House Rules – Sun & Mon judging

Tonight the judges get to check out the finished rooms of the twins’ place. And, annoyingly again, we don’t get the team scores until Monday.
On Tuesday Bec and Troy hand over the keys to what is presumably Troy’s place. Wonder if they’ll go on the “holiday” together while the work is being done?
Last Sunday House Rules was one place ahead of MasterChef in the ratings, but both were beaten by the voice. You can check out ratings here.
House Rules is on Seven from 7-8.30pm.

Saw this on the House Rules Facebook site and – since I hadn’t watched the show – I thought it was the “before” photo. But, no, it’s the “after”. Shocking.

This one looks ok.



  1. The house didn’t actually turn out too badly, although the Grumpians’ hallway looks hideous (like the 60s vomited into the twins’ house).

    I’m looking forward to hearing what Laurence has to say, though. This should be hilarious.

  2. 7 should be offering Troy and Bec counselling and support – not gleefully milking their situation for faux ratings drama.

    • Channel 7 should be helping Bec move to a secured and secret location and paying the legal fees.
      I keep wondering what Bec’s family make of him after his portrayal here. As a complete stranger I am urging her to run – she deserves better. Much, much better. I bet her family are super worried.

  3. You would think Ch 7 would check prospective contestants have some ability to renovate….Grumpians have none….can’t even paint….

    • The painting was ghastly, wasn’t it? Like Laurence said, it’s like they used a sheep to paint the hallway. I mean, you didn’t even have to look that closely, you could see it was a mess from the get-go. I’d suggest with the Grumpians that they just don’t care, you know, they’re gonna do whatever they feel like regardless. Given their onscreen behaviour so far, that’s about the shape of it.

        • Maybe it was “sheet” and I misheard it, but it sounds funnier to me to picture them trying to paint by dipping a sheep into a tin of paint and then using the poor animal to coat the walls.

    • The Grumpians have no sense of style at all. I was very surprised how the judges scored them. I thought the scores would be lower. The sooner this first round is over, the better. The sooner they are eliminated, the better. They are two very nasty people.
      As for Troy & Bec….Troy is delusional thinking he has a good sense for design. When Bec told him she loved him I almost retched.
      Nice of Harry to offer to help him with the refrigerator even though Troy is a jerk and was very rude towards Harry.

      • I agree. Troy and Bec’s halfway-reconciliation was awkward and just a bit weird. It didn’t exactly make for comfortable viewing.

        • I just went to the house rules site to look at the steampunk bathroom – which I surprisingly LOVED (and i’m very conservative with a modern streamlined type house!). . . And I saw a photo that really disturbed me. Bec is throwing her arms around Troy and kissing him and he is not responding, not giving her anything back, just taking it as his due. I found it super uncomfortable to look at this photo. not sure why it pushed my buttons, but it did not look like a healthy relationship.

          • The Steampunk bathroom was my favorite room and I think it was the easiest to design. It was a very specific design request and lots of samples can be found on the internet. The one thing I didn’t like was the Darth Vader toilet seat. A steampunk toilet seat would have been better if they could have found one.
            If the boys like all of the rooms I will be very surprised. It’s not a geek chic house but a “skittles” house with every color of the rainbow. Maybe the teams should paint the outside to match.

          • wasn’t the darth vader toilet in the other bathroom (with the orange sink)? either way i didn’t like it either!
            Agree, very much a skittles / wiggles house… the top teams interpreted the rules the more appropriately that the other two or just thought painting a wall a bright colour was enough.

          • You are right, Erin. The Darth Vader toilet was in the other bathroom. My mistake. I still think a Steampunk toilet seat would have been perfect in the SP bathroom.
            I didn’t like that Halloweenish second bathroom. Where was the storage area? I have a feeling that the orange paint on the vanity is going to chip off.

        • Yes, i just looked through all the photos (on tv you never get a good sense of the rooms), and i really like all the top scores rooms, probably agree about the tiles in the laundry, i think all the hassle of them being different heights could have been avoided with a plain colour… the only thing that might save Troy and Bec is that paint colour is an easy fix… the grumpians rooms.. you really would have to re do them…

        • There’s always a chance that the home-owners scores will mess everything up.

