Bold and the Beautiful – June chat

Over to BnB correspondent Daisy for the scoop on Quidge and co (thank you, Daisy):

I will be off to Vietnam for a month so I won’t be able to watch Australian episodes, so I will follow the goings on at Forresters here, and watch when I return.
So here is what is happening, what I might happen and what I would like to happen. You might want to add your own.
Quidge are smouldering. Boring, nice Katy has shown that she can be a horrible meddler and a blackmailer. I am guessing she might crank that up, until Quidge get caught by Eric. I am hoping that Quidge continue but I know they won’t because no one ever does on B&B.
At time of writing, Brooke is ready to to get back in the saddle and ride her stallion; or will that be bareback? OK, now I need to get that image out of my head. I would like to see Brooke and Bill last for a while, and Quidge. They would make good jealous rival couples.
Rick and Maya are on a basic retainer and doing nothing. Who cares? Nicole is amazing how she manages to perform while on sleeping tablets. I guess she and Zende will soon be back having marital problems. At least Sacha had some spark.
I hope Sally reforms and starts designing her own hideous clothing. I don’t mind her and Thomas together. Coco os behaving like another boring, goody goody Nicole. She and Arjay deserve each other but why should we be punished? Please let there be a budget cut, either at B&B productions or at Spectra. Lose Grams, Sol and stupid Darlita. But that won’t happen.
When Eric finds Ridge and Quinn gone down (literally) to make a sandwich one night and finds them on the floor, rolling in honey, he might have another brain attack. Katy will swoop on Eric at some point. For sure.
Happy viewing. My favourite bits are Quidge related.



    • Shattered RJ will be hiding in the bedroom or in Bill’s case , badroom closet, with his smart phone.

      Slept through today’s ep. Can’t help til morning.

  1. Brooke was covered in $100 bills for her seduction of Dollar Bill aka The Stallion. It was pretty sickening!
    The only good bit to the episode was Ridge and Quinn denying they have feelings for each other and mean girl Katie trying to blackmail them both.

    • I wld love to see Quidge become the new power couple, head of Forresters. Katy is running out of people to marry so she is going after the old Pop who two of her sisters have married.

  2. Katie is hoping to be the last Mrs Eric Forrestor standing so she can become the all powerful matriarch. She wants the large painting on the fireplace mantle to be her.
    Boring Rick’s wife Maya didn’t last long up there!

    • Yep Lola, it’s pass the parcel and whoever is left holding the prize when ol’ Eric goes off to sing “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”, is the winner and gets the house and portrait, although I think they did offer it to Stephie, “No strings attached”.

  3. Daisy this:
    “Nicole is amazing how she manages to perform while on sleeping tablets.”
    and this
    “She and Arjay deserve each other but why should we be punished? ”

    were just gorgeous and perfect in every way.

  4. I won’t see it for 4 weeks now. By then it might be out of fashion. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Heading to Perth for a quick nap before going to the airport.

    • If Sandwich Surveillance get their way, Sally Spectra could be doing ten years in prison. Ridge and Steffy don’t care about that. A gas chamber wouldn’t be enough for Steffy.

      Bon Voyage. Will try to keep you up to date.

      • Thanks. Sandwich Survellance. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
        Perhaps Sally will end up behind bars….lemon bars. Boom boom. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  5. RJ ,under pressure from Ridge, tried to talk Coco into sending Sally to jail for fifteen years. So far, she’s not buying into it.

    • I trjed to get Woolif to spread my bed with a million dong, and he’s not buying that either ๐Ÿ˜†
      Just to be clear….it’s about $60. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  6. Ridge is begging Brooke to take him back. Bill threatens to spend eternity trying to uncover Ridge’s “dirty secret”.Ridge looks really worried.

    Brooke got teary over Ridge’s “destiny” routine.

    Rj is starting to take after Ridge, trying to schmooze Coco. ,

    • I am guessing Quidge will be outed before I get back. And the deck will be shuffled again and everyone will have a new mate.

      • I don’t think so Daisy, I think we are in for some interesting times. RJ wooing Coco is vomit making – he’s only 16, supposedly still at school, but he seems to be running a department or two!

  7. Big staredown with Sally and Sandwich Surveillance. Sally’s stepped up to face the music, to Steffy’s chagrin. Sally’s just been read her rights by the hungry detective in the shabby suit.

    Fifteen years in a roach infested LA prison beckons.

    Thomas and RJ aren’t happy with the way things are panning out.

    I see the Spectras coming out on top here.

  8. Quinn, Brooke, Ivy and Katie all in a room. Katie wants to blab to Eric , then Ridge walks in and swears them to secrecy about Quidge.

    They promise not to blab so long as Ridge and Quinn don’t get up to hanky panky.

    Eric is getting played like a violin. Ridge still begging “Logan ” to come back.

  9. Today was mostly about Zende and his ambition to become a designer at Forrester Creations. Nicole is right behind the idea but Maya is disapproving. She’s a real negative Nancy. Awful hairstyle , a newie.

