1. Two puppies and one 13 yr old patient with 2 broken wrists and a broken clavacle. That was one hellova birthday party he went to.
    ATM, it’s “Grandma, can you scratch my nose?”. ” Grandma, can you get my hair out of my eyes?”.

  2. Hello everyone!!! It’s been a long, long time hasn’t it?! Daisy… that’s bad luck for you and the Grandson. Although it is a chance to do some quality bonding. Casting YouTube to the telly via an iPad or iPhone etc would be ideal way to pass the time. I spent a good 4 or 5 hours doing that the other day (been sick).

    Channel Ten’s news is pretty surprising/shocking. They have some pretty popular shows… that should rake in some good advertising $$$. I’m worried about “Have You Been Paying Attention” and “Gogglebox” among others.

    Corinne is back in the news again. I’ve heard a few different versions of this… some that are easily imagined and others that have me wondering. One report said she was “totally engaged” in the shenanigans. Another said she knew nothing and had to be told later what had happened. From previous behaviour I would imagine both to be true… and to me the problem is when the cameras don’t stop rolling at an appropriate moment (i.e., when the fantasy suite door closes). I just hope if it goes to court that the judge has watched The Bachelor. She’s no innocent little girl. She told the World she had a platinum VaJayJay (?) remember?!?!

    I know there’s a chance that there was no consent and that this is a simple case of someone taking advantage – but I’m just not convinced of who took advantage of who yet.

    • Hi Carole without. Funny I was only thinking of you yesterday.
      Is Corinne the drug mule girl? Seems suspicious to me. Too many different stories, I think. Also dodgy travel movements if we can believe the news. Which I often don’t.

  3. Hi Daisy… this tells me you didn’t watch the Bachelor last year (I think it was). Corinne was one of the hopefuls that thought she could win by throwing her self (literally) at the Bachelor. Every chance she got she was on top of him, against him or dragging him into the bedroom. She didn’t win thankfully.

    • I did Carol. I was a Matty fan. I don’t know about Sophie Monk doing Bachette. She’s no spring chickem. They will have to have line up of grandpops.

    • There is already a social media push for Foxtel to take over Survivor. Channel 10 just started filming the new season so I guess they will at least finish that and air it.

      • Survivor is being produced by Shine Endamol. I am sure Shine Endamol will want to be paid upfront before they continue filming. C10 may not have the money to pay the production company.

        Same goes with The Bachelorette. I am sure the production company will want to be paid up front before filming

        • Channel 10 are already showing clips and previews of Survivor contestants. I’d be shocked if they hadn’t already filmed the series and weren’t editing the footage, ready for viewing.

    • I think that’s quite interesting.

      Channel 10 has always felt, to me, like the younger, awkward brother (of the other two major networks) who’s trying too hard to be noticed, but never quite gets there.

      And I read today a criticism that lately, 10 has been Project-ifying it’s content from top to bottom. Ie, all social issues delivered with the subtlety of a hammer to the brain, all the time. I feel that way as well, watching some of their content, I admit.

    • There’s a strong chance that all this is just the rich backers positioning themselves before the media law changes. They will produce a last minute “rescue” package which gives them a lot more power/money, and Ch10 will be saved. No need to worry about shows just yet.

    • Ha ha ha. Too late now. Ch 10 is in receivership. That means even if he is successful, he will only get minute amount as all other creditors will also need to be paid and C10 have no money

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  4. I read in the papers last week that Shine Endemol paid for the security shenanigans and hotel /business class flights x 2 etc . .
    for our drug mule Schapelle, and that they think she has huge potential for reality TV (grooming her for Britians Big Brother or I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.)
    This is the exact reason Channel 10 are in receivership- oh and the sanctimonious The Project! shoved down our throats 5 nights a week. Who here can’t stand Waleed Ali’s and Carrie Bickmore’s grandstanding.

    • Never understood why a quality commentator like Ali would consent to be on a show like that. He needs to move to somewhere where his talent is recognised.

        • Wouldn’t say unknown. He was host on RN Drive, a regular on Offsiders, columnist for Fairfax, host of a Sunday afternoon ABC arts show and of course spokesperson for the Islamic community (plus a guest on a number of ABC shows).

    • I can’t stand the way The Project has a special guest on in the last couple of minutes of the show, and then they rush through the interview cutting the guest off so that they don’t go overtime, which they usually do anyway.
      They also talk over their guests and gang up on them, 4 against one if they don’t agree with their point of view. One example was Margaret Court. Whether you agree with her or not, they were rude to her, laughing and belittling her, especially that Mishelle woman “comedian”. Waleed in particular likes to lecture the viewers with his words of wisdom. so yes, I agree with you Lola!

      • I don’t mind The Project but, that said, I haven’t caught it in a while. I think it’s a good medium between the schlock of ACA and the ABC offerings, which, sadly, are not watched in some households. Each to their own, though.

