MasterChef – Sun, Jun 25 – Peter Gilmore

Mystery Box, then Invention Test. You know the drill … Remember the days when they saved Peter Gilmore for the finale? Now we still have a million contestants in the comp and he’s here already.
Ten, 7.30-9.10pm

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AND in other MC news, Karmen Lu from MasterChef 2016 has opened her own dessert bar in Perth. She just missed out on being in the final 10 last year.
This is her audition dish from last year:

And this is what a well-known commentator said about her at the time:

Just some dot points tonight …
– Matt Preston is resplendent in a plum suit with a black, mauve and baby pink cravat. Peter Gilmore is somewhat Prestonlike in a black suit with blue stripes.
– Bit disappointed they are not recreating one of his dishes … he’s set the mystery box.
– It includes abalone and custard apples – just stuff you’d buy in your weekly shop, basically.
– Peter Gilmore gives Tamara (groan – sorry, Tamara, I am sure you are great in real life but the show’s editors are ridiculously obsessed with you getting so much airtime. They have already given you way more airtime than Elena and Intense Matt combined got last year, and they were final two. Facebook is going berko about it being TamaraChef.)… tips on how to open and clean up the abalone. Interesting but I hope they all get the same assistance.
-Diana gets some airtime – yay. Her dish sounds good.
– (The ad break includes the new Bachie promo and I note he’s still “Matty J”. I hope once the show begins they cut it back to “Matty” – he’s the star, after all, unless we get another Keira.)
– Peter Gilmore is soooo much more interesting to watch than Heston. I like watching him chat to the contestants. And he seems happy – and awake!
– No Karlie yet and she’s usually good with Asian flavours, which suit the abalone.
– Callan is making the edit for his abalone with custard apple purée and Arum also gets air time. No edit for Ben, Sam, Nicole and barely any Eloise or Eliza. Only three dishes will be tasted.
– Tamara is one of them for her abalone stirfry. Peter says the abalone is good.
– Arum is next and it’s prettily plated with nasturtium leaves. Poor Arum looks so nervous but the Peter says it’s a great effort. Not exactly gushing.
– Diana’s braised abalone is next and even Gary has to praise her broth. (Did anyone NOT use the abalone? Guess we’ll
Never know.)
– Tamara wins and gets the advantage (aka kiss of death). There are three cloches containing three of Peter’s desserts from MC challenges: Snow Egg, choc cake and cherry lamington. But it’s okay – they don’t have to recreate the dishes. Just use one technique demonstrated in the desserts. She picks the lamington so she can make coconut shavings using liquid nitrogen.
– Callan must be devastated it’s not a straight Snow Egg challenge. I bet he’s done it at home.
– Eliza is now getting airtime. She’s using the flavours of strawberry, cucumber and lime.
– Arum is still smoking – this time for a chocolate log with coriander seeds.
– Sarah decides to stand out from the crowd with a savoury dish using scallops – good on her.
– Diana is making coconut sorbet with cherries and choc mousse. And then she utters the words that will land her in the bottom three (in relation to the crucial coconut shards: “I don’t think it will take very long to cook.” Oh, Diana … you were doing so well a few minutes ago.
– Eloise is also embracing the choc-cherry-coconut theme. “And where’s the inventive bit?” asks Gary while George looks on sourly. Because Peter is the only person in the world allowed to use Cherry Ripe flavours. She switches to nectarine ice cream instead.
– Tamara is making something with curry flavours.
– Callan also gets the death stares for his Cherry Ripe flavours. But he’s going to do a bicarb soda volcano for theatre. I’m wondering how this will work, as that won’t be edible – will it be under the dish?
– Nicole is making white choc mousse with fennel 100 ways and blackberry, because they are not traditionally paired with coconut. Perhaps for a reason, Nicole.
– Eliza is getting a top three edit.
– Back to Sarah and still no Ben, Karlie or Sam. At least that means they are safe.
– The judges tell Diana she’s made a terrible mistake not doing her coconut mixture first. She uses liquid nitrogen to speed the cooking process. I hope it works but am guessing it changes the texture.
– Arum’s logs haven’t set and they look rubbish, poor bugger. He chucks coconut on them to try to hide the flaws. Oh dear.
– Diana’s sorbet hasn’t worked. She just has to plate mousse and berries and she knows she’s screwed.

– Eliza’s coconut shavings look to have worked and her strawberry dessert looks like a little salad. She gets a “wow”
From Peter.
– Arum’s dessert gets a flinch from Gary and they say the flavours don’t work.
– Tamara is safe.
– Sam’s pineapple sorbet is praised.
– Oh, Karlie also made savoury but didn’t make the edit. They like her sambal prawns.
– Ben made candied pork with smoked vanilla ice cream and crackling Sounds super creative, but no airtime.
– Sarah’s raw scallops are a hit. Preston: “Inspired.”
– Nicole’s white choc mousse and fennel dish. They say the flavours overwhelm the coconut.
– Callan’s Cherry Ripe volcano is a fizzer – it doesn’t bubble over and the sauce is out of whack. Peter gives him some encouraging words.
– Diana’s shavings have worked but it lacks creativity.
– Eloise’s nectarine dish results in Peter telling her to be proud of herself. (More Peter Gilmore on MasterChef, please – he’s so encouraging.)