    Zende goes with a new haircut and pleads his case to Thomas and Steffy. They fob him off and Zende says it’s because he’s adopted and a Dominguez that he’s always going to be a shitkicker at FC. He’s not as dumb as he looks.

    Over at Spectra HQ ,Grams tries to rally the troops once more. Sally reminds her she’s just lost her sister , the only man she cared for and faces fifteen years in the slammer. Sally has flashbacks about being with bare chested Thomas.They are both staring at their phones, broken hearted. Fade to black.

  10. Thanks, Dave. That was chocablock. Yeah the photographers at Forresters don’t seem to get the meaty parts. They usually just lurk.
    Gram grams should star an advice column.

  11. Zende’s still moaning to Nicole about his thwarted ambitions at Forrester, saying he doesn’t feel like A Forrester. Nicole tries to reassure him that he is….and fails..

    Wyatt and Liam want to throw Bill a bachelor party.Bill demurs and verbally abuses the pair of them, virtually calling them idiots and saying they’ll never be as successful as he is. He;s right.

    Steffy’s starting to dig for dirt on what happened in Australia. Brooke and Katie keep their mouths shut ….for now. Katie’s bursting.

    We don’t see Ridge as he’s flat out designing an entire new collection.

    Sally’s been bailed by some anonymous benefactor named “Saul”( Gotta be Thomas.)

    Zende winds up getting smashed in that bar Liam and Wyatt go to drown their sorrows. The owner of the Spectra building walks in and drops hints about how much Spectra need a new designer. Zende’s eyes light up like a Xmas tree. But the guy gets a call and has to go.

    Episode ends with Brooke and Bill smooching and cooing.

  12. 1. Zende could get Nicole to have another Forrester baby. That might get him a design job.
    2. Bill should have called them “knuckleheads”.
    3. Thomas should have used the fake name, ” Samson”. It’s Old Testament too, but Sally is his Delilah.
    4. Yes. Good call. Zende at Spectras.
    Sally bursting with info……

  13. It looks like Sally will beat the prison rap because lovestruck Thomas shows up at the Judge’s office and offers to get Sally off the charges ….but Spectra will be dissolved. Sally and Thomas will be an item for a while.

    Ridge and Brooke are out having lunch~”just lunch”. Ridge is still begging and running the “destiny” theme. Bill just happens to walk in and mocks “the dressmaker” and wonders aloud what might have happened in Australia for Ridge to get dumped. Brooke has a face like granite at this moment.

    Ridge tells Brooke that if she eyeballs him and says she has no place for him in her heart or future…….he’ll back off. Brooke looks undecided as usual.

    Fade to black.

  14. Brooke likes having two fish on the line. So does Liam. He’ll need a second fish soon.
    No one seems to ever make a clean break, but leaves with an, “I will always love you”, so that they can hang onto their spare.
    Thomas, Zende and Spectras could start a new agency but only if they get rid of Grams and make that airhead secretary an airhead model.
    Bill, I suppose, is ready to swoop on his building.

  15. Do gooder Liam finds out about the fake review Bill wrote about Spectra. Wyatt goes crawling to Bill and dobs Liam in.

    Charges dropped against Sally Spectra. Eric is a lot softer on crime than Steffy, who wants Sally behind bars. Sally’s threatening to leave town. Grams should be the one in jail.

    Bill can’t wait to marry Brooke but of course his phallic building development comes first. He tells Brooke about his plan to acquire the Spectra building. Something tells me both the wedding and the building won’t happen.

    Ridge vows not to give up on Brooke.

  16. Hmmm. Who needs to watch with your recaps, Dave. ๐Ÿ˜„
    With a grandmother like Grams who needs an evil stepmother. It seems that Quidge must be on a break. The only person to ever go to jail for his crimes was Deacon, and even he got busted out by Bill. Seems like if you want to go into a life of crime, LA is the place to do it. Just make sure the cops are on their lunch break…or coffee break.

  17. Liam lets Steffy in on Bill’s fake review and Steffy says that they can’t let Thomas find out. We know that won’t last long.

    Thomas goes over to Spectra to say good-bye. We get some Thomas / Sally flashbacks before she tells him that he inspired one last design from her. Thomas thinks the hideous outfit is elegant and refined and what a waste of talent etc. Sally thinks she’ll go to work in a bakery with Grams and keeps saying she’s leaving town.

    Ridge is flat out designing a whole new line,daisy…..unless he’s at lunch with Brooke.

    Wyatt gives Bill a lecture about what a cheating parasite he is to build his empire on shattered Spectra dreams.Bill couldn’t care less …..but the deal isn’t sealed just yet.

  18. Thanks Dave. I can see it all as if I am watching. I suppose Grams and Sally should churn out some understated and tasteful cakes.
    In fact the Forresters should be able to keep them busy in wedding cake production.

  19. Steffy sees how crestfallen Thomas is after farewelling Sally and she decides to tell him about the fake fashion review Bill wrote. Thomas is off to Spectra’s quicker than an LA rat up a drainpipe.