      • Mocking when you disagree with someone’s views seems to be the go these days. No need to make a good argument when you have derision on your side. Gone are the days of respectful disagreement.
        I have seldom watched The Project but it it does seem like 3 or 4 ppl with identical views. Not much room for disagreement there.
        As for Waleed, I suspect he has political aspirations.

        • There is group think on the Project and they certainly need someone in their age group who can articulate (and mount an intellectual) contrary view (not Steve Price who can be dismissed as “ironic”).

          When they are called out on something, Carrie just faux cries.

      • The Project is not the only media that is guilty of deriding anything that does not conform to the political orthodoxy of the inner city. Fairfax is equally guilty with enough virtue signalling content, it would be ripe for satire if the satirist and author were not one and the same.

        • Maz, it’s a party line and you better bloody agree with it. Funny how it’s the same party line that our govt espouses. I thought it was cooler to think through what govt propaganda wants us to accept. It’s like nazi Germany, but without concentration camps for dissenters.

      • I can’t say that I disagree with them attacking Margaret Court. And I feel dirty saying that, but I don’t.

        I get it. Freedom of speech, opposing takes on political issues, yadda yadda yadda. But you should not be allowed to use, “freedom of speech” as an automatic defense when you’re being a dick. That’s not a justification to bully, belittle or abuse people.

        She’s not comfortable with the idea of same-sex marriage? Fine, whatever. She’s old and she’ll die soon and nobody cares.

        But c’mon. That silly old cow compared trans youth to Nazis and the Devil. That’s just not cool. There’s no defense to that. That’s just being an asshole, and nobody — nobody — has the right to do that.

        And there’s this odd idea that people are doing the same thing that she’s doing by attacking her … no. No no no. Margaret Court is attacking people for existing, for what consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their own homes, that has no bearing on how she lives her life in any way whatsoever. But what’s she’s actually saying has a very real impact on people who are already marginalised, victimised and generally treated like crap.

        I think people saying things like what she said? Don’t deserve an ounce of respect. I spent 20 years wanting to kill myself (and several times, actively trying. Anyone want to see the scars?) because of people like her. You’ll have to forgive me for how I feel.

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        • I’m all for public debate on “new” issues but gay rights and ever-increasing acceptance have been in the headlines for, what almost 50 years now in Western society? At what point do we say we need to keep hearing homophobic points of view? Do we still need to hear from racists about why white and black people should not go to the same schools? I am all for people with archaic views being shouted down loudly and swiftly.

          • Funnily enough, I agree completely. I know I’m not exactly objective about this, but you play the cards you’re dealt, right?

            The thing that really pisses me off about all this? Particularly when it came to that plebiscite nonsense? People talk about non-heteronormative types (like me, essentially) like it’s some kind of abstract concept, like it’s some fantasy. The rights of unicorns, or a particular subspecies of alien life forms. But we’re talking about people. We’re talking about human beings. Co-workers, neighbours, classmates, uncles, brothers, sons and daughters. You cannot – you cannot – expect people to sit there and listen to a constant, never-ending chorus, every day, about how there is something wrong with them, how they are inherently flawed as people, that they don’t matter like other people do … and then act shocked and surprised when they keep hanging themselves. And it makes me so mad because if people like Margaret Court could just walk in my shoes for a day … never mind the last twenty years … and really understand how this *feels*, then she might just feel differently about it.

            You know, I never used to care about gay marriage. It was never something that was on my radar, because when I was sixteen, I made the decision to be celibate. I thought I was doing the right thing, but in twenty years? All I got was angry and suicidal.

            Or maybe I’m just getting grumpy in my old age :). But it just makes me mad to use ‘freedom of opinion’ to excuse being a jerk. This hurts people, in a very real and dangerous way. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s just not okay.

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          • Geez, Windsong, whenever I read your comments I picture you as a unicorn with a sparkly purple mane, albeit one wearing an “I love Jordan” T-shirt. I’m devastated to find out you are a real person!!!

          • Although, to be fair, the guy I’m currently dating? Not only is he brilliant and adorable, but he’s got European ancestry (French and Welsh), and he can cook amazingly well. He made me apple and pear crumble on the weekend.

            Maybe those are my turn-ons? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • A quarter of Australians are still against, and they are not necessarily homophobic or racist. It’s the marriage bit most of those are against. I know that because some of ‘these people’ were supportive when the financial changes recognising gay partnerships went through. I think everyone has forgotten those and they were much more significant. And btw, their answer is that they are not swayed by populist views – after all, that just resulted in America getting Trump.
          I see no harm in a continued, open, polite discussion while we wait for the inevitable.
          And imho, if Labour had supported the plebiscite, we would be there now.

          • Ah, the plebiscite. What a schemozzle that was. It saddens me that we are so far ahead of the US in some ways and so behind it in others. Unfortunately Margaret Court is more than just anti-marriage; she refers to gay people using Hitler for their “propaganda” methods and says for 90 per cent of gay people their sexuality is a result of abuse. And if you are a transgender kid it’s because your parents didn’t care about you.