          But wasn’t the scoring pretty indicative, this week? Three of the teams got 25, 25 and 24 … while the other two got 16 and 14. That’s a pretty big gap between the best and worst.

          • true and the boys being nice guys may give them a pass on the bonus room = a possible 5 points

          • Now that the foosball table looks so huge in the room, and there’s nothing else fun, I am not certain they will get the bonus points.
            The Grumpians should have just shoved in some mega monitors and some gaming gear and called it done.

          • with nearly 10 between the top scores and bottom scores, the boys would have to give grumps and Troy and Bec 10s (which i would find hard to believe) and the others 0, for the lower teams to catch up – in terms of the tent, unless they love the orange, it will really come down to the bonus room.

      • And I’m sure their scores were not representative of judge opinion, but manipulated to keep alive the possibility that someone else could be in the tent.
        I did enjoy them smirking when they thought that the ambos (names escape me) were going to get poor scores, yet they were on top and surely not able to be displaced by even by the most crazily optimistic scoring by the boys.

  4. I really hope people from ‘The Block’ aren’t watching and thinking about putting room reveals over two nights!

  5. I love the bedroom with the brick wall and thought that was the room of the night. I agree Smythe with the ensuite nowhere to put anything, I would hate that.
    Bec is a fool if she falls for Troy again. Ten out of ten for Harry giving Troy a hand with the fridge after his offer of an apology and a handshake were thrown in his face, what an ignorant man Troy is.
    Once again he had a look of disbelief on his face when listening to his feedback.
    I would love to wipe that smile of Grump no.1’s face, what a bitch!
    They were so waiting for the ambo’s to fail, how mean spirited they are.
    I thought ambo’s had a good reasoning for giving them the bonus room.
    I really do think they should have been marked lower than the 5’s.
    I would like to know what if any building and design credentials you need to get on the show because obviously they had none.
    Looking forward to the twins reactions.

  6. I actually thought the whole thing would end up looking a lot worse, but yeah, the house mostly turned out okay. The Grumpians’ area was a write-off (I didn’t mind the idea of the hidden bar, but the end result looked hideous. And remember shed Grumpian’s first plan to put a swing into the study? Now that we’ve seen how tiny that room is, what the hell was she thinking?!). Troy and Bec’s kitchen was okay, but yeah, that orange room was atrocious. Orange is my favourite colour, I can safely say that … but even I have limits. It just looked wrong. I really liked the steam-punk bathroom, and I thought I wouldn’t, but it looked kind of amazing (so hopefully the twins love it). Even Sean and Ella’s dining room … yeah, there was a flower-print on the wall, but it matched the room, it was bright and colourful and a bit retro and it looked nice.

    I actually didn’t like the main bedroom, though. The brick feature wall looked nice, I’ll grant that, but I kinda prefered the “before” shot to the “after” shot. In the before shot, you could see a desk and a computer against the far wall, and I would’ve kept that there to be honest (plus, it would’ve freed up some space in the tiny study).

  7. “Nanna nap” is a bit condescending.

    You never hear “bludging tradie nap”. Just sayin’

  8. So the preview for tomorrow night’s episode just spoiled the end of this episode, given we see one of the teams sitting in the yard beside a large blue tent. *sigh* Stellar work, channel 7, as ever.

    Meanwhile, the Grumpians continue to be the Grumpians. As the twins inspect the awful paint-work in their own house, Shed Grumpian snarks the comment, “We know the paint-work is bad, we don’t need to be continually reminded of it.” Well then maybe you should’ve done a better job in the first place. And how dare the boys have an opinion about their own house. Those monsters!

  9. They are renoing Troy and Becs next so since it is between them and grumps then it’s not really a spoiler to see grumps in the tent.

    • I hope Bec is provided with a taser, capsicum spray and a safe room in the house to live with Troy.

      • I actually swore at the TV when they gave the bonus room a ‘pass’. The girls failed every other room, but at least they put some effort into the bonus room.

        Which lent itself to another episode highlight. When the boys give them a score of “4” for their zone, Shed Grumpian responds, “I don’t understand the reasoning behind that score.” It’s because you did a shit-house job, you great silly idiot. That’d be the reason why, I think.