    Over there Dollar Bill is shaking down Sally and CJ (owner of the building) to close the skyscraper deal when at the last moment Thomas walks in and pulls the rug out from under Dollar Bill , the ghost writer. Looks like Bill’s steel and mirror erection is going to fail. Marriage to Brooke isn’t a done deal, either.

    So, looks like Sally’s not leaving just yet, Steffy is impressed with her designing skillz, as is Liam. Bill will kill Barrett, the fashion journo for blabbing.

  20. Thanks again, Dave. It seems to be galloping along like a stallion. Nothing much from Quidge. I hope they are still simmering and haven’t gone completely off the boil.
    First time Bill couldn’t get an erection. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  21. It’s party time at Spectra as Grams leads a conga line of champagne swilling staff.

    Thomas has produced a $100, 000 cheque to save Spectra and Bill leaves fuming after verbally abusing Thomas and highlighting his relationship to Ridge. Bill hasn’t given up but for now Spectra is back. Liam and Barrett the fashion journo will probably cop Bill’s wrath.

    Thomas and Sally have a long ,romantic $100,000 kiss.

    Hopefully, we’re back to Quidge next week. Ridge is so busy designing , lunching with Brooke and trying not to think about Quinn.

  22. So glad I missed champagne swilling, conga-lining Grams. I hope they hurry up and relegate her to the odd walk in. I even prefer static Nicole and annoying head of security Cherrrlee, to Grams. She makes me want to scour my eyes and ears.

    Since I noticed one of Sally’s “designs” was an actual dress ( that blue doily number) I guess designers in LA are hoping that failed outfits from their “must go” rack will be picked up by producers to be used for Spectra fashion lines. I reckon we here cld have a go at a Spectra delight.

  23. Zende has been offered some design opportunities at Forrester, the squeaky wheel has been oiled. RJ and Coco are fast becoming a power couple.

    Thomas takes Sally to his bachelor pad and he tells her what a great investment he sees Spectra as. Thomas and Sally both mock Dollar Bill. This is love, LA style. Wear a condominium, please.

    Charlie must be on holidays, there appears to be no Security at FC as a furious Dollar Bill barges into Ridge and Steffy’s office demanding of Ridge what has got into his “idiot son” and announcing that he’s “freakin’ pissed” at his property deal going down the toilet. Bill is much like Donald Trump.

    Ridge is not happy either and the ep closes with Ridge tearing a new one for Thomas for getting involved with “criminals”…..,It’s “Forrester money” that Bill claims has been used to derail his empire. (as if Grams et al are “criminals”}

  24. Hmmm…the new power couple. I expect to see Coco’s portrait up at Eric’s then. I wonder if we will end up having new camps in the future; Rick and Maya’s camp, and RJ and Cocoa’s camp.

    What? Has Bill been meeting Putin? Maybe he and Brooke can get married in Trump Towers, or the Kremlin. Or Bill can buy Trump Towers, since Donald is busy and the Spectra Tower is unavailable. I don’t see why Bill can’t at least meet with Trump ir Ivanka. They could get an impersonator. I am liking that story line. Then Bill can run for governor.
    “Wear a condominium”…. ha ha. You could name you brand of Conom( iniums) Trump Towers. ๐Ÿ˜„
    “What are you wearing?” “It’s called Trump Tower”.
    OK, I think I have had too many mango shakes and they have gone to my brain.

  25. Bill plans to call his phallic skyscraper Brooke Tower. Can you believe it? The stallion is hot to get married immediately and still gloating about how stupid Thomas is.The writers are taking Bill’s moves from Trump’s day to day life.

    Ridge gives Thomas a furious lecture about selling the family out and all the hard work he and Pops have put in building the company up etc. Ridge says he has “bad judgement” and Thomas throws that back in his face and hints at the bad judgement on Ridge’s part that must have happened in Australia.

    Thomas bags Steffy’s abilities and thinks he could do better. Ridge fires Thomas, orders him to get the hundred grand back and to dump Sally Spectra. The Forresters don’t want peasants and criminals after their money.

    I guess Thomas will head off to Spectra soon. Steffy’s busy giving Sally a serious brow beating, demanding the money back and to stay away from Thomas. Sally tries a sob story and ends up telling Steffy not to make war with her.

    Bill and Brooke get up to some kissing and getting hot about the wedding that we know won’t happen.

  26. Oh my goodness. They are all going crazy. I think Ridge has forgotten Brooke was a waitress when they met. I hope Brooke stays with Bill and gets a condominium named after her. Ridge only made a heart in the sand. He needs to lift his game.
    I am thinking of creating someSpectra fashions, but I only have my travelling clothes and small sewing kit.

  27. Katie wants to be a designer too, so while she has Quinn over a barrel, she pressures her to accept her no doubt awful designs. Katie drops it that Bill’s getting married today and Ivy starts grilling Quinn, who’s freaking out inside that it still might be Brooke who ends up with Ridge.