Eliza (who gets the token dish of the day nod), Eloise and Sarah.
Callan, Arum and Nicole. Geez, Diana dodged a bullet – phew.

TOMORROW: They recreate Paul Carmichael’s bhaja fish fry

NEXT WEEK: It’s Japan Week



  1. Right, Tamara admits that she has never cooked with abalone before and the judges drop enough hints that the anvil dropping on Coyote E Coyote looks subtle.

    Arum admits he has never cooked with abalone and the judges grimace, “you’re on your own buddy” and walk away.

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  2. Tamara is called up to the bench. Look of faux humility, “they picked little old me!”
    Guess the editors didn’t get time to re-cut.

    • It’s so clearly fake. The producers have a lot to answer for regarding her overexposure, the judges for their blatant favouritism but I suspect I would have had trouble warming to her fake little smile and twee little me act. Time to get over cute!

    • It could work in his favour, particularly as the competition nears it end. Arum will be battle harden compared to Eliza who has never been in an elimination.

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  3. Does anyone else think we are moments away from Gary sitting behind Tamara and guiding her hands in a beautiful tribute to the pottery wheel scene in Ghost?
    He’s done virtually everything to assist her except actually cook.

    Like 12+

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  4. Hmmm, well no guesses for who is going tomorrow night! Almost zero exposure for the entire series. Night off for me! Disappointed that PG didn’t come up with a new dish for pressure test.

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  5. Surely they’ll ditch useless Barbie tomorrow. There are only 4 males left and unless one of the females undergoes gender-reassignment, it’ll be a gaggle of fake supportiveness, hugs and air kisses.
    They show Tamara in engineer-mode again – sooo non-orchestrated. Is that supposed to distract from the fact that she’s a prat?

    • It won’t be Callan. He’s been in a world of pain in the promos and even better , he cries. Got to be safe. He’d be traumatised for life if he’s aliminated in his false idol Heston’s weak week.

      Eliza or Barbie. Let it roll, $hine.

      It will just be sweeter when Tamara is eventually sent home. Send an ambulance for Gary.

  6. So many surprises tonight, I am very glad I tuned in. I was worried Tamara might not get enough air time, but there she was, whew. Glad she was able to remind me fifteen times in thirty seconds that she is an engineer. Her engineering skills were ably demonstrated by her skillfully spreading engineering plans on the bonnet of a ute, and pointing to the plans with an engineering pen, which is only used by engineers.

    Then, amazingly, Tamara’s dish was not only tasted in the mystery box challenge, but it won! And I am so happy that she has found her self-confidence again, modestly claiming “I can do it”, about the invention test technique. Alas, my dreams were shattered when she didn’t get into the top three, but I am hopeful for future episodes to showcase her talents more.

    Yeah, I felt like throwing up. I really like Peter Gilmore, but tonight’s ep was ruined for me. You’re much nicer than I, Juz, because I don’t for a minute think that Tamara is probably a really nice person.

    Lulu, you win word of the day by referring to the engineer as a prat. Thanks.

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    • And I’d like the record to state that I don’t believe for a second that Tamara would use her looks and cuteness technique at work.
      No sirree – she’d be totally professional and straight down the line at all times. Using that special engineering pen that Von cleverly noted and those special plans that only very important and serious engineers could understand.

      I really like Peter Gilmore and tuned in specially to watch him-totally ruined by her smugness.

  7. I thought Callan’s dish would be picked for the mystery box tasting, but again it wasn’t. Surprise surprise Tamara’s was the winning dish so she got the ‘advantage’.. Unfortunately it wasn’t the kiss of death for her.
    I’ve never even seen abalone let alone eaten it or cooked it. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been obvious to me what needed to be cut off when I opened it. Mean me hoped Tamara had fucked up when her dish caught fire, but no of course it was still perfect.
    Poor arum, I felt for him when his mousse didn’t set. I was surprised that Callan was in the bottom 3. Even though his volcano didn’t work I thought he would be safe for having a go. The judges seemed impressed with him for that. Thought Diana would be there for sure.

  8. Glad that Tamara was not in the top 3 who move on to the immunity pin challenge.
    The editors need to put more of Tamara on the cutting room floor. Too much screen time for her while other contestants are skipped over. Every episode = Too much Tamara.

  9. Peter Gilmore all but broke those cheap doors to the wanderful Ma$terchef Kitchin off their hinges. Callan looks like his love child. Check it out.

    Thanks for the mention in your recap , Juz.

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