House Rules – Sun, Jun 4 & Mon, Jun 5

It’s room reveal and judging time. Well, I think. I’m out of the country and wrote this two weeks ago. Perhaps I should say it’s “see an adult chuck a toddler tanty” and then proclaim to know more about design than design professionals.



  1. We’re about to see a modern remake of The Fall Of Troy tonight.

    Biggest UK/ Aust drama of ill will since the Bodlyline Tour of 1932. Let the games begin.

    Troy’s tombstone will read~ “He knew design”

  2. I’m starting to think Troy just wants Bec’s free labour to help him win the prize, then he’ll probably dump her or drive her away…. she’s doing this for him and she’ll wind up with nothing. However, she’s learned to be just as nasty so whatevs

    • I was thinking the same thing. Obviously they were never in with a chance to win the $200,000, but Troy will at least get a renovated home, even though he is still complaining about it. She’ll have nothing but the disrespect of the public.

      • Troy can chop her up and flush her down the now functioning shithouse. I’ve seen 48 Hours enough times to know how it ends.

  3. They seem to be rushing through the room reveals tonight, I guess because they want to get back to the studio and have LLB and Troy start yelling at each other.

    I really think the teams could’ve done an amazing job with Aaron and Daniella’s house, but the time constraints (and the sheer size of the house) guaranteed nobody could really do a good job. Let alone that one of the teams was just one guy (through no fault of their own).

  4. I think that Troy and Bec will be eliminated. The Grumps zone is better than The Bogans, and the gym should be the final nail in the coffin for them.

  5. So Troy says “Hand on heart, we were always going to have a wall” Really ? Because I distinctly remember Bec snarling, “They’ve stolen space from us. We’re puttin up a wall”

  6. I think it’s a pretty damning indictment of the renovation, when the judges unanimously agree that the frickin’ hallway is the highlight of the house. The bloody hallway. And it was 1 of 2 hallways, at that.

  7. I do think Drew was trying too hard, this episode, to be the Mean Judge. He’s had no personality this whole series, and all of a sudden he’s a super-hard marker.

    The scoring this season has been weird, anyway. But it felt like a reason for contrived drama, and lord knows, we get enough of that already.

    • I thought his comment about the star certificates in Brooklin’s bedroom were particularly unfair. He dismissed them as boring artwork that he couldn’t be bothered to walk over and look at. They weren’t there as artwork. I loved the idea of buying a star. Really appealed to my inner geek.

  8. It’s getting pretty hard work to watch, hey? The ratio of faux drama & horrible people to fun designs and grateful homeowners is completely off.

    Reveals used to be my fun part but this was lack lustre and boring. Could hardly be bothered watching.

    • Ch 7 had “designed” tonight’s ep backloaded with ads for the last half hour for five or less precious minutes of Troy’s attempt at hissing some repartee back at the judges.

      Happy to see the bogan battlers Troy and Bec flushed to the coast tomorrow night.

      • Yeah, I think the odds are good that they’ll get a fail for the bonus room, and get punted from the competition tomorrow night. On the down side, we’re still stuck with the Grumpians. On the plus side, no Bogans. And not before time.

  9. Troy still thinks he is the king of design. LOL
    This was the last reno and, IMHO, it was far from the best. I didn’t like most of what was done. The judges loved the ambo’s hallway but to me it looked like a claustrophobic corridor in an office building. Most of the rooms were just boring and bland. I liked the furniture the Grumpians chose for the kid’s room and thought the name a star posters on wall were clever but the room lacked personality. As for the workout room, that was horrible and if A & D give it a 5 I will be shocked. -5 for bonus room = bye bye TB. Too bad they can’t take the Grumpians with them.
    Dining room looked cramped but that was because the twins did not stand up for themselves. Pantry looked cramped, too, and they knew it but they couldn’t get the extra space.
    Nothing in that home stood out. No cohesiveness or continuity, no design flow.