    Later Brooke and Quinn go head to head over the “nothing” that happened on the beach in Australia. Brooke tells Quinn that she’s just like Ridge….got a strange streak inside.

    Ridge eventually turns up the let’s get married (again)heat on Brooke, who has already been guilt tripped about Bill by RJ. What does RJ care, Coco is soon tearing his shirt off. Teenage wasteland.

    More Ridge/ Brooke flashbacks as Brooke has a tear as she fumbles over giving Ridge the final answer. The show ends on the usual knife edge.

    I’m going to say she’ll stay with Ridge. Bill tore strips off Liam for blabbing about the fake review.

  28. Using Woolif’s phone. It’s a lifeline.
    Dave, I think you might be making it sound more interesting than it really is.Your recaps are better than any EPs I have watched, and that’s without Quidge sizzle.
    Haha, “Teenage wasteland”.
    Ha ha, Katy wants to be a designer. Nicole, Sasha, Maya and Ivy all got to be models. Stephie gets to be a CEO, Cherrrlee gets to be head of security. And Eric gets to be the vintage hubby of a dangerous, sexy vixen. Reach for your dreams guys.

    • Thanks, I’ve been leaving out the bits with Nicole, Zende, Rick and Maya. Zende and Nicole are trying for a child the natural way. They better hurry before Maya starts talking Nicole into another surrogacy.

      Zende and Wyatt have new haircuts.

      You missed the sizzle of Coco undoing RJ’s shirt. Pretty sure RJ isn’t age of consent material yet or if Coco is.

      Charlie and Pam could be the next to try pitching their design skills. Bill doesn’t want to be a designer but he’s got a lot of FC shares.

  29. Arjay hasn’t even had time for his teenage zits to heal? I didn’t really want to see Coco go in there.
    If Zende has a new cut, it might mean he is loaning his hair out to Wyatt, who is definitely going to need to make some fresh career moves in the not too distant future. Never knew why the producers chose him. He has an odd body too. And he does pointing pout.

  30. It’s Brooke’s wedding day. For the entire episode , the viewer is tortured over who she’ll marry. Bill or Ridge?

    At Dollar Bill’s $20,000 a bottle champagne is flowing. Liam and Wyatt are humoring their father , the smarmy lawyer is going to be the celebrant.

    Bill gets a phone call from Quinn, tipping him off that Ridge is making a final play for Brooke. Bill gets suspicious and asks Quinn what happened in Australia etc but she says nada.( Behind it all Quinn stlli has designs on Ridge and we get old sauna flashbacks and beach trysts etc)

    Ivy grills Quinn about her feelings while Katie is busy grilling Brooke about who she’s going to choose. Some emotional blackmail about poor little RJ is thrown in.

    Ridge is waiting at Brooke’s house (what a freeloader) for her to turn up and exchange vows. He has Brooke flashbacks.

    Bill is starting to look at his watch and get jumpy. Brooke has jilted before.

    There is a knock at both doors. It’s not Jehovah’s Witnesses or a pizza delivery.

    I say it’ll be Quinn coming to get Ridge. Maybe Brooke at Bill’s door?

    We’ll find out tomorrow.

  31. Oh wow. It sounds like an episode of Twilight Zone; two Brooke’s, two weddings, two grooms, two parallel universes. This is Brooke’s dream situation, surpassed only by having three men waiting at the altar. I say choose Bill, but I think it will be Ridge.

  32. Brooke shows up at Bill’s in a wedding dress. Hardly any guests, just Rick and Maya. His sons and the lawyer/celebrant.

    Brooke promises to love Bill forever. Tears galore.

    It’s Quinn at Ridge’s door, offering comfort and letting him know the bad news. Ridge is pretty unresponsive and reflects on what a dickhead he’s been. Quinn still wants Ridge. We”ll see.

    Zende and Nicole’s pregnancy test was a fail

  33. Bill and Brooke are consummating their marriage on Bill’s jet. They’re off to Paris for the honeymoon. Brooke tells Bill that they have hitch hikers as Rick and Maya are bludging a lift to Paris. There’s time for more hanky panky and compliments before Rick and Maya get there. Dollar Bill now calls himself “Chill Bill”

    Zende, Coco and RJ are left to babysit little Lizzy while Nicole goes to the fertility clinic. Zende mentions how much he wants to be a father. He and Nicole have been rooting like rabbits since their wedding. The doctor gradually reveals to Nicole that she has stopped having periods and won’t be able to conceive because you guessed it, the surrogate pregnancy left her with uterine scarring etc..I can’t spell the condition, we’ll hear it ad nauseam soon. Nicole starts freaking out in the doc’s office. Drama galore ahead.

    Back on the jet, Maya is cooing over baby photos. Bill makes an off colour comment I can’t quite catch. Brooke covers for him. Rick and Maya are boring company.

