• Yes LP, he is consistently “strugglin’ for ideas” and “got nothin’ going through my mind”.
      I was going to give up watching (I know I’ve said that before) but I’ll stick with it for Yotam.
      I’m really over Eloise and Tamara – why do we have to hear from them all the time and in such detail. They both come across as completely fake.

  1. I’d like to see Diana win the amunity pin but does she really stand a chance against the judge’s pet.
    The ad for tomorrow suggests Eloise ‘slips’ so I’m assuming it is too much to hope she really is her leaving.

  2. What obnoxious pricks the judges are – so two faced, trying to appear charming in front of the guest. Filthy side glances at some of the contestants, they disgust me. The guest is lovely.

  3. Guest chef is so lovely.
    But I’m disappointed that he wasted his nice manners and kind words on comforting Eloise for her rancid tomato.

    George must be very upset that her pretentiousness precluded taking his clear instruction to not steam a tomato!

  4. Oh my God, how many times are someone going to forget to turn some equipment on. It should be the first thing they do.
    It looks like the advantage curse is over. That’s 2 weeks they haven’t been in the bottom 3.
    Kara had an extra half hour to cook, but they all had half an hour to think up what to cook..

      • Yes I agree with you Lulu – usually it’s some ridiculous thing like choosing between a bunch of different proteins – I have rarely seen the “advantage” translate into something actually helpful.
        But having super nice and intelligent guest chef (I refuse to say his name as they said it plenty of times for all of us last night) genuinely mentor and offer advice – now that IS an advantage!

  5. So Nicole can’t pronounce gnocchi and says ‘nocki.’ She’s been the only one kept in the background so far; it’s clear that she can’t cook and is only there for decorative purposes. So she’ll go a long way.

    Have never seen so many irritating females in an MC season. Nicole, for uselessness, Michelle for faux childishness (and the tatt on her thumb), Eliza for over-acting, Eloise and Tamara, maybe the worst of all.
    But in the spirit of balance, the clueless bogan is irritatin’ too.

  6. Guest chef seems very nice and will probably be the best thing about this week’s worth of episodes.
    Please take the ice cream machine away. Michelle could only come up with an ice cream sandwich for round 1 and, although Karli’s dessert looked good, she just had to make another sorbet.
    Pete or Ray will be eliminated. Both of them are generally clueless. I don’t see them getting rid of Eloise. Can’t believe Eloise had to be told by the guest chef to leave the skin on the tomato. Yep…best cooks evah in the history of MC.
    Tamara’s dessert did not look appetizing but they want to give her that immunity pin. Hopefully one of the other contestants will get to compete against the guest chef, preferably Diana.

  7. Hope Diana gets the chance to cook for the immunity pin, although I fear Tamara will be gifted one like Eloise was a few weeks back.

    I agree with Lulu, there are too many irritating females on this season. Unless Eloise sets fire onto her dish, Ray or the crane driver will be going. The judges have been trying to get rid of Ray for the past couple of weeks. I think Ray is limited in coming up with consistently good dishes.

    If Tamara does that childish gleeful thing with her arms after she gets praise from the 3 stooges one more time, I think I ‘m going to swear at the TV.

  8. I’m stuffed after watching that encore. Here’s what else is stuffed about Ma$terchef:

    ~ Gary’s forced,rehearsed laughter.
    ~ the concept of sitting in a restaurant and wailing to the waiter, “Please take this squid back ….it’s TOO BIG!

    Yotam is great, however. He’s not been in the culinary cult that is Ma$terchef long enough to soil his reputation.

  9. Eloise is safe, she’s in trouble in the promo.

    Someone’s journey is about to peter out tonight…unless there’s a ray of hope for him. Five dishes…massive overload for these amatas. One would be too many.

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