  10. I did not like the finished result of this reno at all… way too much wallpaper and feature timber walls for me.
    The bathroom wall in the master suite, do people really think luxury is being able to see the bedroom from the bathroom and vice versa? i couldn’t think of anything worse! And I almost think the judges would have criticized which ever result wall or no wall.
    The kids bedrooms looked so bland.
    The kitchen did look massive. The pantry looks like it belongs to a different kitchen. The size of the dining room in proportion to the kitchen wasn’t right. One of the couches (not the green one), looks like it would be very uncomfortable.
    I liked the direction Kate and Harry were going with the playroom but the cubby just didn’t look right, also i felt the room looked really dark.
    I will be shocked if the bonus room gets a pass.

    • They actually got a pass for the bonus room, which I thought was surprising (it was all the mirrors for Aaron. That’s what got them over the line). But the whole house came up really badly.

      It was mismatched and tacky and pretentious … but then, they were told to channel the Gold Coast. Eeek.

  11. I honestly don’t even watch Sunday nights now because it will all get replayed back tonight and then you get both sets of scores too.

    The thing about this season I haven’t liked the most is the space wars all.the.time. like the house is only so big and just because it is ‘your’ zone does not mean you need to get as possible, just sooo childish, blergh I hate watching it.

  12. The house renovation was pretty average.
    I haven’t like any of the renovated rooms this season. In past seasons there were always at least 2 couples that were talented but this season has been woeful. I think the couple that are ambulance parimedics and the twins are the best out of a bad bunch.

  13. Yes, its been awful this year, I remember in another series how much effort was put into kid’s bedrooms such as that Alice in wonderland theme with a little hole cut in the wall between the two kids’ bedrooms, so cute.
    I do think that score of 3 was a bit mean and low for Troy and Bec ( not that I like them ) Drew has turned from a mouse to a lion, trying to compete with LLB maybe?
    I prefer the male judge with the colourful pants from the previous years, changing the format has been a disaster. Nothing wrong with the way it was done before.
    All the hype and editing was a big let down as usual, Troy’s remarks were aimed more at Drew than LLB. Arguing with judges is a big non no.

    • That judge was Joe Snell.
      They should go back to the previous format: no bonus room, teams don’t assign rooms, no statement piece, judges shouldn’t know which teams did which zone, homeowners’ and judges’ scoring in one episode and not spread out over two.

      • I completely agree, it used to be such a heart warming fun show.
        Also wasn’t really fair that the girls ( not that I like them either ) didn’t get to do a kitchen. It was much fairer when Jo allocated the zones making sure they all had a turn at something different.

  14. Oh no – sucked in again! Promised so much but the editing delivered a completely different story.
    Maybe I zoned out at some stage but was there any mention of the WIRs, one for Aaron by S&E and the other for Daniella by F&N?

    • Hey that’s weird – one of my colleagues just said the same thing. We went to the house rules site and there are pictures there of WIRs – but either we missed them or they weren’t shown. BIZARRE. This season just confuses me completely – all that time on reveal episodes and they don’t actual reveal??

      • Could see part of the WIR but they didn’t reveal it.
        Drew rationalized the score for TB with his averaging excuse. These judges should not know who did which zone. I wonder what he would have scored that zone if he didn’t know it was done by TB. I’m not a fan of this team but 3 was way too harsh.

      • I’m surprised he didn’t take a swing at Aaron when he ended up being the team that got eliminated.

        Oh wait, Troy only picks fights with people smaller than him. Got it. Never mind.

  15. Twins definitely need to stand up for themselves more. I am pleased Harry got told off for being greedy about space and wiped tha grin off his face momentarily. He was determined not to give the boys an inch for the dining room or the butlers pantry, that will teach him to be greedy.
    I will be so happy to see one of thos obnoxious couples leave tonight. I cannot even say who I dislike the most.
    The Grumps are just pure nasty and the Bogans are entirely pig ignorant.
    The whole house failed to overwhelm and I think the homeowners, when they have a chance to sit back and take stock will be very disappointed.

    • I think it’s super lame having so much floor space in the kitchen and then have the tiniest of butler’s pantries off to the side, what’s the point?!

  16. It kind of looks like from the promo I just saw that the Battlers and the Grumps will be back to make over a room that they hated. So is anyone getting eliminated?

  17. Troy and Bec shtruggled so much to spell “Jaxon” , they had a bob each way and went for “Jaxson”. Youse idiots..

    Great place to store boxing gloves….on the floor of the :”gym”.

