• Thanks, Juz. I will check again. Damn these squillions of useless stations. I wish I could delete them from the guide.

  1. Explain to me why Mikaela crying when she voted him out? Cant stand the belligerent girl!
    Wonder why we nver see the teams getting picked for Rewards, can anyone shed any light on this pls?
    Happy with result tonight….seeing a bit of my girl Aubry…hope she upsets that apple cart soon and boots Andrea…
    I do recall her and Culepepper bonding early in the series…hope that little pact comes into play…
    Bloody Tai not gonna be happy with his supposed alliance, that was hilarious and i was wondering if anyone has ever gone home with 2 idols!

  2. I was OK with Tai or Zeke going. I don’t mind hot head Mikaela because I like ‘what you see is what you get”. I think she cried because she really didn’t want to vote out Zeke. She even said so, and that is what she meant by having to turn your heart off.
    I’m with everyone else who likes Aubrey. A good trifecta for me would be Mik, Aubrey and Ciera, who I now like. I also have to admire the way Sarah has played this time around.

  3. Little did the others know, that would have been their perfect shot to get rid of “I have so many idols in my pockets that I jingle when I walk”.
    But if they had have been gunning for him, he might have sensed it.

  4. I wanted Tai to go- he’s too well placed with his damn idols.
    I think Sarah is playing a dangerous game but she’s playing, which is good.
    I’m team Aubry too.

  5. Another fan of Aubry here. There’s going to be a lot of mourning here if she doesn’t make it. I just feel she can be too subtle in her moves – she is so clever at planting ideas in other’s heads that she will never get the credit.

    There’s quite a few I want gone now – Sierra, Tai, Cirie, Andrea. Sarah I’m not sure about. I’m glad she is breaking away from the young, pretty things group, but I think her manouvering is too obvious.

  6. I think we are on the same page with this show Fijane. Not a fan of Tai, Ciera or Angie. I am still holding a grudge against Angie for sucking up to Malcom while knifing him in a previous season.
    But Cirie, who I just saw as a lazy lump and coat tailer before scored some respect this season when she stepped up to manage Mikaela and make some moves.
    I just like Mikaela because she is strong and bullshit is not in her makeup.

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