1. It doesn’t worry me who wins and who gets eliminated from this point on, since we’re left with the four teams who actually seem like decent, likeable people.

    And tonight apparently Cyclone Debbie tries to kill them. Damn it Debbie, you couldn’t have shown up about two weeks earlier?

    • I feel like Cyclone Debbie had actually been watching this season, and so she took desperate measures to shut it down. Unfortunately, she was about a week late because the worst couples have already been eliminated.

      Wow. The houses themselves turned on the contestants, and now Mother Nature herself is venting her fury. Way to go, Grumpians and Bogans. Your obnoxiousness has managed to piss off the entire planet. Literally.

  2. Did I miss the memo? Since when is baby pink a good design choice, except for a baby?

    Can’t believe that the stylish double deck in Tassie is having a pink wall.

    I like the boys’ stepped decking to the front porch. Of course, all the major features were already planned, designed, and through council weeks before – verandah, decking, carport, driveways etc. I hope the judges take this into account, and only judge on the things that were the decision of the teams.

    • Council obviously had a say in that deck size. It is way too small, it should continue across under the kitchen window to facilitate a pass though, it could then accommodate a bbq between the two windows, it looks thoroughly underdone.

  3. Yes, I am not enjoying the choice of pink, especially not on the external wall.
    Really feel for the teams doing the Qld house, battling cyclone Debbie looks like production didn’t want to get in the way of good tv and won’t be giving the teams even a chance to clean up before the clock starts again which i think is unfair.

    • I totally agree Erin. They should have stopped way earlier than they did. TV is exempt from so many OHS etc restrictions. It’s crazy. But I guess, these people literally sign their lives away for a few bucks.

  4. Really enjoying the House Reveals from past series of HR. Nice to see most of the faces from the past, even the ones I didnt care much for then. More recent contestants make them seem nowhere near as unlikeable! Some of those designs were fantastic, really original. I don’t think the new series designs are really hitting that level I’m afraid, but I partly blame the additional time pressures in this series for that.
    Always good to see Adams winning smile again 😀

    • It sounds like I didn’t miss anything. The weather’s been miserable here today so I went and got some Subway, and then watched some DVDs.

  5. I sat down excitedly to watch the reveals from the past…and after ten minutes switched the MC. I found the show boring, mainly I think it was just a succession of homeowners tears. And no sign of Lawrence, who was prominent in the promo.

    I would have liked a more ‘analysed’ show – why did each zone work, what were the best features etc ? Instead they just spliced the reveals back together.

    • I also tried watching but it was very boring so I gave up. Why all the filler this season? Not just this reveal garbage but also extending judging to 2 days and then repeating what’s happened in previous episodes over and over again.

    • Agree tried to watch last night and couldn’t get through it – and i barely watched the early seasons originally. It was interesting to see the design styles change over the years thou.
      Clearly not much actual drama going on if they have time in each episode to keep giving recaps.

      • I came to watch it as Masterchef was so woeful and couldn’t bear this either! What is wrong with TV these days? We ended up watching the socceroos. . . sigh. . .

  6. If there is no drama going on, maybe they could in the time with some oh, here’s a thought, renovation! Maybe we could see something other than a five second discussion in a sponsor shop. Maybe we could watch the tradies seek direction (maybe this doesn’t happen!). I’m a foolish dreamer I know.

    • Spot on. It is getting to the point where the rooms are too much of a surprise at reveal – nothing looks familiar from the weekday episodes.

    • Yes, this is the reason i only watch room reveal night on The Block now too.
      The problem is the tv execs have this ridiculous thought process that they have to create a product similar to what is on offer on other channels in the same timeslot to attract viewers but not keep the viewers they’ve always had. i remember reading that when The Block was in the same timeslot as Home and Away, they thought they needed to create a show similar to Home and Away (i.e. fake drama). what they don’t seem to realise is they were losing all the viewers that actually wanted to see renovations etc and had no interest in Home and Away in the first place!

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