    • I hate saying anything even vaguely supportive of Troy and Bec, but Jaxon with an ‘x’ is definitely a crime ๐Ÿ™‚
      My son’s kindy friend was called Alicia – so i wrote the birthday card as i imagined it was spelt and the mother delivered a gentle slap that I got it wrong, as it was “Aleesha”.
      Right then I knew I was a terrible snob.

  18. I really feel its unfair that the twins lost points for unfinished parts when it was through no fault of their own. If someone is sick or injured on site they should be able to request some labour assistance just out of fairness!

    • “I’m upper, upper class high society
      God’s gift to ballroom notoriety
      And I always fill my ballroom
      The event is never small
      All the social papers say I’ve got the biggest balls of all”

      “Big Balls”~ AC/DC

  19. And so, Troy and Bec are sent packing, by one point. Good riddance to the pair of them. Unfortunately, we’re still stuck with the Grumpians, so it’s not like we’ve all come out ahead.

    I liked one of the live tweets that popped up during the episode, about a viewer not knowing whether Aaron was dressed as a figure skater or a waiter. Looking at Aaron, all I was thinking was ‘male stripper’, but then that’s generally what I’m thinking when I’m looking at Aaron.

    Apparently this week’s New Idea has an article with Fiona confessing to some tragic secret. “When you learn this about me, you won’t hate me!” What are the odds on that one, Fiona, because I’m pretty sure I still will?

  20. Don’t like the fact that they don’t have a card for passing or failing the bonus. Instead they know whose it is and then can decide if they want to pass or fail it. I can’t believe they passed it but maybe they were hoping that by giving TB the 5 points the Grumpians would be eliminated.
    Guess we will miss out on some high class and talented design skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. I am kind of sorry to see Troy and Bec go, I find Troy’s delusions far more amusing than the machinations and paranoia of the Grumpians and they seem more amenable as onsite workmates than F & N, I am biased as I cannot forgive them for their first lounge and The Wall, none of their subsequent work was impressive but it is unfair that they never got a kitchen. T&B had both a kitchen and a full bathroom.
    I do not blame the teams not entrusting a kitchen or bathroom to F&N after seeing their first efforts and their mean minded judging, it invited strategic allocations to them after that.

    I checked out some 5* hotels in the Bahamas and none of the en suites were open to the bedrooms, all had walls and looked fairly cramped. Is it an Australian thing? I thought their bedroom looked bland and the WIRs were awful, very little hanging space for Daniella’s clothes.

    Sorry to go on so much, last point: the rooms and kitchens in particular all seem very lacking in electrical power points.The mystery of ironing boards in Laundry rooms was solved in this episode but none of the previous ones had a possible place.

    • I don’t even keep my ironing board in the laundry, it’s in the spare bedroom in the back of the house. I’m guessing occasionally people spread their ironing boards out through the house, which is why we didn’t always see them in laundry’s.

      • I have given this a lot of thought – aren’t i sad? I think it comes down to how you like to iron – either just before you need it you whip over one thing, or do the lot in a big batch. I’m a big batch type and can’t bear baskets of clothes hanging around, so when we built our house two years ago I did a purpose-built cupboard for the ironing board that is in a hallway off the family room. I quite like ironing, but need to have TV or distraction while ironing and I definitely didn’t want to be stuck in the laundry. So in my plan we can easily drag out the iron and plough through the lot. The builder thought i was insane, and thought it should have been in laundry, but given I knew how we were going to use it we did it my way.
        But i do understand that this style wouldn’t suit the kind of person who wants to have the iron up and just run in and do a shirt before work.

    • I’ve managed to get by pretty easily without an ironing board. It’s not as essential as a flushing toilet, for example.

      • Growing up, I used to think ironing must’ve been the most awful chore in the world. But now that I’m an adult, I actually quite enjoy it. I mean, I’m not great at it (and I figure that it’s probably pretty torturous if you have to do a really good job of it), but I actually find it a quite pleasant household task, which surprised me.

  22. LOL, my ironing board is so rarely used it is 35 years old, handy for hanging a rubbish bag on as dog can open pedal bins and pull over other types.

    Designer and body builder Troy would not agree about flushing toilets. ๐Ÿ™‚

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