Survivor GameChangers – Thurs, May 18

Only one more week until the finale of Survivor GameChangers – Nooooooo! How can season 34 be over so soon?
It screens in the US on Wed, May 24, so Thurs for us. Hopefully Nine will continue to be awesome and put it up online ASAP before the usual Thursday night screening on TV.
Will tonight be the night we finally get some idol play from Troyzan or Tai? Will everyone wake up and realise they let Cirie get way too far into the game?it’s a double tribal tonight.

It is thought the next two seasons of Survivor will also be filmed in Fiji in the Mamanuca Islands and, since I’m about to embark on my fourth holiday to that island chain, I can’t blame them. It’s a gorgeous part of the world.



  1. Can’t believe the finale is next week, i feel like there is still heaps of them left!
    The foxtel guide is showing the finale from 11.30am on 9Go, next Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That second one was more fun. I’d like to know what was going through Cirie’s head. The episode felt very rushed.

      • Sarah gave cirie one of her advantages, (replace someone’s vote) to hang on to, as a show of trust. Cirie had a brilliant idea to use the advantage (to take out tai from what I could understand – I think she told him about the advantage to make sure he didn’t use an idol) but didn’t read the rules of the advantage properly and apparently even if u actually give it to someone to hold on to, the person you have it to, can’t use it. So cirie basically exposed her plan of how she was going use it, before Jeff and Sarah told her she actually couldn’t. I thought for sure she would go home after that.
        And agree Juz, the episode felt very rushed. I think they should do double tribal in earlier episodes…

  3. Jeff tolerated Aubry’s hug at the challenge quite well. Remember when Troyzan hugged him a while back and Jeff was obviously dying inside?

  4. Can’t believe we’re up to the finale next week already. There are still so many there. Thank God Go is showing the finale live.
    That last tribal was crazy. Cirie really fucked up. I can’t believe Tai still didn’t play his idol. He’s going to have to play it next time. Don’t think you can use them after that.

    • I think at five is the last time. And Troyzan still has his! But surely people would want to take him to the final three anyway. He’d be better off playing it for an ally like Brad to show he can make “big moves”. I would live to see Tai do a Parvati style tribal by handing out idols willy nilly

  5. Wow, what went on there!!
    As much as i disliked Mikaela i would still take her to the final as i doubt she wpild get many jury votes..
    Totally cant believe Tai didnt play an Idol…

  6. I wanted Mikaela to stay because I like her badass (American style), although not when she acts spoiled. I like her straightforwardness. Out of that mob, I would like Sara and Tai out next, but can’t see it happening. I wonder why they didn’t use that opportunity to take out Cirie after she shot herself in the foot.

  7. I thought for sure cirie would be going home after she tried to use sarahs advantage.
    I would love to see tai do a Parvati but the preview looks like he gives away the idols too early and might really shoot himself in the foot. I had forgotten Troyzan still has an idol, at final 5 they could just choose who not to give an idol to and they would automatically go home!

  8. I’m really surprised Cirie didn’t talk to a producer beforehand to establish the fine print on the advantage. I look forward to her RHAP interview to explain what went on.

    • i assuming either she wasn’t allowed or she tried to but they thought it would be more fun for it to play out the way it did!

  9. I’m trying to think back, I don’t think anyone has been medically evacuated this season. If not it’s the first season in a while.

  10. Yeah, i voted the same Daisy, and would much rather Cirie or Aubry too.
    I don’t think Tai and Troyzan have had enough air time to be winners. And not sure about Brad…
    No, no med-evacs this season Carole… I noticed Troyzan had is knee well bandaged at the 2nd immunity challenge… I assume if they have medical issues that don’t effect the outcome we don’t see them.

  11. I’ve voted Sarah as she has made some big moves and deserves some credit. But I would rather Aubrey win.

  12. Sarah getting so much air time – and as our good Survivor guru JStar used to say, she is a shoo in.
    I like Aubry but really haven’t seen enough of her this season and what moves she has been making.
    Cirie is an old time fave, and yes, she was caught out in last tribal, I still would be ok if she won!
    Don’t know why, I am a Culpepper fan – he really has tried to reign in his supposed arrogance, whereas I am not offended by him or his previous outing on Survivor – plus I LOVED Monica – hahahahaha!
    No way though for Tai and Troyzan, they haven’t really stood out at all and Troyzan a shoo in to be taken to Final 3.

  13. I had absolutely no idea why the votes went the way they did in this episode. I’m so confused.

    I know they like to keep the viewer in the dark a little bit, but I think they are not showing us enough scramble this season. The TC’s don’t make sense anymore.

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