  34. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?????? Bloody hell. We always knew she wld want her kid back, so I don’t know why I am shocked.
    Whaaaaat????? Brooke and Ridge doing it on Bill’s jet, with Rick and Maya in the next room.
    Whaaaaat, Rick and Maya are boring???? Well, no surprises there either.
    I look forward to Nicole stealing Lizzie. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Brooke and Bill were doing it on the jet whilst waiting for Rick and Maya to arrive (they’re late) before the jet takes off for the “city of love”.

      Then Maya brought out the baby photos.

  35. Hey, I have the solution. I was just thinking how Mumma and Papa Avant will have to have all their grandkids through Sasha now, when I had a brain wave; Nicole and Zende can ask Sasha to be their surrogate.

  36. Keeping it in the family Daisy with the surrogate shenanigans of the avant family. I find these characters, actors and storylines so boring. Rick was way more fun with his first teenage wife, Amber. At least she had more spark in her.
    More Ridge and Quinn please. Bill and Brooke are gross, if I have to see them naked in their bed again, making love I think I am going to vomit ๐Ÿคข

  37. Agree Lola. More Squidging from Quidge.Yep, only one Avant baby machine left. My guess is Sasha will say WTF but this is B&B. Maybe she will agree & get the same lurgy as Nicole.

  38. Nicole will probably do her mature Camille impression 4 Zende ; “Go and marry Sasha because she can bear your kids” No wait…wasn’t that storyline already used on Stephie and Liam. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I meant martyr not mature…but Woolif’s phone kept auto correcting every second word. I guess auto correct couldn’t believe the plot either.

  39. Zende gets called to Ridge’s office and is offered some designing opportunities, since Thomas was just sacked. He’s excited but is warned that the hours are going to place a strain on his marriage. This is while Nicole is getting the bad news at the fertility clinic. Won’t be long before Nicole is going to kidnap little Lizzy.

    Nicole’s in denial about the doc’s diagnosis. Zende’s still out at FC when she arrives home. Time to celebrate your promotion, Zende.

    Charlie and Pam are gossiping and Pam wants to think of a way to cheer heartbroken Ridge up. I never noticed the pistol on Charlie’s hip. Pam reminds him that his sleuth work on Quidge was a load of….

    Maya and Rick are in Paris, with Maya preoccupied with her internet connection, babies and nannies. Rick wants a bit of romance. It’s Dullsville there.

    • Cherrrlee with a pistol is as dangerous as Kim Jong Un with uranium.
      With the Avant sisters checking out of hotel motherhood and brooding over what should have been, it’s time for Rick and Zende to both chase a bit of Sarsha; the only Avant sister still laying.

    • I think Quidge will still be a secret when you get back, daisy. Only Ridge,Quinn, Ivy, Katie and Brooke know.

      Eric is still blissfully unaware of what his outdoor shower was used for. Ridge is pretty cranky, he could use a massage.

  40. Zende buys a bottle of champagne and arrives home hoping to celebrate his promotion at FC with Nicole, who’s not home yet but busy gloomily explaining all over again to her mother what happened at the fertility clinic. Then Mr Avant comes in and we hear the whole tragic story again. Pops is on the verge of tears trying to make sense of the injustice of it all and gives an appalling spiel trying to smooth things over.

    Across the sea in Paris , Maya poses for some truly hideous fashion shots with some hotshot French photographer, who promises to make her a star , if she’d just extend her stay in Paris awhile. Maya’s eyes light up like a Xmas tree but we know she’ll be stressed out about little Lizzy, who will soon fall into Nicole’s clucky clutches.

    When Nicole gets home Zende is waiting in boxer shorts , open shirted and ready for a night of fun. (There’s a blazing fireplace, his choice of attire doesn’t make sense) Zende stupidly suggests they might make a baby tonight before Nicole spills the baby beans.

    Maya and Rick decide to stay in Paris to further Maya’s deluded modelling .aspirations.We’ll see her plastic mugging in front of the usual Parisian landmarks.

    What an awful episode it was. No Quidge.

    • Bloody good read though, Dave. Now Woolif is pumping me for more info; “Where’s Lizzie?”, “Why can’t Nicole conceive?”
      He needs to keep up. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Nicole has uterine scarring from the surrogacy and possibly “secondary infertility” as result, making her even more miserable than usual.

        Lizzie is back in LA. Teenage RJ and Coco have been babysitting her while Zende is brown nosing at FC and Nicole is rehashing her drama at the Avants.

        • Thanks, Dave. You’re better than the real thing. We are heading home today and might be offline most of the time until tomorrowish.
          Thanks again for keeping us up to date. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  41. Sally spends the night at Thomas’s bachelor pad and in the morning Steffi calls him to attend a crucial family FC. Eric wants to undo Thomas’s sacking and for hm to come home. Some big hints are dropped about Ridge’s decision making of late. (If only Eric knew why)

    We’re treated to some appalling acted from Grams. Lord have mercy.

    Nicole gets a second medical opinion and when she gets home, gets all Rosemary’s Baby about little Lizzy, who’s foolishly been left with Charlie and Pam. Nicole’s mother is not helping the situation one bit. What a killjoy she is. Third medical opinion on the horizon.

