MasterChef – Thai mystery box – Sun, May 28

It’s mystery box night and the ingredients are ones used in Thai cuisine.
Who will win the advantage and be subsequently cursed to fail in the invention test? Don’t they know by now to keep a low profile in the mystery box or they risk having their faces melted off by looking at the Ark of the Covenant aka the advantage.



  1. The three judges wait for Davids demure and rightly so understated remarks, then agree with him wholeheartedly.
    David told Samuel his dish was pleasing, Samuel goes back to his bench thinks pleasing means amazing. These contestants have had far too much smoke blown up you know where !

    • I’ve learned his name now… he must have been solidly middle of pack as he’s barely been seen before.

      • He was the one that honestly told the judges that he cant go and do an apprenticeship as he has 3 kids and he need to provide for them. Why dont the judges ask Michelle, Callan and those 20 something the same question.

        I think the judges dont like him. He is not over the top and dont worship the 3 stooges

        • oh yes! I liked that – and fair comment. In fact, you have put your finger on my nagging issue with masterchef – what are you really “giving up” when you are not in that kind of position? I’m not saying there won’t be sacrifice in giving up a well paid job and maybe chucking in your mortgage, etc, but if it was TRULY your passion – do it. For someone who needs to provide to others it’s totally different. Which is why I get so annoyed when they trash the token oldies so soon.

      • He always have rosy cheek. But also they all have the Christmas break before last night episode. Maybe he was sun tanning at the beach!!!!

  2. What a lovely person is David. He wasn’t very complimentary about the judging according to sunday tel.

  3. Jess who I find consistently annoying does not handle criticism at all well – the look on her face when she returned to her bench, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end. And she continued to glare when lined up with Trevor and Sam, I really hope she goes tomorrow.

    • Oh yes – she looked thunderous. Let’s just say I wouldn’t ring twice for a bedpan if that face was displayed!

    • That look said a lot. Her dish wasn’t even inventive: rice pudding, some pineapple and a gelato. She thought that there were some interesting flavor choices but there was nothing interesting about that dish.

  4. I find Tamara obnoxious, Jess annoying and the one with the croaking voice, boring.
    At least we have had a break from Sarah and Eloise this week.

  5. A holiday from Eloise is indeed welcome! I wonder how long until Gary can find an excuse to slip her one. An immunity pin, you crude people.

  6. Remarkable lucidity from Michelle: “There are woks. Woks are Asian. I’m Asian.”
    Her cutey-pie routine is starting to grate.
    I can’t believe the token bogan’s pineapple sausage roll impressed them. It was a stupid, simple dish which might’ve been ok at a 5 yr old’s birthday party.

    Callan is seriously impressive for an 18 yr old, but I think it’s the Tamara/Eloise Show for a while – it’s always one or the other.
    I hope GI Jane goes tomorrow – she’s scary.

    • Yeah the pineapple sausage roll seemed way too basic for MasterChef. Other people have been told similar things are not good enough. I didn’t notice, did he put sausage in it? If not it was really a pineapple roll.

      • And the judges were ohing and ahing about the sausage roll. David Thompson didnt have much to say.

    • Also did Michelle make her own spring roll wrapper? George got the cheek to say the pastry was very nice.

  7. I’m finding it difficult to support any of the contestants this year. While I kind of like some of the guys, most of the women annoy me, especially Eloise, with that wave on top of her head getting higher every episode. And she is in way too many reaction shots. No competitor seems particularly talented. The best episodes are the ones with master classes because I usually do learn something from them. The rest have been…meh.

    • I agree with you Von – no one stands out or is particularly interesting.
      I liked Reynold, intense Matt, the Indian girl that was eliminated half way through last years season and Billie the previous year. This year all the girls are annoying and none of the men really stand out. Maybe MC is too try hard this year. SBS Chef’s line is such a superior show without all the cheap dramatics and horrible soundtrack.

  8. For the most part that was a great lack of inventiveness test with at least 8 ice creams, a sorbet and a gelato. If they really want to challenge these contestants then get rid of the ice cream machines or just say “NO” to ice cream.
    David Thompson did not seem to be overly excited to be there.

    As for the mystery box, the real mystery is how did these contestants get chosen?

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