1. Is Maggie judging? If so, for their second attempts everyone will break out the verjuice and nut-brown butter?

  2. Fortunately in the season preview at the end of last night, they showed all of top 24, so no real surprises tonight!

  3. I don’t suppose anyone else watches live via streaming? Channel ten streaming service, simply sucks! Stop/start, replaying little parts all the time, eg. Maggie put Eliza’s apron on three times (sigh). Don’t get me started on the Muzak that they play when ads are on. Why don’t they just stream the bloody ads? I have ample bandwidth and had no probs streaming MKR. Maybe I’ll should wait till the full show is available for replay.

    • They usually have an encore the next day. I watched it live & there were heaps of sound drop outs. Was driving me nuts.

  4. Not a really a spoiler, sweeties….

    They have just eliminated three people who got zero air time. 1)Paddy (Generic Hipster) 2)Michelle (older woman) 3) Damien (Pudgy commencing middle age guy). Otherwise known as not pretty or young enough for George and Gary.

  5. Lee’s dish: Sous Vide Trout with Confit Leeks, Fennel Purée, Mussels and Pipis with a Lemon Buerre Blanc.

    He didn’t get much airtime which means he is either Top 10 or eliminated next week.

    Editing is still too obvious.

  6. I decided to get out my silicon moulds today and do some baking…. 😀 Unfortunately for me, they are not red though. I think it will be something with lemons and biscuit and raspberries.

    Regarding the dead nonnas… I honestly got inspired by my dead grandma too. I grew up with her being an awesome baker who baked on the level of a pastry chef. She sold her cakes to weddings, big anniversaries or whatever event people came to see her and ordered her baked goods. My aunt wanted to take over the baking reigns one day but passed away from cancer before my grandma died. I also did lots of cooking and baking with my dad and he’s really proud of me that I followed into the footsteps of his mum. And he is jealous of my Kitchenaid. He better be not, he has a f*cking Thermomix in his kitchen!
    Wooohooo, I would SO SO SO have a sob story for a TV show. 😀
    I just do not have any interest to ever go onto a cooking or baking show. Especially Masterchef is so pretentious. Sure, the food looks awesome but at least their rehearsal dishes have been practiced over days or weeks. If you really completely fail, then you are just a shitty cook in my opinion. I fear that the series later shows lots of failures because the people cannot rely on practice certain dishes plus there is the high level of artificial stress they put on the contestants shoulders. On the other hand, I won’t feel sorry, they chose to be presented in the media spotlight.

    • The combination of practised dishes with challenges is one thing I like about MC. We get to see what they can do at their best, in their chosen specialty, but we sort the sheep from the goats by challenging their all-round skills in unprepared ones.

  7. Why always maggie beer and not her bald headed sidekick from the show? He always cooked intricate asian stuff where Maggie just cooked cakes and casseroles

    • I guess he’s busy running his lentil business here in SA. He’s the head organiser for the big foodie festival, Tasting Australia, that’s running at the moment. And – just guessing here – he doesn’t seem like the reality TV type.

  8. After submiting the application, the contestant has to turned up to for their first audition and cook from a mystery box. Then they are shortlisted again before they get to the final audition.

    I noticed with the first 2 episodes, we got a lot of salmon and pork belly and of course desserts.

    I can understand the lawyer said he spent his spare cash into buy ingredients and cook. But those young ones, where do they get the money to keep buying ingredients to practice cooking?

    • I think they need those nonnas so they can borrow their cooking equipment. Mixers, bakeware etc don’t come cheap!

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