    Ridge despairs. Both his sons love Spectres

    How many times are Thomas’s sacking and Nicole’s fertility issues going to be repeated?

  42. Tab is in and out.
    A huge thanks to you Dave. Do you realize you recapped for 4 weeks? Thankyou.
    We got in today and were completely caught up. Nicole still has an obvious wig. Thomas is still stripping.
    And poor Lizzie is being palmed around.
    I hope she fares as well as these little guys, who are now back home, a little older and wiser.

  43. Eric, Steffi and Ridge try to lure Thomas back into the Forrester fold. Ridge has to eat some humble pie about sacking Thomas. “Tom” can even keep his investment in Spectra and continue to see Sally. Thomas is surprised but knows he’ll still be way down the food chain at FC, fighting for design oxygen with Zende.

    Nicole is going crazy already and getting jealous over little Lizzie while Maya is away. Mrs Avant fans the flame of Nicole’s anxiety. Maya picks up that Nicole is “stressed” ( ie just about to enact a surrogacy gone wrong kidnapping). Rick tries to reassure Maya. He fails dismally.

    Thomas shows up at Spectra and announces he’s staying with Sally and Spectra. He thinks they’ll be the greatest designers in LA. Saul has a crush on Sally. Grams caught them in a tender moment.

  44. You summed it up perfectly.
    I am back in the saddle, or is that off the wagon? I just watched it, and your recap said it perfectly, Dave.
    I must say…first they ask Nicole to surrender her womb, then her evenings. They only didn’t ask her to breast feed or donate a kidney…yet. We always knew it was going to come to, “IWANT MY BABY BACK”.
    I am liking the Moses theme. Moses’ mum hides him in the bullrushes where he is found by the beautiful but narcissistic Pharoah’s daughter. Little Myriam steps forward and says she knows a wet nurse. So Moses’ mum gets to raise her own kid. I will have to look out for other themes snatched from the OT.
    Perhaps Quinn will sap all of Eric’s strength, like Samson and Delilah.
    Anyway, it’s about time Maya got her comeuppence. She was such a biatch to Caroline, and the writers never saw to it.

  45. Thomas gives Coco a lecture about giving people a second chance,hoping that she’ll forgive Sally for planting a camera on her. Thomas informs her that he’s at Spectra to stay. Big investor and lead designer.

    Over at FC, Katie’s trying to threaten Quinn to accept more of her awesome trinket and bauble designs. ….or she’ll blab to Eric about what she knows. Quinn trashes her taste as too conservative.

    Eric’s starting to smell a rat around Katie and Quinn but he can’t quite tell Ridge what it is.He’ll need to be hit with a sledgehammer before he cottons on.

    Saul is shattered when Sally tells him Thomas is in like Flynn. That’s LA for ya.

    Eric gets stood up for a lunch date and who should walk in but Katie, getting good and ready to tell the old goat what his wife’s been up to. Of course, the episode ends here.

    Maybe Eric’s lunch date will turn up and interrupt or perhaps Quinn will walk in and stop proceedings before Katie blabs.

  46. That Katy is making some big enemies. First she dobs on Ridge and Caroline not being the real parents of baby Douglas, then she goes after Quinn. Instead of making herself a jewellerydesigner, she should start an LA gossip column.

    I am going to be a jewellery designer all of a sudden. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  47. Right at the end of the episode, Quidge get it on again. Poor Eric.

    Katie hasn’t blabbed yet but she’s been invited to dinner with Eric, Quinn and Ridge. The air will be pretty thick.

    Looks like Katie will get her awful designs approved. Quinn has to bite a bullet there.

    Coco has forgiven Sally for turning her into a fashion spy.

    Slept for first fifteen minutes.

  48. Katie gives Ivy and the viewer a lecture about lying to ourselves about lying to protect others. Katie’s convinced Quidge are still at it .Katie the recovering alcoholic knows about these things. She infers that Ivy is young and stupid.

    Kindly Eric doesn’t begrudge Thomas spreading his designing wings.

    Quidge are still at it but only “on the bed ….not in it”. So it’s alright, thinks Ridge. Quinn is on heat. They are mad for each other. Too bad, Eric.

    Katie’s designs are being accepted under duress. Dinner at Eric’s looms. Wyatt will be there, too.

    What an evening it promises to be.

  49. Just watching ATM. Katie needs to go back to her psych, to tell him about the cookies. And is Katie lying to herself about her urge to DOB on Quidge. Could it possibly be spite, or jealousy because Quinn has both of the men that she wants? If it was loyalty as she lies to herself to believe, she would have already told him, not used it as blackmail ammo. And is Katy’s turmoil and mistrust because of Quidge, or because she has been married to dollar Bill, and has Brooke for a sister? “Waaah. Why does Quinn like you Ivy and not me?” Try not threatening her with blackmail. Oh oh. Guess who’s coming to dinner. I think some off chicken should be served.

  50. Katie’s spinning a web of deceit around Quinn.

    Steffi visits Sally.

