MasterChef – Thurs, May 25 – blindfold taste test elimination

The losing team from the greenhouse challenge now face elimination. The first three to fail the blindfold taste test will have 75 minutes to prepare an impressive dish to stay in the competition.

I LOVE it when they do the taste test. Was it last year they did the one where all the food was in same-sized cubes? That was cool. Let’s hope no-one bombs out early because that’s no fun.

– Dr Ray gets a flashback. Is he a goner?
– Eloise loses her nerve and plays the pin.
– It’s Sweet Week so everything they taste is sweet or can be used in a dessert. Given they use fennel and beetroot in desserts that doesn’t help much
– captain Tamara is first and she gives it a good squeeze first. Licorice. I hope they get a palate cleanser – those on the gantry should be whipping up a cucumber sorbet.
– dr Ray gets a talking head about how he has a good palate, so you know he’s a goner. He’s handed what’s obviously grapes but is befuddled and says watermelon.
– the food Golden Ball Mich spat out on all the promos is fresh ginger.
– Beardie Ben guesses rockmelon when it’s banana. Shows how much we rely on our sight.
– Tamara guesses rockmelon for cucumber.
Damn – that was too quick.
– The losers have to hero their death ingredient.
– Beardie Ben is making banana pancakes with ice cream and a rum and choc sauce.
– Tamara is a bit freaked out by the cucumber so she starts making a yoghurt parfait in the red moulds of doom.
– Ten mins in Dr Ray is still in the pantry. He’s running out of time to make even a grape jelly.
– He is doing a play on a cheese board, including a goat’s cheese mousse with grapes four ways. Oh he IS doing a jelly. And a gastrique (a bittersweet reduction)
– Tamara goes cucumber mad, slicing, dicing and juicing for a granita. Didn’t Glowing Elena do heaps of cucumber dishes last year.
– the judges pop by to tell Ray he needs something crunchy.
– Tamara pops some cuke in a bag to vac seal it for pressed cucumber.(Mr Juz: is she putting it through a laminator?)
– Ben is getting distracted and starts burning stuff.
– Tam is obviously going to be safe.
– George looks like a serial killer watching a victim as Ray’s tuille shatters. Luckily the broken one still looks pretty on the plate.
– Now I think Ben is going home – his dish is not as refined.

The judges taste:
– Cuke: They love it, especially the granita.
– Banana: (Thank you, Ben, for saying you’d rather cook hearty food than “micro” food.) They love the choc sauce and ice cream but the bananas are overcooked. He’s a goner.
– Grapes: They think it looks great and the mousse is delish. And they love the sauce Ray was worried about.

Ben is going home. He says the highlight of the comp was the greenhouse challenge.
Now he’s working as a cook at a WA eatery and will embark on a charity motorbike ride.



  1. Ray can’t distinguish between the taste of grapes and watermelon! What the!
    He deserves to be in the next round.

    Well since that pin was earned quite easily, Eloise deserves to relinquish the pin just as easily.

  2. Ray can’t tell the difference between watermelon and grapes.

    The judges can easier take out who they don’t like in this test.

  3. This is a competition, every week 2 contestants will be eliminated. Why do they have to say I dont want to see so and so go? Or I want them to stay? Then they should just eliminate themselves

  4. Well, well,well, Gary just admitted that Ray is marked for elimination today and they haven’t even started cooking.

    “He (Ray) has to make it hard for us to eliminate him today.”

  5. 75 minutes to cook banana pancakes. Ben should go home on that lame ‘best eva’ cook.
    Snap Littlepetal

    And all that running back into the pantry is getting on my nerves.

        • I find it hard to believe that Ray’s dish was tasty. He was so lost to come up with something and he creates sweet and sour grapes and a cream cheese mousse. How about a grape cake, grape tart, grape tarte tatin? Tears and sad pouty faces continue to help contestants stay in the competition.
          Benjamin’s banana pancakes and another ice cream….yawn.
          Both of them should have been eliminated. Actually all 3 of them could have been eliminated along with the rest of their team mates (except Samuel).

  6. The tasting was rigged because it wasn’t random. The producers selected the spheres for each contestant. So Barbie was safe with coconut. She doesn’t seem to do much else – just decoration?
    So now we have to put up with more footage of Dr Ray making dough with his two daughters! We’ve seen it a hundred times. Do these kids actually go to school or anything … or just make dough with daddy all day?

    I don’t know why he’s still there; perhaps they’re short of medical staff on set and need him for the odd bandaid.

    • And where is Dr Ray’s wife?
      He never mentions her and how much he misses his wife.
      Tamara was always going to be safe, she with the gesticulating hands!

  7. Oh my God, how could he not get banana? It fucking stinks. I can smell a banana from miles away. If I’m sitting at my desk at work & someone starts eating a banana I can smell it.
    And cucumber has a strong smell too.
    I hate banana & cucumber. I wouldn’t even know where to start with them.
    Cooking with bananas would be my worst nightmare. I would have to put a peg on my nose. That whole room would have stunk of bananas. Ew
    I thought Ray was a goner. First he took ages to decide what to cook. Then while cooking he said his mousse was lumpy. Lucky he swapped that first tuille where it was leaking everywhere to the other one. It did look better.
    ‘George looked like a serial killer watching a victim.’ Hilarious Juz.

    • Over cooked grilled banana which then were warmed in an oven for 20 minutes- gross!
      Twice cooked pancakes in burnt butter with the burnt banana chutney sizzling in the sink – Ben’s banana dish was truely revolting and he had 75 minutes to stink out the Masterchef kitchen!

    • Even though sweet week has ended I assume there will be at least one ice cream next week. If not ice cream then a sorbet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Finally bothering to watch it – the one thing I know is I never want to hear Tamara say the word “cucumber” again,

    • Three syllables is a massive, enormous, cumbersome challenge for many amatas. Without a cancer stricken nonna for guidance, many are bound to struggle. It is what it is in the wanderful Ma$terchef kitchin. Best evah amatas. $wisse can help.

  9. Wow, we are still within the first 4 weeks of MC and I already gave up on it. I was so bored with it, switched it off, just red the recaps and comments here. 2 out of 3 judges annoy me to no end (and all I can think of is: Hopefully a former staff member really sues Boom boom shake the Georgie). The contestants are all so bland and blend into each other. It is all so repetitive.

    • Many of the amatas just won’t be able to handle the truth.i.e.

      “You’re deluded”

      “You shouldn’t be allowed within ten miles of a kitchin”

      “That dish smells and tastes like $hit”

      “Your hair sucks”

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