1. $omeone’s going to cash their chips in and go home tonight…..youse amatas would want to hustle. Deconstructed chips. Someone’s journey is gonna be smashed.

    Three seagulls to do the judging would be great entertainment, not to mention boosting the ratings.

  2. There will be a few amatas with huge chips on their shoulders if they were to be eliminated.
    Eliza, “I’m terrified of getting eliminated ” – give me a break.

    • I meant Eloise.

      Josh, the IT dude has about as much personality as my computer chip

      Eloise is a pain

  3. The reason they’re in a chip alimination is that they didn’t chip in and help each other. There was no way to source the sauce.

    • It’s so wrong the way the judges try to chip away at their confidence but those that can ‘hustle’ when the chips are down should be fine.

  4. I’d sooner eat a chip from inside a computer than something from one of these best evah amatas. 110% sure to be crunchy.

  5. No George, Australia is not on their knees scratching the plasma for chips. #oversell #notconvinced #onehitwonders

    • I thought the same thing especially after the cook was over and with extra dramatic flair she sat down on the floor.

  6. But wait there’s more – Masterclass by the 3 stooges. Maybe they will teach the best ever amatas how to make chips!

  7. Pound cake girl is the reason the red team was in the elimination round sucks that someone else went home for her mistake

    • Sorry your comment was delayed publishing, Aaron. It got trapped in the spam filter – I think due to the words
      Pound and Sucks lol

    • I thought it was the failure of the captain, who put everyone on the pizzas and nobody doing sauce, despite being reminded several times by Pia.

    • The guy who was in an accident on his way to MC audition last year.

      Cant even boil potatoes for gnocchi. He didnt cut up the potatoes

      • He didn’t cut the spuds? What the hell. That’s like hoping a whole lamb rack will roast in 10 mins instead of slicing up the cutlets and frying

        • One serve of gnocchi required at least 5 large potatoes. No wonder they weren’t ready! The friendly warning from judges came too late…. “perhaps you should cut them?” Alas, he though they were ok but he was exerting a whole lot of pressure to push them through the ricer. One would think that would give him a clue that they were lumpy.

          So we get to put up with the ever annoying perky Benjamin who the producers must love, due to his ability to narrate his every breath.

          Jess – not a fan, way too OTT. Was collapsing dramatically on the floor at the end of her cook really necessary?

          Michelle seems sweet, albeit a bit out of her depth. Very hard to survive on Ma$terchef on desserts alone.

          I gave the last hour a miss.

      • Yeah he said that’s how he does them at home. Yeah but at home he can just boil them for as long as they need. Here he only had an hour.
        When are they going to realise what works at home doesn’t work in the MasterChef kitchen with different unfamiliar equipment & limited time?

  8. Come on, contestants, stop saying “reduce down”.
    Just stop.

    With all these entries, are anyone’s chips going to be hot when tasted?

    Pick up your chips with your fingers, put it in your mouth to test it. For gods sake, keep your damn fingers out of your mouth when you are cooking.

  9. Hi everyone, my spam filter is playing up and blocking some normal comments. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t panic – I will check the spam folder in the morning and retrieve it. And I will get my crack IT team (aka Mr Juz) on to the problem at the weekend.

  10. Benjamin only made 4 or 5 doughnuts or whatever he was making and said he doesnt have one to try. Why cant they made an extra for tester? Even I know I need to try before serving. That is why I am very weary when I have to bake a cake for a party. I can tell whether it will be delicious. But sometimes I put some batter into a small cupcake case and use that as my tester.

    • Benjamin burnt the testing bridge when he threw half his batter away in a full throttle shoulder swing of the piping bag. Never seen anything like it. Pity it didn’t momentarily take out one of the three spuds or an amata on the balcony yelling ‘you have to push’ even when there’s 5 seconds left and nothing left to be done. ‘C’mon push push push!!’ People left and right are starter block squatting based on this advice.

      George tells them they have to ‘allivate’ tonight’s chips to take them to a Masterchef level.

        • It would certainly seem that way Smythe. Some sort of weird hammer throw cooking fusion event. Thanks tho Ben, I loved it-way more exciting than watching the 3 greedy gulls gorge on soggy chips. Not much allivation there. At least they didn’t make them levitate the chips.

  11. I’m finally watching this. Is Samuel getting an Intense Matt and Glowing Elena edit? He did very well with the pizza challenge and the chip challenge, but only got a tweezer’s worth of air time. What’s with all the contestants fretting oil or water won’t boil and the not putting the lid on? If it was allowed I’d hold off on the pantry visit until I had the oven on and a pot of water in the stove, just in case.

    • Same with rhe deep fryer. Why dont they turn it on first?

      There is a guy called Trent but I still dont know who he is and what he has cooked.

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