise, the grumps manage to be obnoxious. Instead of realising they have improved from previous work, Fiona says “bout time we were appreciated”.

    • I know, right? I keep hoping they will suddenly grow up, cease warfare and get some manners, but they always disappoint! Absolutely no grace at all

  10. Yes, I’m def not a fan of grumps but the lounge and hallway did look great. I liked the entry except the black seat, I would have done a dark grey fabric personally.
    I liked the kitchen except the funny triangle cutouts (that’s just a personal pref but maybe it looks different in real life.
    I think the master and the laundry were over the top.

  11. Hate Kate & Harry’s bathroom. The original bathroom was better.

    Oh, man. We have to wait until tomorrow for the walkout!

        • Being an old bag – with old fashioned parents – I can remember a time when pedestal vanities where all you got in bathrooms and the excitement of vanities with places to PUT things was a novelty. So a towel rolled artfully into a basket for decoration just makes me cranky!

          We’ve moved on people. It’s not 1950 with a single shaving cabinet and a towel rack. We’ve all got heaps of stuff to stow these days. Give me drawers! Give me cupboards! Give me shelves!!

    • I didn’t like Kate’s & Harry’s bathroom either. It looked retro rather than Scandinavian and there was no storage space. I can’t believe that Laurence scored their zone a 10.

  12. Has anyone been keeping track of the weekly scores ? I’m assuming Troy/Bec and the Grumps are the bottom two, but not 100% sure. The more I see of Troy, the more I’d like to see him go first, even if it means we keep the Grumps.

    • I couldn’t believe they covered up those beautiful views with the most hideous grey curtains I’ve ever seen.

      • Big w on special curtains. And they were too long which is what the big and arced up about at their house.
        I thought they should have tried a sofa bed or lovely day bed in the study to make it really versatile.

    • I know right!
      So much going on, on all the walls. They shouid have done the cork or the fake brick, not both! And even worse is the fact that they have no idea what they have done wrong!

    • I agree with the judges that the bathroom was bad (putting the toilet right there in the splash-zone of the shower? What were they thinking?), and they went overboard with the fake plants. The study just seemed weird, to me. I didn’t like the corkboard wall, and the brick wallpaper was strange. The colour scheme didn’t work much, either, the whole thing was just so … weird. I can’t think of a better word. It was just weird.

  13. I loved the dining room (best room IMO) and I was so glad that they did the ceiling. I presume they told Danielle and man, who would have agreed because it gave a central feature instead of one big bland expanse. The raked ceiling would have been so much better, though. Pity the girls can’t have points deducted for scutttling a great feature.

    Loved the main bedroom, although the crates were very impractical (and too short!). Kitchen was Ok but not my style. Bathroom was ok style-wise but was disproportional. I can’t believe the judges raved so much about the spindly ensuite bench, with absolutely no storage whatsoever. Hopefully Sean and ella will mark down for that. I liked the bed part of the guest room -one of the best this season, but the room was just meh. Loved the laundry, although european laundries are big no-nos for families (or those about to be families).

    And the study, well that was a temple to Troy’s delusion that he is a designer.

  14. I notice that the rule about an upcycled item in each zone was pretty much ignored, then the boys were marked down for attempting it. Only Kate and Harry did it successfully.

    Loved Harry standing up to the grumpians. Pity the other three were spineless, and once again Kate gave in to regain peace. She is good at negotiation but she needs to learn to stick to her guns until the end.

    • Someone made a comment on FB about Fiona (shed Grumpian) this week that I thought was interesting.

      Who are the people she really loses her cool with? Aaron. Harry. And Troy. Never the women, and never the nerdy twins (probably because those boys are so doe-eyed they could give Bambi a run for his money). Note a pattern? I think she has issues with blokes who she perceives to be dominant alpha males. Now, next question … Where is Mr Shed Grumpian? Maybe there was a messy separation at some point in the past that triggered her intense discomfort at dealing with men? Or maybe there was a separation because she already had these qualities?

      I’m not trying to make excuses for her, because yeah, I find her behaviour just embarrassingly unacceptable, but I just wonder if there is some back-story there, given the pattern of who she clashes with the most?

