First Dates – Tues, Jun 27

Anyone watching First Dates regularly?
I often am suckered in to watching a few dates while I’m flicking around the channels.
Tonight’s blurb: A young professional is looking for someone to build an empire with; a man is wondering if it’s possible to find the “best” girlfriend; and a self-proclaimed Greek god looks to settle down.
Well, they all sound like tossers, so could be fun viewing.
Seven, 7.30-8.40pm, followed by First Dates UK



  1. Yes, have been watching regularly. These dating shows will get me through until Banged Up Abroad.
    I’ve seen enough of Gary’s juvenile ,over acted finger licking on today’s promos to be wary of exposure to Tamarachef.

    • Woolif and I both got into first dates. The mating behaviours of the new millenials and in some case the recycled over 40s is painful, awkward and facsinating. We feel like the David Attenboroughs of the human dating habitat.

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