1. I wish just for once Fiona and Nicole would do a reno with better motivation than just sticking it to their competitors. Do it for the love of it, for satisfaction or even just for the prize but not pure malice!

  2. Why do people continual use their kids for an excuse. An open plan concept does not make your kids safer.

    Personally, Harry and Kate are more annoying than Fiona and Nicole.

  3. There’s a lovely touch to the fact that everybody has picked either Fiona and Nicole, or Troy and Bec’s zones, to redo.

    And lord knows, most of them needed it.

  4. Fiona and Nicole’s strategy of screwing up everyone’s renos seems to be working! Although I don’t know they will do too fab in their own house with a 4 rod trip.

    • Yeah, I can’t help the thought that they built the wall in Kate and Harry’s house to withstand a ground-zero nuclear detonation … purely to cause the team trouble when it came to the, “fix the room you don’t like” round.

      Still, I have to say, I think Kate and Harry’s place looks so much nicer without the wall, and with the softer pink paint on the wall. It surprised me, but it looked so much better.

    • Did they truly have a strategy or is it that they just didn’t know what they were doing or thought that they knew best so forget about the homeowners’ wishes?
      The fix up they are doing to their own house doesn’t look like much although they removed that horrible rusty artwork created by stylist king Troy. The way they moved the furniture around in the kid’s room does not look like much of an improvement. They are blocking part of the window. I think when it comes to styling and design they are generally clueless.

      • As far as the boys room went and just moving the furniture around, I think they are as delusional Troy thinking the judges will be happy with just that!

    • I don’t know if that was a true strategy to ruin all the renos, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Every team except themselves and Aaron and Daniella (and i think its becasue the wall is technically in the master bedroom zone) is choosing to do the Fiona and Nicole zone.

      However at Kate and Harrys it also wouldn’t surprise me if they left the wall because of how long it would take to knock it down (i’m assuming the wall was there all along as i can’t imagine they would have built a brick wall), but Ch7 made it in to a bigger drama. I also think for at least the grumps first reno (Kate and Harrys) and even some of Andrew and Jonos, they just focused on what they wanted to do, thinking ‘good design’ (i use that term losely as they don’t have good design skills) would over ride the home owners wishes… i think after Andrew and Jono’s renos they realised they needed to listen to the house rules and home owners wants / needs to get points.

      It looks from the promo they get ripped to shreads about something they did, maybe something in the laundry. So if it really was a strategy it hasn’t really worked anyways because it looks like they will be going home after this round.

      Also i read elsewhere that the house Fiona and Nicole are reno’ing is a holiday house…

      • The wall was already there, but it would have been much easier to take down during the whole house demo. I think they just couldn’t be bothered.

        Kate and Harry needed Chip Gaines to do the demo.

  5. Meanwhile, when Aaron was tearing down the bedroom wall with his bare hands, muscles all rippling and sweaty, was that working for anybody else? Just me then? Fair enough.

    And now that Troy and Bec are gone, I’m reminded of just how bloody annoying the Grumpians are. Even working on a job site with none of the other teams, they’re still super irritating. You’d think that would make things better, but it really didn’t.

    • Well now, I was fixated on Aaron’s biceps for a while, to see what he’d had tattooed there. Took a while to freeze those guns. I thought initially it was “Wham” but it’s “Wiater”. That may mean “wind”, perhaps a symbol of freedom in youth….but it takes on a a more unpleasant significance as one matures. Blow that out your arse, Aaron.

  6. These teams would be better off just getting on with their work rather than constantly making comments about other teams. HK it’s a done deal so just shut up already. Grumpians, enough with your comments, too, etc.

  7. I don’t get why the wowee master suite rule is interpreted as “open to the ensuite”. I actually think it does look better in this configuration without the wall, but I just don’t see it as a given that to be wowee or whatever the word is, LOL, it must be open. Have I missed a design edict somewhere?

    • They will really regret that decision when the kids get a bit older. A lock on the ensuite door was one of the best renovations we have done in our house. I don’t see any luxury in the open bathroom at all.

      And why are they bothering building a new screen when they actually liked the one Nicole built? Waste of time.

    • I will never understand ‘open ensuite” but i can only assume at some point Dee and Aaron have told all the other teams thats what they wanted.. i think they did a no door ensuite in one of the other renos.
      If you looked upclose the screen the girls made was terribly put together. Better to have a carpenter do a proper job. I think they are using a very similar design thou.

