1. I feel nervous both for what the twins’ house looks like now, and for whatever the hell these teams end up doing to it.

  2. I can’t help thinking K/H have been handed a script for their comments. Everything is playing out too perfectly to sync with the “drama promos”.
    Has the huge laundry been at the expense of the other rooms, raving over the lounge then turning to stare at the wall as if they’ve only just noticed it….

    • The fact they’re self-obsessed to the of delusion (and outright detachment from reality) shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise, you know.

      I was so hoping they’d get stuck in the tent for the next week, too.

    • They are delusional, arrogant and self-righteous. They said that they don’t have to listen to what others want.
      I wanted them to end up in the tent but that bonus room was a fail.
      The bonus room concept is stupid and unnecessary.
      Good that this team was grateful for the hard work put in by the teams. I assume that they will be told what happened regarding the wall btwn lounge room and dining room and also the size of the family bathroom.

      The best thing this season is judge Laurence.

    • Yes, I shouldn’t really be surprised by the comment!
      At first i thought they were just being mean spirited but on the facebook page someone commented that perhaps the strategy is too firstly screw over the owners by not following the House Rules so when it comes time for the “re do a zone” week, they will have major structural work to do… but also screw the other teams over by taking away space such as the laundry v family bathroom, meaning the the team that does the bathroom can’t put a full size bath and therefore lose points for that. However now that teams have reno’ed with the grumpians (on twitter the have been dubbed #shedbitchandfriend haha!) hopefully all teams will wise up to these tactics.
      It was great to see Kate and Harry so grateful for the effort put in by the teams and interesting that they liked alot of the elements the judges did not. Truly thought they would HATE the black walls in the lounge.

      • “Shed bitch and friend”.

        Heheh. I wanna say that’s a bit mean, but I also want to say that’s frickin’ hilarious.

        I am interested to see how the teams progress into their second reno alongside the Grumpians. I hope they get given the bonus room, just to screw them up.

    • I know what a ridiculous comment. 5 was ok when their highest score given was 7 but what she said with her supercilious grin on her face was just idiotic.

  3. At any rate, wow. A team of contestants who were respectful and grateful for all the work the other teams put into their house. How marvelously refreshing.

    But agreed with an earlier comment. The bonus room is a poisoned chalice, it’s too much work for already-overloaded teams. Hopefully they start using it offensively and giving it to a team (I wonder who…) to purposely sabotage them.

  4. I am so sick of the smile on that evil bitches face, I hope before the end of the series it is wiped off, her partner in crime has already stopped smiling.
    In their episode they said “it is called House Rules” when referring to the fact that their rules weren’t carried out and now for them to think it’s ok to blow the house rules out of the water is bad sportsmanship at its worst.
    I’m surprised the owners liked no doors on wardrobe or ensuite, just as well for contestants.
    Has anyone noticed how Troy doesn’t like to be criticised? He always has an answer for what he did or chose. I think he could explode that’s why his missus keeps everything running smoothly around him.

    • Yes, i meant to comment on Troy too! Last week on the desk in the kids bedroom “just move the desk” well if you knew it was placed wrong you should have moved it first.
      This week on the wardrobe doors in the kids bedroom, “Its brand new product on the market, a black mirror” but is is BoHo?! i think not!

    • It won’t be the twins.

      Troy and Bec for mine. They’re “battlers” , right?

      Maybe the Grumps.

    • I hope it’s the Grumps. I don’t care who it actually is, I just want them to disappear into the same hole that Josh and Amy have vanished into, hopefully never to be seen again.

  5. Last night was quite boring.Too much repetition. Why couldn’t the homeowners just walk through the house as they used to in previous years instead of showing us again what the teams did? I like Laurence but I do miss Jo Snell, in fact they have ruined the show by changing the format.

  6. A quick look at the tv guide and looks like the format for the house reveal will be the same next week. Judges on Sunday and owners on Monday night… if they are still scratching their heads as to why the ratings aren’t great, i can probably give them a few ideas!!

  7. So apparently the couple that collapses, this week, is Troy and Bec.

    I kinda figured that Troy was in for a rough week when he said that he thought, “geek chic” meant a sexy woman in a superhero costume. Oy.

  8. Having missed the first reno … holy crap, Harry is a bit of a tool, isn’t he? My gosh, if we have to listen to both him and the Grumpians for the next few nights? Good lord save us.

      • Although I kinda liked the shots of him and Aaron sitting down in the back yard by the tent, enjoying a couple of beers after a hard day of demolishing. That was a nice way to humanise him.

  9. Oh those nasty nasty women.
    “We’re older and wiser than the others” – snort. Guess in all their years of gathering wisdom they never stumbled across “do unto others” or “catch more flies with honey”.
    Honestly what do they expect. Their reactions, comments and scoring following the shack reno were just despicable. Their conduct since, has if anything been worse. When the other contestants agree to their suggestions, eg the secret door, instead of graciously thanking them, they go off camera belittling and mocking them.

    • I was rolling my eyes so violently, during that segment with the Grumpians, that I think I gave myself whiplash.

