MasterChef – Guess the Ingredient – June 8

Tonight it’s another guessing game – let’s hope it’s not as much a fizzer as the cubed ingredient one was a few weeks back.



      • I’ll watch the encore tomorrow as usual but if it looks like Tamara gets booted, will be checking here and watch it happen..

        Juggling 3 games of sport atm.

  1. The look on Gary’s face when Tamara got it wrong, the epitome of disappointment. There’s no way she’s going home if he’s got anything to do with it, but I can only hope she stuffs up so badly that it’s not possible for them to even pretend she should stay.

  2. Wish a contestant would call George out for his staunch anti-intellectualism. Why do the contestants continually have to justify going to uni.

  3. When they cut the tart, the filling ie nectarine just fell off. It is not a tart. There is no where you can eat the tart with hands. Everything will fall off

      • It was definitely Yotam that saved Arum. He was very firm in his opinion that Arum had the best dish despite the priming from Gary to opine otherwise.

    • They don’t even try to hide their favouritism. They knew all about Tamara’s background but had to ask Arum whether he had a partner.

    • That’s a really good point LP. But they’ll tell you how much they’ve “grown as cooks” on this “journey”.

  4. He he he. Didnt show whether the Scotch eggs got oozing yolk.

    Last week I did cooked the eggs for 6 mins and plunged into ice water. The eggs were not really cooked when I peeled.

  5. Awww … one of my final three picks eliminated! Bye, Headband Samuel! Coincidentally a pic of him popped up on my Facebook feed as I was watching the show. He’s doing a fermentation demo tonight here at an Adelaide market

  6. Except for the obvious ones, I wouldn’t have known what half of those things were. When that guy guessed trout, it was easy for the next person as it was obviously salmon.
    I thought when they said the tart had not enough filling & too much pastry that he would be going.

  7. Last seasons Masterchef was so much better than this years very average offering and I think that reflects how poor the current ratings are. I’m not sure if the viewers are getting over fatigued by too many reality shows or we are just becoming more savvy to the obvious manipulations by unscrupulous producers.

    I only watched the last 5 minutes of the elimination episode last night and knew that Tamara would never be chosen for elimination.
    Like The Biggest Loser, My Kitchen Rules and the current season of House Rules – they are all starting to smell on the nose.

      • I think the viewers are sick of all the fake acting and favouritism from the judges.

        Also the show has gone over the top with all these rediculous pressure tests. In the old days, we can still try to recreate the dishes and the ingredients are easily available. Now you need to go to speciality stores to buy those strange ingredients.

    • I was intending to watch everything except the immunity pins (which I have always hated) but have now droppd off to only watching when I come across it. The main reason, I think, is the chosen anointing of the pretty young blondes as favourites once again. I really can’t tolerate another Georgia seaon.

      On the other hand, HR has become a not-to-be-missed part of the week.

  8. None of those dishes were outstanding. 2 ice creams, 2 tarts, 2 caramel sauces. With all of the ingredients they had available to them I was surprised (but I shouldn’t have been) that there was a lack of creativity. Tamara’s tart was really not a tart. Of course, she was not going to be eliminated. They all should have been eliminated for lack of any innovation/creativity. This season is a big yawn. It’s great to be able to watch later and fast forward.

    Thought it was funny that when the stooges & Yotem talked amongst themselves they were concerned about Tamara’s dish but when they went over to her bench they just raved about how the nectarines looked and what she was doing.

    Identify the ingredient: I’ve posted this in the past and think it’s the fairer way of doing it….hand out paper and pencil to the contestants and let them list the ingredients. The ones with the fewest number correct go to elimination.

    • Remember, Smythe, for a few years they would bring in a pot of bouillabaisse or similar and give them a few minutes to taste and look. Then they had two minutes to list as many ingredients as they could. That was always fun because I would yell at the TV “salt, pepper, oil, you idiots!”.

    • Yes, LP. I remember one year it was bolognese sauce and an Italian woman lost. Can’t remember the rest. And also when they did simple challenges like “make the best satay dish”, which Marion Grasby lost. Not that it did her any harm; her meal base range seems to be doing well. I think they need to ditch these elaborate challenges and go back to simple ones. They can save the four-hour dessert challenges for finals week.

      • Marion’s Lumpy Satay is all I recall .Wouldn’t it be great if Tamara or Eloise went out with a whimper like that?

        • I remember that there was an elimination where they had to taste and fix a curry dish.
          I would like to see a vegan challenge…..much harder than a vegetarian one.

      • They did have a basic challenge years ago where they had to do perfect mashed potato. And another time they had to do eggs benedict. One guy only did one egg as he ran out of time & George was most offended. Where’s the other egg he asked. It was hilarious.

        • That was the year when they went too basic. Didnt they have a masterclass on how to boil eggs. That was the year when Masterchef went downhill.

          • Gary gave a Ma$terclarse. 10 minutes for perfect Ma$terchef egg. I boil it longer. My dog salivates over it.

            Andy couldn’t boil an egg but he soared with eagles to win Ma$terchef.

            Curtis week ahead.

  9. must be painful sitting through this season BDD. I only lasted 5 minutes on a ‘team challenge’ the other night. dead boring, even worse than the season they did panna cottas all the time

  10. Anyone who feeds and encourages possums has to go. So adios Gaia boy.
    I honestly thought they were looking to ditch Arum.
    They gave us a bit of a ‘scare’ (or hope) when Tamara made the bottom 3, but we always knew it was bit of a joke, just a tease – she could’ve put up a tin of baked beans to be safe. Her co-annoyance, Eloise, was crying and practically hysterical at the prospect of losing the Tammy, but all is well now.
    I so look forward to the pair of them giving us more of their insightful, giddy observations.
    And anyone who likes the sound of fingernails on a blackboard will love Tamara’s voice.

  11. According to promo, thers is a chance for 1 eliminated contestant to return to MC.

    Also there is going to have the Power Pin. Another silly idea like the Power Apron. With the pin, you get extra 15 mins to cook

    • Some of these amatas would need an extra 15 years….

      “Never mind the culinary mess you’re in,
      $hine have gifted you with the Power Pin”

    • Power pin….why? How does 15 extra mins = power pin? Where’s the power? 15 mins is insignificant especially with this group. It takes some of them at least 20 mins to decide what to cook.
      Wonder what they have to do to get the power pin.
      Are they going to be doing the power apron again, too?

      • Yeah, that guy the other week had an extra 30 mins & took 20 mins to think up what to cook. So only really had 10 mins head start as the others had that 30 mins to think up what to cook & what ingredients/equipment they would need.

        • Those extra minutes are useless because the rest can use the time to plan their dish.

          Unless you dont need to tell the judges and the rest at the start of the challenge that you are using the pin. But you can use it towards the end of the challenge. Then it is definitely an advantage.

          • The awesome Ma$terchef Power Pin just gives the amata more time to ruin the dish. It’s a “massive disadvantage”

  12. I think that putting ridiculous time limits in order to elevate the drama, is contributing to the boring results. There is always a limit to what can be done in an hour. Why not give a three-hour invention, and then raise the expectations of what should be achieved in that time. Maybe then would an icecream be considered too basic/easy, and we might see some hot desserts, pressure-cooker meals. It might sort out those who definitely don’t have the creativity, but who have effectively learnt to use a machine that does everything for you.

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