• Yes. He is going to mentor the contestants! Not just an appearance like Reynold or Elena

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  1. We flicked the channel to the Dr and then over to HR to see Fiona been eliminated and both times we return to MC, we see Tamara bitching that the judges don’t like her fish ‘wings’. FFS. Talk about over exposure.

  2. Gary has such a mean look on his face when he turns from the food alter as George refers to their bench. He was just about sneering after Rays review.
    I thought Diana deserved the pin more than Carly. Can’t stand the croaky strained voice on Carly – she’s annoying.
    Eloise’s hair is getting its own postcode, it’s getting ridiculously elevated. Will be calling her The Fonz soon. Michelle is also fine in very small doses – her cutesy pie little girl act is starting to grate.

    • No chance in hell Diana would get the pin. George hates her (and all accountants).

      The only chance that some contestants have is when the judges are in awe of a guest judge and defer to their better judgement.

    • Agree that Diana’s dish deserved the power pin.
      Can’t believe they chose the Sam’s and Ray’s ice cream dishes as 2 of the top 3 in the mystery box. What is it with ice cream this season?

    • Judges again show favoritism to some contestants. We didnt see what Ben or Callan cooked in the invention test..

      Michelle was heroing the noodles in her dish? Judges were complimenting her on her noodles. I thought they have to showcase the 3 core ingredients. Yes, Michelle did showcase the kingfish by just piling big pieces on the noodles and judges didnt comment on it.

  3. It was clear that Carly was destined for the pin. And stupid bloody Gary looked so upset when he had to announce that Tamara was in the bottom 3 and yet almost gleeful when it was Ray or Arum. Gary and George are both really horrid they started to believe their own press. Back when Gary was on Ready, Steady, Cook he seemed quite a decent fellow but that was a long time ago.

  4. Diana is too serious and doesn’t smile enough for the camera…. but her biggest problem is…. she doesn’t suck up to the judges!

  5. Silly Nicole picked up the hot pan & burnt her hand.
    Blue cheese ice cream. I can’t think of anything more revolting.
    Must have broken the judges hearts to put Tamara in the bottom 4. Fish wings. What the fuck are they?
    Good on Karlie winning the pin. Let’s see if it does her any good.

  6. Seriously, someone has to remove all ice cream machines. This seems to be the year of ice creams – you give them savoury ingredients, and they’ll still make one!
    And like clockwork, someone burns themselves every year. You’d think Barbie would know by now (seeing she’s a medical receptionist) to run her hand under cold water immediately instead of flailing around, calling for a nurse? Sure enough, she recovers miraculously enough to serve up a couple of pathetic little tacos, which the judges just loved, of course.

    And why do they toy with us? There’s no hope of Tamara being eliminated.

    • And the ad with Tamara saying “There’s heaps of pressure on me today.” Yes dear, it’s all about you and there’s no pressure on the other three. I wonder what it’s like to have the sun shining out of one’s ass?

      • Insufferable, hey?
        I can barely watch, record it and flip through to see what happened. Don’t appear to have missed much, lol.

    • Nothing wrong with fish tacos but that was far from impressive, not an MC dish especially at this time in the competition and it was silly the way the stooges & Curtis raved over them.

      • And don’t forget she’s young blonde and pretty, a definite advantage with the dirty old men …oops I mean judges.

  7. I had to fast forward through the middle part of this episode. I had no interest watching them cook during the invention test especially after they chose Sam’s and Ray’s bleu/blue cheese ice cream dish as 2 of the top 3 and gave the win to Sam. Diana should have won the mystery box and she should have received the power pin. In fact it looked like there were other dishes more interesting than Sam’s and Ray’s that could have been chosen as one of the top 3.

    I don’t expect that Tamara will be eliminated so another guy leaving. Are they planning on eliminating all of the guys?

    Contestants too over the top when a guest chef arrives. Sam said that Curtis being there made him weak in the knees. LOL

  8. I’m just starting to watch – not sure why I bother. But Tamara gave me a giggle at her reaction to Curtis Stone – “I’m absolutely memorised”. Rest of the girls were mesmerised.

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    • I found a great reality show the ABC called Croc College. People compete to get a job catching Saltwater Crocodiles. Feel the “pressure ” of that, amatas.

    • Ch 10 were broke before Ma$terchef….now this is a disaster of even larger proportion.

      I’m 15 minutes into the encore and feel like I should be on suicide watch.

      Sing it again , Casey

      “Down , down, ratings are down”

      This could be the final curtis.

  9. Food altar, George? Food altar? I don’t know what delusion took George over on Easter Sunday, but I think it’s time he got some professional help with it.

    Or maybe the contestants should genuflect when they approach the judges. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about the dish they present, since they’d have shown the proper obeisance.

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