      And you’re right. Instead of saying, “we had a productive conversation with a fellow team” or “we’ve all worked together to put some really cool ideas into this house” or “the other team did us a favour and we’re really glad for their help” … the Grumpians repeatedly go back to, “The other team rolled over and let us do exactly what we wanted! Those stupid gullible suckers! Mwahaha!”

      Just rotten awful people.

      • They probably cannot comprehend that people would work together for the sake of the home owners. Totally foreign concept to them, so they see it as weakness.

        Very disappointed in Troy this episode.

        • I kinda feel a bit sorry for Troy, to be honest. I don’t think it’s coming from a bad place (unlike the Grumpians). I think he’s out of his depth and just doesn’t realise it. And I think he’s just not handling the stress very well.

          But it does make for an interesting generation study, in terms of how young the younger couples handle stress, and how the slightly-older couple copes with the same, I think.

        • I wholeheartedly agree with you Julie and Windsong, every single word you have both said about grumpians. I have never come across such despicable excuses for human beings. Their poor children, family and friends should be feeling so embarrassed, unless they are all tarred with the same brush.
          Agree with you Julie about Troy and from the start I could see he was a controlling type and poor Bec has done nothing but try so hard to please this person that thinks he is a designer.

          • I agree Gabby – I keep having flashback to Grumpian Fiona’s lovely well behaved and respectful children and think “those poor kids”. If there is an ex-Mr Fiona he is pointing excitedly to the tv (out of range of the kids – I am giving him parenting credit) and going “see – I TOLD you she was a foul piece of goods”.

  10. I literally cracked up laughing when they gave the bonus room to the Grumpians. What’s the team’s response, being older and wiser than all the other teams? They immediately stomp out into the front yard and throw a tantrum. Hahahah! Good work girls. Just the look of enraged displeasure on their faces was incredible.

    My favourite tweet of the night … “You said you weren’t here to make friends! You can’t complain when you don’t.” Well said.

    • Grumpians got what they ‘arksed’ for with their bad attitude, the bonus room…

      …it could backfire as the twins are such nice guys they may give them a pass on the room if its half decent….

      • That’s exactly my thought – two seconds after the Grumpians failed the twins lovely outdoor room they kindly shlepped a heavy couch for them. The twins with this history of pleasant behaviour are quite likely to pass the bonus room if it is okay for them. Bugger.

        In other news, my children have forbidden me from doing Grumpian impersonations – I was loving myself sick saying everything in Fiona voice. It’s no fun being a parent some days.

  11. “Troy” is short for “destroy” methinks. The vibes he’s putting out are bad.

    Hide the beer.

    • Yeah, from the preview for the rest of the week? This looks like it gets worse before it gets better.

  12. From the edit, it looked like Bec couldn’t even make the slightest suggestion without Troy going off his rocker, if that is how it truly played out, then i don’t blame Bec for bowing out. She also mentioned they don’t live together – whose house are they renovating? Tough ask to stay in the comp to get nothing out of it yourself.
    I just about jumped up form the couch in glee when the grumpians were given the bonus room! They claim Sean and Ella are being strategic.. what about themselves???! Not to mention they think they are getting one over the teams with their negotiating… i imagine the other teams realize its just not worth the fight.
    Also a thought while i was watching last night, is there ever any thought into sale-ability / value adding down the track? The open plan issue at Kate and Harrys and all the colour / retro / geek / steampunk could be a real turn off at the Twins…

    • I heard Laurence interviewed on the radio and he believes that people in general are doing way too much thinking about saleability. He said that people are looking at TV shows where homes are being flipped (and therefore decorated as blandly as possible) and translating that to their homes that they will live in for years. He wants people to go back to decorating for their own taste. Admittedly, his track record is quite flamboyant, but his comments made sense to me.

  13. The Grumps think everyone is against them…wah…wah. Kate is right…they are paranoid. If everyone was against them why are the teams giving in to their requests. The ambos made the best decision. Nobody wanted the bonus room but that’s how the game is played. If the Grumps win (and I hope they don’t) then they can stick another team with the bonus room.
    I think there’s too much color going on in that house and I don’t think it’s going to look good although maybe the twins are quirky enough to like the designs.
    Why is one twin’s bedroom larger than the other one’s? That doesn’t seem fair.
    The Steampunk bathroom would be fun to design.
    Troy should have stayed onsite and helped the other guys with the demolition. It’s generous that some of the other teams have offered to help him, but Bec will probably be back and all the drama will be put on the back burner.

  14. “It’s just not fair, our statement piece definitely deserved to win”
    Says who, them?
    Can you believe these two? They think everyone is out to get them, I wonder why? They are so obviously suffering from a persecution complex, completely brought on by themselves from the very beginning.
    How to win friends and influence people, NOT!!
    Who told Troy he was a designer and knew art? One minute he is telling us all of this and then he is asking the shop attendant if the flamingo is pop art?
    Pull your big head in Troy.

    • Yeah, I can’t help the thought, if you actually were stuck in a closed environment with the Grumpians … wouldn’t you be secretly plotting to get rid of them? I would.