      • I am sorry if anyone takes Margaret Court’s views personally but I think it’s important that all sides and opinions are aired. If you don’t know what people are thinking then how can a counter argument be formed? And extreme views can make some people reassess their own thinking. Like the current discussion about autism and kids in schools – there are lots of people who started out on one side and are now on the other.
        Sometimes you don’t know how stupid an argument is until you hear it out loud. It is the things thought in the dark and discussed behind closed doors that are dangerous.
        I like Waleed because he is open to hearing all sides while disclosing his own opinion. So his bias is clear. None of this namby-pamby pretending.

  5. It’s really daggy, I know, but the older grandkids and I watch Murdoch Mysteries together. They love it. We play “who done it”, and we enjoy some of the science.
    They are staying here still, which is partly why I have been off air. The other reason is puppy training.

  6. There is a new thread sent in. But Juz might need time to get back and settle in from Fiji.
    Woolif and I will be off to Vietnam for a month (on Thursday), but I will still be online. You can let me know if Quinn ends up having to remove honey from Ridge’s penis. That damn spreadable honey. And don’t get them started on Nutella.
    Making sandwiches is less erotic in our kitchen. But we manage to get the spread onto the bread.
    I really want to see more home economics in Eric’s kitchen.

    • Thank goodness I was wearing overalls and raising kids and chickens in the 80s. No bad photos. I am so glad I missed the 80s although I did have big hair. But I was born with big hair. ๐Ÿ˜—

  7. Did a bit of baking again. Baby shower cake, inside was coconut cake (3 layers), a coconut panna cotta filling topped with fresh, thinly sliced nectarines in a passion fruit jelly.

    My hands were unfortunately too shaky when I drew on the cake though.^^

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      • Thanks. Was the 5th time now that I worked with fondant. Still having some troubles with cracks but at least I finally can apply it onto the cake without creating awful wrinkles on the bottom of the cake.
        For the stitching a finer paint brush would have been better but I had none.^^

  8. The cooking is all gorgeous. I am in such a rut now – feed the family and not much else. And the cooking shows aren’t delivering much inspiration this year. I can already poach an egg and make ice cream.
    Today I was super tired after a big week and we were out late at a swans game (yay!) and so I lazed around binge watching the Blacklist on Netflix. I am really enjoying it – am I late to the party? Has anyone else watched it?

    • We have 3 seasons on French Netflix and my boyfriend and me binge watched it through. Every night after work we enjoyed one more episode. Hopefully it doesn’t take ages until they have season 4…
      We also watched Designated Survivor, it’s not the best show but rather enjoyable. Nothing comparable to House of Cards (holy shit, that 5th season!!!). I was sick recently and binged through the new season of Orange is the New Black. Season 3 was so awful after the first 2 great seasons and I was about to give up, but 4 and 5 were AMAZING!

    • Nearly went to the game, Brusselsprout. I had been in the city all day at the Quilt show and was exhausted, so decided to go home, put on PJs and watch on telly.

      Better than a grand final.

  9. The ACT government has announced that it is going to ban greyhound racing in the ACT and the greyhound industry has been trolling all relevant (and irrelevant) websites. Those people are foul. I feel unclean. I have come here to get some ‘noiceness’ and cooking porn. Zhee’s cake is a delight and makes me feel that all is right with the world.

  10. We swim to applause…even though we are average swimmers. Just the luck of growing up in Australia.
    No really. The hotel guests are mostly Korean and they don’t hide their amazement at our aquatic prowess.Kind of fun when you only struggled to get your Junior.

  11. I watched Doctor Who. For me this was the best episode of the season. Not GREAT but better and I liked that someone is gone. Won’t write any more because don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

    I’m watching Orphan Black and am sad that this is the last season.

    Saw the Transformers movie. Bad…really bad. Disjointed, bad acting, just stupid. Probably the worse one of all of them. Time to put the Transformers movies to rest. The best parts were the Transformers fighting and Bumblebee just because I like the “Bee”.

  12. I told the manager here I wld recommend them. And it’s easy. 8f any of you are planning on coming to Vietnam and don’t mind including a quiet spot with lots of activities, but no fecking jet skis, try the Avani. It’s new and it’s beautiful.
    The verandah you see is from our room. And I think that’s my undies.

      • Sorry Brussel. It’s scorching here. I have an update…..the ocean cld be alot cleaner. Sadly it once would have been, but it’s the result of boats and townspeople putting their crap into it. I ended up swimming in the pool but I had it to myself.

  13. Something historic happened today in Germany: The Bundestag finally voted for marriage equality! *throws sequin confetti and glitter in the air*
    Kind of unbelievable that we still had no marriage for all… But the CDU (Merkel’s Christian and more or less ruling party for 12 years now) always opposed it. So now the other ruling party broke the coalition contract and ensured there will be a vote now. And they did it. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I guess I would have to take some. ๐Ÿ™‚ But we have now really bad weather for 2 days (lots of people whining now: But it is suuuuuuummeeeeeer!) now with tons of rain. I can take some pics though on Monday on my way to work – I have to admit, my way to work might be a rather pretty one!

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