      • Interesting. Could the next step be, that she then starts to sound like she is going to break down as a victim, which then plays on the female partners? Last night, Harry was standing up to her well, quietly backed up by Aaron, until suddenly Kate starts to feel that they are being too hard on Fiona, and she brings the fight to an end by giving in.

        Much as Kate, Daniella and Bec dislike the grumpians tactics – it is always them who capitulate.

        I don’t particular like non-shed Grumpian either (?Nicole) but I have to admit that it looks like she is an accomplished builder (but not a painter!).

      • And further… all the negative comments after the confrontations, imply that she thinks that the girls have formed a mean, pretty girls group against her and Nicole. So, her real paranoia is about the girls, but when she attacks, she attacks the men.

      • I too have wondered what her story is. Her behaviour dow indicate a huge amount of pain, but even so there’s no excuse for her behaviour.

        • Oh, absolutely, I don’t disagree with you.

          I am interested in what happens tonight, though. If one of the teams walks-out and doesn’t come back, what then? Does that mean we’re stuck with the Grumpians through the next round? Gosh I hope not. But I don’t wanna be stuck with Bec and Troy either.

      • Looking at her tonight on the one occasion she smiled without a smirk I thought she looked really pretty, possibly at one time she was the popular pretty one who escaped a lot by her looks but time has not been kind and she is now bitter? This is actually directed at the male partners of the younger females though I was surprised to read Danielle is closer to her age than Aaron’s.

        It would be easier for all if they left tonight but I do not want T & B to stage a return and succeed at something as they are so awful. I cannot forgive F & N for their vicious scoring on a new build, T & B were just being pathetic when they scored, they will never win.

  15. I think the raked ceiling would have looked great, however the girls were right the existing beams were ugly, if they had the time and money to do it properly it would have looked awesome.

    • Sanded back and stained, I think the beams would have been fine. The grumpians used them as a justification.

  16. Troy is a typical bully boy Loves to dish it out, but can’t take it when it comes back. His shoe size is higher than his IQ

    • Exactly Ma Chook, obviously he is not going to like what the paramedics have to say about what he did to their house but the insults and the scores eg. 2 that he gave after his home was done beautifully don’t come in to it.
      He can give it but as we will see he definitely he can’t take it.
      I hope he does leave the show, the arrogant piece of sh#t.

      • I thought the paramedics were extremely careful in their assessment and gave considered and specific criticism. E.g Nordic is clean, calm, uncluttered and with lots of natural light. Nothing about the study achieved that. They also like “upcycling” things but just cutting down a table and changing legs didn’t hit their values. Everyone but Troy could see that.
        It was measured and rational instead of Troy’s boorish and rude “that’s shit” level of feedback.

        • Troy is like an obese,tattoed and pierced John McEnroe of renovating ie

          “You can’t be serious!”

  17. Thought Troy & Bec were going to walk out tonight. So disappointed. Still don’t get why they decided to do the room reveals and judging over two episodes. Maybe just a way to keep viewers watching over 2 days rather than just watching the one day reveal.

  18. I liked the main bedroom but that main lighting looked shocking, all those leads twisted every which way. Otherwise I thought the twins did a good job.
    Once again no shelving or draws etc to put things in bathroom or ensuite.
    troys toilet definitely in the wrong position.
    I liked the kitchen and the little nook to sit and look at the view.
    How could Lawrence give a 10 when there was something he hated in the dining room, the feature wall? To me that means not a perfect score, he was definitely not impressed with that wall.
    Can’t believe the Grumps presented a half decent zone.
    I think they were doing Troy and Bec a favour by giving them three 7’s.

    • Laurence liked the feature wall, IIRC. It was the blond guy (who’s so forgetable that I can’t recall his name) that didn’t like it much.

    • I can’t understand how the judges gave T&B higher scores than the twins. I just don’t get it…

  19. Late to the party as ever but I have liked comments I agree with or would like to have said, by now you have probably seen the next show.
    Some general observations :
    No sign of heating or double glazing nor solar panels to fuel all the lights. (I used to work with a lovely colleague who lived in Tas for 10 years as a refugee from Zimbabwe, most of that time in Hobart and during a cold winter in the UK he still maintained Hobart was colder with winds from Antarctica, eventually they moved near Launceton and he reckoned it was his perfect climate as milder.)