    After a mega uncomfortable dinner, Eric can’t respond when Quinn asks him to perform his matrimonial duties. He knows something’s wrong. Sure is.

    Ridge hits the bottle and feels sorry for himself.

  51. Katy must be cracking up. Her attempt at being a lying nemesis isn’t fooling Quinn. I think Quinn smells a rat.
    Quinn doesn’t want to “keep her enemies closer”.

  52. Katie’s cracking up, alright. Wait til you see how she reacts to being fired at FC. Essential viewing.

    Nicole’s losing it , too.

  53. Lucky Eric doesn’t own a recording company. all of the family and friends would think they can sing, and most would be recording albums.
    Why isn’t Nicole modelling instead of Maya? She is a lot better looking than doll face Maya. Except that as young as she is, Nicole looks like she has had botox because her face doesn’t move.

  54. oooo. Katy Darko. She really needs to get back to her psych and Pam and Cherrrleeee need to stop leaving loaded guns around. There are too many people to shoot.
    Brooke could shoot Ridge. Eric could find out the truth and shoot Quinn and Ridge. Stephie could shoot Sally. Sol could shoot Thomas. Nicole could shoot Maya. And hopefully, someone could shot Grams.

  55. Did you see Women who Kill last night? Bloody hell, it was her idea and she fired the bullets but HE gets life. Why do people go easy on women?

  56. Sometimes when the Forresters have a shoot it’s with camera.

    Haven’t Rick and Maya heard of nannies. They have enough money to have travelled with a nanny, or manny or manny nanny, or tranny manny nanny. Better than passing the kid around on a work roster.

    And here is something Katy (who has had “everything taken from her”) could do to take her mind off Quidge. Look after Will. Where the hell is he? Boarding school or kiddie country club.

    My MIL said I was the best DIL in the world. Sweet. That was for taking her a burger for lunch. She’s easy.

  57. Weฤบl ive missed last two eps so thanks for this. I reckon Nicole is going to abscond with Lizzie – her father is encouraging it. And Katie needs help.

  58. Katie got help~ a rifle with telescopic sights.

    Nicole’s father is a major enabler, pressing all of Nicole’s baby buttons. The lines he’s feeding her are hilarious. Ditto the mother.

    • Old Mr Avant is nudging Nicole toward kidnapping.
      Why hasn’t Katie adjusted the telescope. All that stooping for snooping is going to give her a bad back.
      Hmmm. Gloved hand shoots Quinn. Katy? Deacon? Brooke? A hit man from her Hope Diamond murder?

      Lizzie looked at Maya and Rick and said, “myeh”.

  59. We don’t know who fired the shot.

    The LA Detectives are on it so we may never find out.

    Maya the compassionate sister.

    • Ha ha. Whoever it was (Deacon), he or she needs target practice. When did Katy become so invested in Quinn’s life? OH yeah, when she started wanting to steal Eric.

      • It could be someone called “Sheila ” who did the bad shooting. Haven’t seen her before. For a minute , I thought it was Ivy.

        Eric’s at the cop station, guess he’ll be finding out more about the Quidge situation soon.

  60. WHO THE HELL IS SHEILA??? I thought the killer was going to be Deacon. Perhaps Deacon has a sister. Or perhaps Sheila is the girlfriend of the Hope Diamond man. Was Sheila really a sheila. She looked like a bloke.
    Quidge are having a hard time trying to keep it all quiet.

    The hair department are busy with the wigs: Stephie, Nicole, Sheila and Wyatt. Oh dear Wyatt. None of their wigs look real. Wyatt’s looks like a doormat.

    • Sheila is one of Eric’s ex wives. He described her as “trouble”. Sheila Carter.

      Katie beat the gunshot residue test.

  61. Well, well, she looks evil. Let’s see what happens now.

    I’m a redhead and i hate to see the awful colour and brown roots on Sally

  62. Sally is getting on my nerves. It might help if she didn’t keep saying, “Bucko”, and calling Stephie, “Princess”. Pretty rude for someone who is sorry.
    I thought Sheila was a man in disguise.
    Too bad Katie wasn’t in the hot seat a bit longer.

  63. Caitlyn Jenner says she has changed and wants to get back with Eric. It would help if she didn’t break into homes.
    Eric could say, “OK, see ya”.

    • Katie: “You broke into my house”
      Sheila : “Well, your window was open”

      “I don’t shoot people…..anymore”. That’s comforting to hear, Sheila.

      Wonder what stupid Eric the forgiver is going to do?

      • All Sheila wants is her face in the credits.
        There are a lot of people on B&B who have been in jail, should be in jail or have escaped from jail.

