1. Eloise just had to throw in that the boys had been in pressure tests and she hadn’t – seemed slightly catty and unnecessary to me.

    • She just wanted to inform everyone that she sooooooo did not deserve to be there when there are weaker cooks still left in the competition.

      She doesn’t quite understand that you should get as much ‘elimination’ experience in before you face the pointy end of the competition.

  2. It really didn’t need to be the Eloise show tonight and as we expected the faux drama with the plate knocked off.
    I also could have done without Tamara’s narration, she comes across as though she thinks she’s got this won already.

  3. Eloise gets to crap on and on about her passion for food and her food dream – she’s safe!
    As if we didn’t know that before the episode started.

  4. Can’t stand Tamara ‘s narrations with the
    Hands waving about constantly – it just comes across as painful.
    Enough already.

  5. According to Yotam, its flavour, flavour, flavour. Now it is eating with your eyes first. What BS.

    Ray should be the one going home

  6. 5 plates in one hour? Yeah right. I’d like to see Gary and George do it, even the Yote, without his staff. This was the fakest episode ever – it probably took them 5 hours to film.

    Don’t care about the crane guy leaving – following food dreams which we know never eventuate – but I care about Eloise remaining. Now she’s established the ‘nonna factor,’ it’s almost like an immunity pin. Ughh.

    • Would like to see at least one of the stooges cook alongside them during the pressure test. Then send all the dishes back to be blind tasted by guest judges.

  7. Watched last night’s episode earlier tonight. Doesn’t George just hate Diana and Ray? He couldn’t even look at Diana when speaking to her during the walk-around.

    • So Yotam is not pulling the viewers in. Another chef such as MPW, Heston or Zumbo or Maggie Beer would have probably had a bigger draw. Not that I am knowledgeable about the food scene but I never heard of him before his appearance on MC.
      Or maybe it’s just that people are tired of the same old BS.

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      • Yotam does seem to be a genuinely nice guy. I read article he published about all the problems he and his partner had with surrogacy – they ended up going to US and paying big bucks. Anyone interested can read it here:

        In saying that, “genuine nice guy” doesn’t translate to high ratings! They are certainly missing Marco this year. Added drama on House Rules means big ratings for C7. It even toppled The Voice. I’ve not seen Ma$terchef as low as 12 for a long time.

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      • He’s pretty amazing. He used to write for the Guardian doing vegetarian recipes. His cookbooks are fantastic but he is not as “Chefstar” as some of the others you’ve mentioned.

  8. Mediocre cook and genuine nice guy Pete was on Studio Ten this morning. Steak, broccolini and red wine sauce! He was made redundant from his crane job, just prior to filming Ma$terchef.

  9. Well, did everyone enjoy The Eloise Show, starring Eloise, with a special appearance by Eloise, and featuring guest cameos by Eloise?

    Fuck that noise.

    Like 10+

    • At least she’s stopped incorporating whiskey (with the accompanying tale of her ambitions) in everything she cooks. Moved on to “nonna” inspiration.

      • The joy keeps coming. If we are very lucky we might have Eloise doing commentary.
        I’m just wondering whether I can face Tamara being gifted a pin? There will be faux tears, faux humility and genuine vomit.. the last from me as George and Gary beam with delight.

  10. Tamara: “We’re only a couple of ingredients in and already I’m starting to feel the nerves.”
    Me: “We’re only a few ingredients in and already heartily I’m starting to feel the nausea that the sound of Tamara’s voice engenders in me.”

  11. At least Carlie was respectful of the chef she’s up against. The way the judges relate to Tamara compared to how dismissive they are of Diana is truly maddening. I don’t think they said good job to Diana at any point but they just fawn all over Tamara.

    • I thought I must have misheard that. But couldn’t face going back to check. Whoever (Von?) called her an impudent young woman was Soooo on the money!

    • Even being sent to an elimination challenge didn’t help deflate her ego but then they thought she did such a wonderful job.
      I wonder how she would be in a professional kitchen. Would she be giving advice to the head/executive chef? Eloise should go to the US and be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen. I’m sure Gordon Ramsay could help her out a bit. 🙂

  12. What a lovely , humble young man the guest chef is. Some of those amatas could learn a thing or two about character from him.

  13. I was so glad it was Karlie going for the pin & was really hoping she’d win it. When she put that chicken with the soft skin on it I thought you need to crisp the skin. Surely she would know by now the judges love things crispy?