    None of the laundry rooms so far have had an ironing board of any sort, I would expect comments on a design to show an artfully concealed one.
    The linen cupboard which spoiled so many hallways of past series has been dropped, no loss but with the absence of bathroom storage this year, is odd.

    I loved the voiceover when they said “Troy’s inner designer kicked in” so sarcastically.

  20. I forgot to say.

    That cramped main bathroom with sharp corners to negotiate and a wet toilet with wet toilet paper, eek!!! I experienced that on a ferry, taught me to alter the spray direction if possible.

    They seem to be limiting all with one or no children to one bedroom so I have assumed K& H and Sean and Ella to want a bonus room or guest room to be a possible child’s room at some point. Looking at the Tas bathroom it was not a space I would want to carry a precious newborn with that hard corner benchtop.

    Love the twins and bedroom but for the lights and cables making a mess! They will not win straight after last year’s brothers IMO.

    • I thought exactly that too. A wet toilet seat is bad enough, but using wet toilet paper? That just seems *horrifying* to me. Like, oh my gosh. Hopefully that’s the zone Sean and Ella fix in the next round.

  21. I love how Sean and Ella are so appreciative of the rooms they have seen so far. Lots of ooohs and aaaaahs

    • Troy said exactly the same thing in the car on the way to his house. He said they were “so blessed”. He just didn’t keep gushing after he saw some of the misses in the house.

  22. I did a quick google search! No ‘snow globe’ light shades in sight!
    Eeek I hope the twin is ok!

  23. Hahaha…”when you study Nordic”…

    Of course “I know design” Troy knows more than the home-owners.

      • Well you can’t expect him to read ANOTHER actual book can you?
        I mean, he’s obviously taken Emily Post’s etiquette book to heart, so clearly he’s read one book. I don’t fink he can cope with two books in his lifetime.

  24. Wow, so tomorrow night, they try to kill one of the twins.

    Good thing there’s two ambulance officers there in the house with them. Yikes.

    • Such a terrible accident, I hope he’s ok..😟.. puts all the other drama’s in perspective doesn’t it

      • It might be a little inappropriate to think, but I do like the idea that, when there’s a nasty accident (which do tend to happen on construction sites), Sean and Ella — as actual medical professionals — jump straight into, “life-saving” mode, because they’re both awesome and amazing people.

  25. Even when the episode isn’t about them being jerks, I still find myself wanting to shout every time Fiona speaks. Just go away, you horrible person. Be gone!

  26. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What bad losers. What whankers, let them go.
    Troy and Bec gave them a 2 but that was ok. I can’t believe this.
    Even the Grumps gave out extremely low numbers and criticised everything but couldn’t take it when people didn’t like what they produced.
    These people are disgusting.

  27. Troy and Bec gave Sean and Ella 2 because they didn’t like the black tiles, well how are the comments about the bathroom Sean and Ella did any different?!
    Anyways you can see Troy and bec in the promo for tomorrow so they obviously show up to the next Reno.
    i did at first think the grumps were unfairly scored until I realised Sean and Ella did have a point about the industrial.

    • Yeah the grumps just went heavy handed on the pink & deer decor and that was it, and acted like getting a new coffee table was impossible.

  28. I know youse know we done this room, so blow it out and shove it back in, cos I know design and Googled Nautic, youse are dogs”

  29. Bec must be one desperate woman to think spending time with Troy is preferable than her own company. Troy is uneducated, uncouth and unpleasant.

    • And, really disgracefully, the expression “dud root”keeps popping into my mind whenever I see Troy.

      • With his gut? I can’t imagine he’s even seen his penis in about a decade, maybe longer.

        Given his general respect and concern for Bec at other points in their lives? I can’t imagine he’d be a terribly romantic or attentive lover, put it that way.

  30. That finished very abruptly, and a camera just happens to be ready and waiting outside as Troy and Bec left. I thought the girls zone was maybe worth a bit more than 4. Looks like a nasty workplace health and safety accident tomorrow night.

    • I thought that too, the fact that a camera was out in the hallway when Troy and Bec stormed out was a little bit suspicious. And there did seem to be a weird edit cut there.