  64. $Bill questions Oliver and (combover) Hardy about what he has missed while he has been in Paris exploring crevasses. No wait…he said nooks and crannies. Bill complains that too much drama has been going on; forgetting that he is head of a gossip magazine.
    The police don’t bother leaving a cop to protect Quinn. But Ridge is on it. She asks him to leave because he is raising her pulse. The police have detained Sheila, but failed to do the obvious; check for gun powder residue on her fingers or clothes. Sheila thinks her professions of innocence should be evidence enough. But Eric says he is wise to her.
    In the meantime Katy hasn’t leant her lesson about spying on her neighbours. She is drawn to the telescope at the exact moment that Quinn is again swanning around on her balcony, and the gloved hand once again squeezes the trigger. What???? Sheila is in custody????? BTW do all telescopes have the target marked on them?
    We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Quinn has been winged. She had better bloody not be dead.

    • Thanks so much , daisy.


      Eric wise to something. That’ll be the day.

      Looks like Sheila’s the shooter….but could it be Ridge?

  65. I will get a new thread up by September. By then, Gawd knows what will happen. Sheila could be married to Dollar Bill, Brooke could be sleeping with Eric, Sally might be sleeping with Rick, Lizzie might be in boarding school and writing letters home to Nicole, and the police might have solved a crime…and put the criminal in jail.

  66. Don’t mind the alcohol, gunshots , telescopes , fists and lovers intrigue.

    Just another day at the Forresters.

    I thought Deacon would never get through the list of people who want Quinn dead. Half of LA are suspects.

  67. So now Katie will have to admit that she has a telescope aimed at the mansion – I mean how else would she have known that someone was threatening Quinn๐Ÿ˜‚. Who writes this rubbish, and yes I will keep on watching!

  68. Lucky Katy called Ridge and not the police.

    I suppose forgiving Eric will be filled with remorse for mistrusting Sheila.

    Katie deserves her own observatory after that.

  69. Quinn has said “I love you” to the heroic “dressmaker’ Ridge.

    Eric is starting to look very stressed. He might as well bail Sheila out and forgive her.

    Deacon needed the money. His heart was in the right place. Too bad his aim wasn’t.

    Katie’s come out smelling of roses.

  70. Well that was the worst B&B acting and script ever. It was no better than a high school play. The walk-ons were the worst of it. All these people stepping onto ‘stage’ with shocked expressions to say their lines, without knowing what to do with their arms.
    I loved how everyone knew about the shooting before the detectives.
    When Katy tells how she pulled a gun on Quinn, Bill tells her, “Katy, we all have those moments”. Do we? DO we really Bill?
    I loved how when Eric ws thanking everyone, Katy and Brooke’s laser like stares were aimed at Ridge and Quinn. Wyatt’s acting was abysmal. These are the luckiest actors and writiers in the US because they have well paid acting jobs without being able to act.
    BTW, Eric drove to the police station. So how come he accepted a lift home from the detective?

    • Maybe Eric couldn’t remember driving to the station.

      Yes.Wyatt was the worst walk on by a mile.

      No gunshot residue test ever done on Sheila. LA cops are hopeless.

      We all have these moments, that’s right, Bill. Just today I saw a guy claiming to be Jesus Christ arrested and put into a paddy wagon. I didn’t know Jesus swore and cussed so much. He was yelling “Don’t you know who I am?”

      • The “no gun shot residue test” on Sheila was annoying. The whole script for Deacongate was terrible. A high schooler must have written it and high schoolers acted it. C’mon B&B, your worst effort ever.
        And will Deacon just be “forgiven?” Afterall he does owe Quinn one attempted murder, but not two.

  71. I want a job at Forrester Creations. I feel I am qualified towalk around holding a notebook or clip board and discuss romantic issues. We used to do that in high school.
    A “woman” in Nigeria should make a call to Eric, asking for help to move some gold bars into the country, or at least tell him something is wrong with his computer and they only need a few personal banking details.
    And finally; don’t sign Nicole. Bwaa aaa aah. I wonder if Maya’s clenched jaw approach, “YOU WILL SIGN” will appeal to Nicole. Nope. Just wait until Mr Avant finds out.

    • Tantalizing. I slept through it today and just some hazy recollection of $heila speaking. I dreamed of being a designer at FC, just sitting around spying on and shooting at people, in between creating “show stoppers”.
      So glad I missed Nicole and Maya’s drama. I’ll catch it in the morning.

  72. Okay, I’ve seen it, it was worth it.Thanks. Iggy slept through it.

    “What do you mean, you can’t sign those papers?”

    “Sign those papers right now!”

    Coco’s getting some awful lines , too.

    Eric said that his eyes are wide open. Yeah, right. The same could be said about his wife’s legs, but he’s oblivious to it..

    • Eric must be a blast on April fool’s day. “Oh you got me”. “You got me again”.
      “What? A spider on my shoulder?. Oh, ho ho ho, you got me again, you”.
      I hope he is able to live up to his forgivingness when he finds his wife and son in the shower.

      • Sheila would have gone to Eric’s medicine cabinet and planted some pills that cause erectile dysfunction. Sheila looked real creepy when appraising the hideous portrait of the “new Forrester matriarch”

        • I toooold you. She’s Caitlyn Jenna. The look at the end waseven creepier.
          New thread has been sent in sans pics. But I am sure some creepy ones will soon come.

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