    • Was surprised the boys gave them a pass. Chair looked uncomfortable, little to no storage and little desk space. I also wouldn’t call that Silicon Valley, but I don’t know what the twins’ idea of Silicon Valley might be. Why did they have a curtain between the pantry instead of a door and the bar and a curtain instead of a door for the study? It looked cheap & shabby.
      However…hahahaha…since Troy and Bec are next, Grumps go to the tent.

  10. I forgot to record tonight’s ep. Did they really give the bonus room a pass? How could they? Are Grumps in the tent? Who won? If only they would have judges and owners scoring in the same ep. Easily possible if they didn’t recap every effing room. Such a waste of time…

    • Bonus room def given a pass. Twins are too nice.
      Grumps in tent because Troybec had lowest score but their reno is next so they get sent on holiday. So Grumps next lowest score and cop the tent.
      Can’t recall who won, sorry.

      • The thing about the bonus room is that it’s just judged by itself, independently from the other rooms (or at least, it seems to).

        The twins gave the Grumpians a 4, for their overall zone (which was the lowest score), but because the boys liked the bonus room, they gave it a ‘pass’. Not that it really mattered since Troy and Bec’s house is the next to be renovated, so the Grumpians wound up in the tent regardless.

        I can’t remember who won either. It was definitely either Kate/Harry or Sean/Ella.

        • I wasn’t a big fan of the dining room. I didn’t like the flower wall paper, the art work and the seating. There’s no back support on that bench seat and I don’t think it would be comfortable.

          • Comfort is never a criteria. I was also looking at the before with kind of normal (if 80s like) timber chairs with backs and thought ‘gosh they are practical’. But normal chairs would have to be swapped out for something design-y even if no one wants to sit on them for longer than the 5 minutes of a photo shoot.

          • I think they should be taking practicality into consideration. However the bench is something that is easy to swap out.

  11. I hated that lounge area. The TV is off centre, too close to the other room, it feels like it should be moved further ‘into’ the lounge area. And those orange and lemons stripes on the walls, ugh, no way I could sit there, not even in that enormously oversized orange chair.
    The steampunk bathroom was awesome, the ensuite was useless. I get the concept, and I liked it, but it just didn’t gel – a black room with an orange vanity and a loo – looks good on a magazine page. I also loved the dining room. I love a floral of appropriate size and placement and they nailed it. It wasn’t fussy and was retro. I also liked the kitchen concept however it didn’t really gel either. The appliances were more 40/50’s dumped in the 60/70’s lime green kitchen. Loved the green, the walls should have been the off white/cream of the appliances. Those rangehoods were ridiculous. The jaffa bedroom was just plain hideous.
    The other bedroom was good, but did it have mirrored wardrobe doors? Hate mirrored wardrobe doors. I can’t remember the laundry except for the Dude, cool!
    The Grumps work is too poor to comment on.
    Troy is a horrible spoilt brat. He doesn’t want you Bec, I hope you’ve cleared out by now.

  12. I didn’t liked the flowered wall in dining room for two guys. Also thought they should have had more comfort seats at table and definitely two couches in lounge, they will be fighting over who gets the couch.
    Those stripes on the wall remind me of a waiting room or such.
    The whole colour scheme would give me a permanent headache and the bar and bonus room just looked tacky. The quoits in the bonus room I bought in Kmart for $5.00 for my 3 year old grandson and they fell apart after a day.
    The black cloth draped over everything in the bar was so shabby and cheap.
    Those boys were too nice, 5 points for that bonus room was ridiculous, I think they wanted to be the first team to pay the five points.

    • I wonder if the boys knew that the girls had done the bonus room? Either way it didn’t deserve a pass. I didn’t like the flowery wallpaper or the backless seats at the table. Someone has to think about comfort instead of just design. I hated the orange sink and the secret bar area, just looked awful. Hallway was just a mess and should never have been allowed to happen. One of the bedrooms was okay , and the steampunk bathroom, but didn’t like much else. If they sell that house in the future it wouldn’t appeal to everyone that’s for sure.

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