      Tuesday night’s episode had a moment with the Shed Grumpian (not her friend) complaining about the cliques forming amongst the contestants … and we cut to camera-footage of the other teams just having pleasant, polite, constructive conversations. It’s just like, I’m sorry, but *what*?

      It’s funny how people think that, “We’re not here to make friends!” is an instant excuse for being a total asshole to the people around you, people who are suffering the same stresses and working for the same thing you are.

  15. I saw a few mins of the replay today. I know it’s edited but the way he treated her when she suggested options for the kitchen colour or said plant patterns were beachy was appalling. He was trying to pick a fight.

    • Troy picked a fight with Harry tonight, over a mistakenly used paint roller. He’s pioneered a new form of abuse~ “reno rage”. Hate to see Troy when some real shite hits the fan, like “who’s the dog who drank my beer?”

      Clueless about deco art, too and proud of it.

      • Yes – Bec was making conciliatory sounds, especially toward the end of the episode but I think she should run hard, run fast. I hate it when excuses are trotted out for bad behaviour – even Kate & Harry are doing ‘well, he had a bad week’. It comes to something when Harry who I thought was a bit of a tool, looks like the grownup.

    • He is a right royal dickhead, a know it all who knows nothing. You are way better off without him Bec, stick with your kids and your parents.

  16. I’m assuming happened between the two renos, with Troy and Bec, otherwise the whole break up thing seemed very quick.
    I think Troy was also riled up about the rollers because what Kate and Harry asked them to do in return for use of the driver. Personally i thought the trade off what justified, i can’t believe the reactions of Fiona and Troy – and i don’t think painting the ceiling and one wall in the laundry would have taken 4 hours. Especially not with new plaster board just installed.
    Fiona only had to sand and varnish a night stand… hardly the 3 hours of driver time she was asking for in return… Meanwhile Danielle knew, to offer something first then ask the favour!
    I shouted at the tv at the “we should have won the statement piece!” and “we are being set up to fail” after Danielle already ordered the red chair! I’m so glad they talked themselves out of the swing, but i do think the study will look for games room than study… i really hope they don’t get the 5 points!

    • The poor twins will be silly enough to give them the 5 points.
      Also what was wrong with painting a nightside table or whatever it was, a nice quick job instead of a long round trip in a car to wherever. So greedy those women.

    • I wish there was a way for the teams to secretly tell the owners who did what room so they can score strategically!

  17. I missed the first part of the episode (I was out with my guy on the town last night. We went to this little Thai restaurant I found. It’s one of those places that looks cheap, but the food is *amazing*, and it was really good. And then for dessert, we walked around to this award-winning gelati place, but we got large mugs of thick hot chocolate. So that was my night).

    But I caught the episode from 8 onwards, and yeah. It’s nice the Grumpians continue to be selfish, arrogant and just all-around loathsome people. I loved how Daniella offered a trade for use of the driver, but the Grumpians expected a favour for free (after ignoring them and putting a giant wall in the middle of Kate’s open-plan living room) and then threw a tantrum when it didn’t happen.

    Something funny is going on with Troy and Bec, because it did so south really quickly, didn’t it? I bet their ‘story-line’ is them eventually reuniting, and it’s like, whatever.

    Aaron and Daniella continue to be the most likeable couple. The moment of internet-facetime with their kids was a nice touch (good genes in that family. I bet those kids grow up to be *beautiful*) .

    • I think Troy and Bec are already back on. He wouldn’t make eye contact with her for the first half hour or so and then he began to melt and pretended to be human. Perhaps their passion for renovating will see them through this terrible time. Then there’s the money.

      Those Grumpians are Satan’s spawn. I’m sure of it.

    • I like Aaron and Daniella, but also Sean and Ella equally so. Kate is great too, and I can tolerate Harry because he just needs to mature a bit. Hopefully parenthood will take care of that.

  18. I find the Grumpians’ hypocrisy to be so monumental that words fail. The team who isn’t there to make friends dares cry foul when the teams aren’t friendly to them? The team who scored everyone so astonishingly low dares to call others strategic?
    I can’t deal with them!

    • You notice how the Grumpians just expect to get everything they want or need, and then get really nasty and vicious when they don’t?

      Grow up, you pair of idiots. I still love, “We’re not here to make friends!” Well congratulations, you didn’t!

      • They claim that because they are older they are wiser but they have the least common sense and intelligence of any of the teams.

  19. Hi everyone, my spam filter is playing up and blocking some normal comments. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t panic – I will check the spam folder in the morning and retrieve it. And I will get my crack IT team (aka Mr Juz) on to the problem at the weekend.

  20. Can’t wait until they are done with this part of HR so that the Grumps can be eliminated followed by Troy & Bec. Especially tired of the Grumps whining, complaining and paranoia. I just want to ask the producers, “WHY”? The viewing public doesn’t deserve this.

  21. Watching the encore at the moment. All the contestants annoy me. FFS, if you are applying for a reno programme you would at least do some BASIC research on various design styles. Painful watching them destroying the twins’ house.

  22. The twins were always going to give the bonus points
    But even they must be appalled who it went to
    Loved how Johanna played with the grumps like a cat with a mouse
    & eventually sent them to the tent

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