  14. I actually thought Tamara was Captain of the green team right at the start, when she ran in and took control of the menu. Samuel and others were so smug, glad they lost. A pity that Diana gets the blame for the plums, seeing she did ask Captain Headband if they were too sour, and he said no.

    Good for Callan. He’s not a yeller and relies on everybody to do their job. What a cow is Eloise for dumping on him!
    Prediction: Tamara will not be eliminated. Yeah I know, too easy.

    • Poor Callan seemed out of his depth being Captain. He’s so young & not liking to yell would be hard, especially with that bossy bunch.

    • I thought Samuel said it is still sour but Diana think when served with the other food it will be o.k

      The other problem is the plums made the haloumi soggy.

  15. The diners should have decided which feast was the best. They could have served both feasts to each diner and then the diners could have voted. Makes more sense to me.

    As for elimination, just send the entire losing team to elimination or select the 3 who had the most issues. That would be Sam, Samuel and Diana. Sam because of the flatbread, Samuel because he was team capt. and passed Diana’s dish and Diana because of her dish. However, I prefer that Tamara go to elimination although the judges loved her tart but what did the diners think of the tart? Doesn’t matter she won’t be eliminated.

    George needs to learn that someone does not need to yell to be a good leader. However Callan was not very motivating or encouraging with his team and he looked lost. He did get better towards the end of the challenge. Michelle just seemed to be pushed around by the other contestants on her team.

    Eloise is rude and I look forward to her and Tamara being eliminated. Sad if they wind up in the finals and one of them is MC AU 2017.

    • Witll tbe green team flatbread, I wonder if the hot grill was faulty. That did stuff up Sam’s flatbread.

      Michelle was just like a kitchen hand until at tbe end her job was to make sweet potatoes chips.

    • In the early seasons the customers used to vote or they would go by who made the most money in challenges where they sold stuff. And the captain used to pick 2 or 3 people to go into the elimination. A bit like they do in Celebrity Apprentice. They seem to have changed it in later seasons.
      Also the winning team used to go to a nice lunch, not watch up on the balcony. They used to be back at the house & they would show the ones who weren’t eliminated get back there. I wish they’d go back to doing it that way.

      • I remember when the diners could vote and wonder why they changed the format. It was a lot better the other way. The diners should be allowed to judge. They still do the most money challenge. They also have the challenge where the diners pay what they think the food is worth. Did they do that one yet this season?

  16. Re: last night’s episode – shut the hell up about superb standard when everyone basically made dips, flatbreads and salad. I excuse Nicole for potstickers and Ben for beetroot thingies.

    The thing that is really driving me bonkers is the ‘every child a winner’ flavour.
    Seriously, you can be encouraging and generous of spirit without blowing smoke up their arse. The constant drip feeding of praise to the chosen ones is doing my head in – it was “this” close, you all cooked “so well”, be “proud of your cook”, etc etc.
    Some of these people need to be told pleasantly but firmly that they can’t actually cook all that well. And by pleasantly I don’t mean looking like George did at Ray the other night when it looked like he was about to vomit on Ray’s kibbeh – his look of disgust was totally out of kilter with the crime of chunky onion cutting.
    This year especially we seem to gyrate wildly between mean-spirited nastiness from the judges and fulsome praise of some frankly mediocre cooking. Where is reality? Why can’t the judges give rational feedback in a non-spirit crushing way?
    Sorry for rant – I know I am old and cynical, but I just think it doesn’t help anyone in the show or life to be given delusions of adequacy when they are clearly inadequate.

  17. A bit confuse about last night episode. Are they suppose to only cook Middle Eastern flavoured dishes? Cant be when Nicole made potstickers.

    So not sure why no teams think about curries or Vietnamese or Thai salads. There are heaps of vegetarian Indian dishes.

  18. Most of last night’s dishes looked wet and gloopy to me. Meat or vegetable, I prefer food to look more like its starting point, rather than slop that has been put through a food mill several times.

    Catching Tamara’s death glare toward the other team, before she remembered where she was, gave me a good laugh. But it didn’t make up for that back-stabbing little bitch, Eloise, being on the winning side. I hope that she is eliminated tonight, but pigs don’t fly.

    • I thought it was just me projecting because I think Tamara is two-faced and fake but clearly the “looking daggers, death stare” wasn’t my imagination.

    • I’ve noticed it too. She forgets the camera’s on her and shows her true self. Then she remembers and puts on that giddy, obnoxious enthusiasm. Can’t stomach her – or her mate, Eloise.

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