      • Carbon copy of many Dr.Phil walk outs I’ve seen. Camera dude out the back.

        Not gone for long, them bogans. Showboating.

      • yeah walk out looks like a total set up by producers. They have been promoting it for about 2 weeks and yet it really was a storm in a teacup.

  31. I thought if it was fair dinkum wouldn’t Troy start king hitting , head-butting, glassing Sean and Ella and punching holes in walls?

  32. Sean and Ella’s scoring seemed mismatched to their comments. And even though I agree with their general ranking, it did look like they knew who did what, and gave their friends the better score. It wouldn’t be hard to have some sort of secret sign if you wanted to let the homeowners know it was your zones – a particular book etc. I don’t think they have done that, but if you were paranoid grumpians you could easily convince yourselves.

    Sean and Ella’s scores were out-of-sync with the judge’s view that this was the best house yet.

    • I thought that Sean and Ella definitely knew who did what zone and the scoring was definitely strategic. I can understand some of Troy & Becs frustration at that. If there wasn’t an alliance before, if seems like there is one now.

  33. Also…it was telling that S & E told Troy that they thought the bonus room was the girls’. It has backfired because they thought they were saving T & B, and paying the grumpians back.

    All the more reason the bonus room has been a terrible idea.

    • I agree with you on that point. I think the Bonus Room has been a terrible, terrible idea. It’s a poisoned chalice. And while I don’t think any of the teams has been deliberately vindictive in their scoring … absolutely, it’s an excuse to be strategic. Just keep failing it, and each team will get knocked down a peg one-by-one. The only team who passed was the Grumpians, and that’s only because the boys were too damn nice to fail them.

      As an aside, I cracked up laughing when Sean and Ella thought the girls had done the Bonus Room (because it was awful, so they naturally assumed the Grumpians were responsible). That’s insulting 4 people in the one go, which I just found hilarious. Anyway.

  34. Do they make the home owners give up their phones or something? Otherwise surely they have exchanged numbers they could easily contact each other to say who did what zone?

    • Some of the ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff about the scoring is probably well justified. That is, everyone knows the week before who comes out on top. It’s not rocket science to know that after the failure of bonus rooms in general, the winner probably won’t keep it themselves or give it to a friendly team. Therefore it would be pretty easy to infer that either grumps or bogans scored the bonus.
      Oh, and the pretty ordinary styling and poor planning and decisions also helpfully give valuable clues about who did it.

  35. Is it weird that they don’t write pass or fail on a card first before finding out who did the room?
    Also weird that Troy thought that S&E knew it was them based on the feedback as it was all the critiques he gave the week before but if so, then why did he make all the same mistakes that he had come down on in his own house? Those curtains were the main one, like didn’t even iron them. Also, those mismatched side tables were very odd.

    • Yes, not having to write pass or fail on a card has bothered me too, plus the fact that Jo shows them all the scores before the bonus room verdict is revealed.

  36. I thought “4” was a bit low for the Grumpians. The rooms they did were very nice and I could see the Scandi in them although not much industrial. The Grumpians did a better job than TB but they got the same score.

    I didn’t see any Scandi in Harry’s and Kate’s ensuite so was surprised how much Ella loved it and how they scored that. I didn’t think it met the brief. Looked like something out of the 50s.

    Shocker….they liked the plastic greenery over the tub.

    • They probably liked the greenery because they saw the price. If it had have been some cheap stuff without the price tag deliberately left on I’m sure they would have said something different. Looks like Troy’s ignorance worked.
      If you are going to have plastic, make sure it’s expensive stuff!
      Also agree about Grumps, though I hate to admit it.
      And there was no storage in the bathroom which you could tell Ella was definitely not happy about.

  37. It gets me how the Grumps and Troy gave vicious critiques and scores but the moment someone voiced a negative opinion on their work, they were the worst in the world.
    Did Troy forget how he told them last week they hated the bathroom and it reminded them of a crematorium and proceeded to give them a 2?
    I’m no stylist unlike Troy but even I wouldn’t pick grey slate tile and a matching tile with a bronze thread and he said, “you’ve gotta be joking” when they commented that didn’t go as the judges said the same thing. Troy knows best, Troy knows stuff all.

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