1. Let me know when you guys have watched it – I won’t post spoilers until someone else has seen it. On live TV we’re up to final three

  2. In WA they listed start time 10am but when i tuned in just beforehand they were already at Final 3! Must have been AEST listing…oh well…wouldnt mind a recap of what happened at the tribal with the 3 idols pls as I not going to catch up on the replay tonight.
    Great season…look forward to chatting more when others have watched the show.

  3. I taped it earlier in the day and watching now, I’m up to the reunion and the reunion never fails to annoy me every season.
    What are everyone’s thoughts on the final tribal format?

    • I prefer the old format. It was confusing with everyone chiming in. I was wanting them to each get up one at a time. That way it’s not just the most vocal who say the most. Also they hardly asked any questions tonight. It was mainly comments.

  4. I like the new format. I wonder if they came up with it in response to Michelle’s win over Aub. A final tribal with more chat could have clued the audience in on how socially popular Mich was.
    Poor Troyzan – no champion for him!
    Sad Michaela did not bring snacks.

    • Troyzan handled that really well. Used his humour to make it look OK, but he must have been disappointed deep down.

  5. Was Trozan thick? He didn’t seem to understand Jeff’s proposed scenario of a final three of Tai, Sarah and Culpepper.

  6. I liked that the new format in terms of how Jeff said to win you should be best at all three, outwit, outplay, outlast, so it was good to break down the final tribal / jury comments into those sections, but it did feel at times like the jury was just campaigning for their fave and trying to convince the others to vote the same.
    I wonder if the cast knew of this change before coming to that final tribal council.
    Really felt for Cirie, i’m not sure whats worse drawing rocks or going the way she did (and i really wanted her or Aubry to win too!). Even tougher when none of the votes were even for her!

    • Yeah. I thought that should have meant none were out so do it again. Not being voted shd have counted 4 something. The new trial shd then have none of the immunities because they had been used.

  7. When Cirie left, technically the tribe hadn’t spoken since she hadn’t got 1 vote. what a shitty way to leave the game.
    So what happened to Tai & Sarah voting for Troyzan & forcing a tie breaker fire making? I wanted them to stick it to Brad & show him he wasn’t in control after all.
    So now we know what happens if it’s a tie at the finale. I’ve always wondered that. Would love them to have to make fire in their nice clothes in front of the audience.
    Glad that Brad apologised to Tai for bullying & intimidating him. He didn’t seem to get it at the final tribal when Tai tried to explain to him. But after watching himself back realised it at the reunion.

    • I reckon we have heard numerous seasons where someone tries to encourage a tie at the final 4, but one person usually backs out. I guess at that point it comes down to who you want to sit next too at final tribal. I’m guessing Sarah thought she had a better chance against Troy than she did Tai at final 3. (Thou i still think she would have won in that instance anyways).
      The only thing with a tied jury was that, they would have to tell them, actually at the final tribal, that there is a tie, and since Troy gets to vote, essentially Troy makes final decision about who wins… thats alot to put on one person.

    • Call me skeptical, but I kind of imagined that Brad saw how overbearing he looked in that scene that scene and wanted to redeem himself with the public. Also, as wives do, Monica might have said, “BRAD! You look like a jerk in that s ene”.

      • Tai said in an interview he was sitting next to Brad in the green room watching it. He said they’re friends now.

  8. Well we were pretty good with the voting predictions. I am not unhappy that Sarah won as I think she played a good game. I was very impressed with Michaela’s admiration of her ‘bad ass’ play. I thought she might have been bitter but that was awesome and the Michaela I really liked (not as keen on the sulky one, but maybe she was just peckish, LOL).
    Felt bad for Cirie – the only one left without an immunity!
    Really did not like Troyzan – No problem counting his votes as he had zero!

  9. Forgive my cynicism but isn’t it typical American to turn your fault into something positive like writing a book! I was embarrassed watching that whole Varner segment!
    And what was Ozzy on about comparing the currents world situation to survivor??

    • There was way too much Varner. I presume they spoke with Zeke beforehand about how he wanted it handled. I would have been happy just to hear from Zeke and nothing from Varner.

      • Would have been happy to have the whole incident treated only in passing. It was done to death at the time and we didn’t need to rehash it. Gives us more time analysing the actual play.

    • Yeah, first time I thought Oz was a bit of a dick. It’s just a reality tv show Ozwald. Not sure it’s going to lead to world peace.

  10. I think the turning point at final tc for Sarah was her mention about finding the advantage at the challenge. A lot of the others had either forgotten that or never knew it. Especially her comment that ‘paying attention to detail is a form of game play as much as physical strength’ was spot on. Using your brain to overcome a lack of natural physical ability is a winner, and if Cirie had made final 3, it would have been the platform of her argument, too.

  11. The thing that i hadn’t considered was bought up in RHAP, with the new format of final tribal, they need to figure out a way for the conversation to flow, but without Jeff having to steer it in certain directions. Jeff did butt in a couple of times and ask for example Andrea to talk about or ask about a certain aspect of the game… if that continues people will start thinking that the producers have too much influence on the winner.

    • Agreed. I am in two minds about the change. To me, it sounded a bit like the jury just discussing/arguing amongst themselves, which presumably had already happened at Ponderosa, and that meant that the final three just sat like bumps. On the other hand, the “each person make a speech” format felt stilted, and many just used it to make a point, rather than ask a question.

      Maybe another option would be to take only written questions from the jury, and only the three speak at tc. But then there is even more scope for the producers to skew the outcome.

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