MasterChef – Thurs, May 18

The blurb: The losing team from the relay challenge now face elimination and the contestants have 90 minutes which they can use to buy ingredients. Who will be the next to leave the competition?

Ah, the old auction using chunks of time and psyching out your rivals, pretending you don’t want the beans when your dish depends on beans and you’ll collapse in front of your oven without them – while Gaz and Georgie look at you coldly and fail to render assistance, unless you are Michelle or one of the blonde pony tails.



  1. Yak. Benita tasted the sauce with a spoon and then poured the remainder sauce from the spoon back into the sauce.

    I will not be going to her long lunches

    • George might hire her , seeing he likes giving customers food poisoning.

      Long lunch, then even longer writhing, sweating and groaning on a toilet seat afterwards.

    • That was disgusting! Continuing lack of kitchen hygiene. Sad. Can’t imagine anyone who saw that would want to eat her food except for the stooges who will generally eat whatever is on the plate.

  2. Fifty seven reasons to aliminate Benita. It’s a judgemental jungle in the Ma$terchef Kitchin.

    More shite from $hine.

  3. Too right Dave.
    Benita was a goner as soon as she was up for elimination. I think Blondies dish was pretty average.
    Gary’s speech reeked of insincerity. Then the producers and the stooges trying to wring a few more tears out of the other contestants over the loss of Benita.
    Shame on you Shine.

    • I dont know about Benita – i dont think it’s an age thing at all. I think she’s easily flustered and is out of her depth.
      I mean that relay challenge loss was her fault – why did she shoot her hand in the air to volunteer to start first when she only had a very vague idea about how to use maple syrup? Singapore chilli crab with maple syrup instead of sugar – really? that’s it?
      others have stated that the other team members could have changed it but at no stage was the dish not retrievable like the soggy salad and the dense buns of the yellow team (can somebody tell Sarah to wear a hairnet? she’s not at a nightclub). The prawns and the crab were to be cooked at the last minute. They could have added another element but let’s face it, even the yellow team’s saviour didnt add a maple syrup element: she did a savoury pancake and made a new salad.
      I think Benita’s team were on the road to nowhere when she decided what dish the team was gong to make. nothing to do with age.

      • I agree. I don’t think she was a particularly good token older representative.
        I’m an older female myself but the ladies long lunch just does not appeal to me. There’s nothing very enticing about it, unfortunately.

      • She wasn’t the best cook by any means but the idea she started with could have been worked with and rescued by the rest of her team and they failed. They were stuck in a loop, so to speak, of just making what she started. They had no clue of what to do. They had no flexibility.
        Benita didn’t offer much and I don’t know what her obsession with prawns was since she attempted to make another prawn dish during the elimination round.
        The yellow teams pork was dry and barely edible and that dish was a failure. Granted the judges should have been able to taste the maple in the green team’s dish but at least the prawns and crab were cooked well and had a good flavor. It would have been fairer if both teams went to elimination. JMHO

      • Kumar was older when he was on MC.He got to Top 12.

        Benita is just an average cook. Good with some tried and tested recipes she uses but I dont think she is inventive enough.

        • Benita’s an average chook, that was her downfall. if she comes back next year with a ponytail she’ll go better. I’m older than Benita and will go to Hell for saying these things. I’m ready to be “aliminated”……

    • Benita’s only got herself to blame for not having a breakdown in front of the judges, braying and bawling how much she wants this and blaming arthritis, incontinence and dementia for having a bad cook.

  4. What a shame. They used to keep the odd token ‘oldie’ for longer. Now it’s the Millennials’ Masterchef. It’s clear that Nicole’s only there for her looks, and baby Michelle can’t cook anything without sugar.
    I saw that painful Eliza’s glint in her eye when Benita got eliminated, yet she rushed to be the first to hug her – knowing the cameras were right there.

    This show’s faker than ever, and they can’t be bothered even concealing it.

  5. And the 3 stooges all 24 can be Masterchef’s winner. Please……. half of them are there for the numbers. Cant see Michelle winning. She cant even make steam buns.

  6. We were out so I fast forwarded -saw the set up that Benita was clearly going to go and just whizzed through to the end to confirm it.
    Not sure if it was my reckless zooming but did they not even pretend anyone else was in danger? Looked like they just threw her out asap.
    Cranky that it’s sweet week next week – we are guaranteed to get more Eloise and a bucket load of ice creams with ‘will it it won’t it set’ jelly cubes.

  7. Benita is gone….what a surprise. NOT.
    Agree with Maz that if blonde ponytail was older would have been in danger of being eliminated.
    Before stooges mentioned it, thought that Pete should have modified his dessert, cut up the cake and put it in a glass alternating cage, yogurt and cherries to create a faux trifle. So stuck on Andy Bowdy’s cake design that he couldn’t think of another way to present it. Doesn’t matter, though, because he is under 40 and unless his dish was a major disaster he would be safe.

    Two of the best cooks evah made yet another ice cream as well as a sorbet. YAWN!

    • ooopppsss that should have been “cake” and not “cage”. I have cages on my mind since I need to feed my birds. 😉

  8. I think the three who made the biggest mistakes on the relay challenge were Michelle (soggy salad dressed too soon, ruined the bao in all sorts of ways (not enough time left to prove and steamed too soon, not shaped into attractive rounds, didn’t use paper to stop from sticking), cut up pork in little pieces so more likely to dry out and then fried too soon to ensure it did go hard and dry), Benita who set up a recipe that ensured they had no trace of maple syrup left (I’d love to see her recipe for that recreated (instead of a bit of palm sugar it would specify an ENTIRE BOTTLE of maple syrup), and dr ray who forgot to plate the jelly. Some of them have been at the bottom of the pack before.

    I think they wanted to keep Michelle in just because it’s Sweet Week next and she has a chance to Shine – she’s supposed to be this year’s Reynold.
    BTW, I saw Littlepetal’s link to that catering website with Michelle and was wondering if that is allowed, why don’t more people with small catering/food businesses go on the show, if only to get free publicity for their companies, even if they don’t win.

  9. Ali -oops, the catering website is from Emily not Michelle. Emily was even featured in the intro in the first episode and she got lots of air time at the audition. I just wonder whether the producers finally realised her business and decided it is not a good idea to get her to Top 24.

    • Thanks Smythe for the link. Love that contestants dont try to pull the judges heartstrings or the judges using those sob stories to squeeze out tears from the contestants.

      I remember in the 3rd season, the judges kept bringing up the dead dad and he has passed away more than 3 years ago.

    • Good on her. I’m also intrigued that she said GF dishes as her son is coeliac (as is my dad). Now I want to know if she did much baking in her series as she would have had to work twice as hard to get good results

      • Definitely no. Ch 10 only want to go the other way. I am still waiting for them to say the youngest MC winner ever! Most of the contestants are very young.

  10. I liked Pia as well but felt they wanted to get rid of her too. Thought Pia was a better cook than Benita.

    • I also think Pia is a better cook. Pia is good with Italian cuisine but not sure how she would have done with other cuisine.

      It took Benita 4th or 5th attempts to get onto MC. Either she has improved with her cooking or they couldn’t get better homecooks

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