  8. Thank goodness I taped the show and every time the Grumps appeared I could fast forward and didn’t have to continue to listen to them after the first and second time. Change the record for goodness sakes.
    Painting the hall, removing the bikes etc and changing the furniture and the doona cover in her sons room will not satisfy the judges I don’t think.
    The twins don’t seem to be going too well, I hope it all turns out ok for them.
    What about their bar? What a shocker, the poor boys.

  9. The boys should have been allowed a helper to do the heavy lifting as his arm must be very painful.
    I don’t like the Grumpians but I get that because they live miles from town it definitely would be harder to get their shopping done within 24 hours. Hopefully they are gone next.

  10. Dear Ch 7,
    loose lips sink ships.

    Is the local rumour I heard about which teams are in the HR Grand Final true? It’ll be another disappointment if it is.

      • I never believe rumours or spoilers, Maz. Sometimes I read them , sometimes not.

        If it pleases some to post it, it could be posted with suitable warning if and when Juz okays it.

        It’s as reliable as anything in New Idea , so ……

        It was blurted out over the phone to me without warning, so I had no choice. Is it true? I don’t know design or have big balls.

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          • SPOILER !!!!!!!!

            According to rumour,the Grand Finalists are SA and TAS

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          • Not a surprise when you consider the distance from Melbourne once the VIC and NSW teams are eliminated.

            Also when they were judging one of the chosen teams’ redo LLB mentioned they had their ‘instructions’.

  11. Interesting so far. I like what Sean and Ella did. Not so sure about Kate and Harry – yes it’s now open plan and less cluttered, but it’s also boring – not to mention poor Kate Moss tossed in the corner. The Grumps were too focused on their feud with the departed bogans. The new bedroom layout is awful – furniture covering a window – yuk. And that poor kid needs to crawl his way up from the foot of the bed to lay down since the desk blocks off the top half of the bed. Those red niches in the blue hallway were one of the few things the Bogans did that I liked.
    As for Aaron and D – yes the space looks much airier and roomier but I can’t get past the privacy issues. I don’t care how close a couple is there are things that happen in bathrooms that you just don’t want to witness, or be witnessed.

  12. A lot of unflattering camera shots of the Grumpians’ rear haunches. May not like them, but a little unfair to show the worst possible angles etc.

    • I thought they did a fantastic job. I wasn’t keen on the wallpaper (nice design, but I just don’t care much for wallpaper in general), but everything else looked really good. And I loved the running joke of Laurence looking for the alcohol.

      For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Gold Coast couple wanted an open bathroom. I don’t care of the bedroom looks small, it’s a bathroom. To be fair, the toilet was tucked away in its own little water closet (which I love and is something I would always want in any house I ever lived in), but still. Privacy. Yikes.

      With Kate and Harry, maybe they did forget they were in a competition, but I still think they were probably pretty glad to get rid of that bloody wall.

  13. I think the only fix up I liked was the twins.
    I am also not a fan of wallpaper but it was a good solution for the time they had.

    i noticed the judges comment that most of the teams picked Fiona and Nicole’s zone to fix up and wonder if that factored in to scoring and helped send them home.

    • We wondered that, too. But it was 3-2 because Aaron and Daniella’s choice was Troy’s as well. But you could argue that the wall was the ONLY problem with the bedroom, whereas “the wall” at Kate and Harry’s purely hid the horrendous styling.

      I loved that the judges didn’t hold back when describing the awful features that had been fixed – the grumpians didn’t like that at all.

      Lawrence was awesome in this show, but I liked Drew starting to stand up for his opinion as well.

  14. Lawrence is so funny and very outspoken. I like that he doesn’t hold anything back.

    Twins definitely did the best fix up.

    The Grumpians continued to be delusional. What were they thinking with that hanging in the hallway. Looked like it belonged in a wedding or a bridal shower. Horrible furniture layout in the kid’s bedroom. Bed should be on wall opposite graffiti and they could have purchased a different desk and chair. That desk too big for the room and the chair looks very uncomfortable.
    Understood what the judges were saying regarding Kate & Harry focusing on the wall but that wall totally took away from their open plan living. However they could have put more personal touches in the lounge/living room, used a color other than pink and dressed the window.


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