MasterChef – Thu, Jun 22 – elimination & masterclass

Contestants have 75 minutes to cook a delicious dish to avoid elimination. Later, Heston Blumenthal’s MasterClass shows how to cook a tasty barbecue leg of Mallee lamb.



  1. Brussellsprout put a really good link on the yesterday’s thread 2 minutes worth watching if you missed it. Thanks Bsp.
    At the end of last night’s show Eloise’s mouth was saying that she didn’t mind losing to a dish as good as Eliza’s but her face was saying something completely different.

    • Jane Elliot is well worth checking out – her ‘Blue-eyed’ experiment is really eye-opening, but I was completely knocked out by GET OVER CUTE. Get competent, get trained, get capable. Great advice for women of all ages, especially because we all know a manipulating middle aged woman who has made a career out of cute and it’s totally painful.

    • I hope you’re right LP but as crappy as this season has been I wouldn’t put it past them to not show her and send her home – if they did it would “meet the brief” of a favourite going. Viewer favourite that is.

    • I think the whole concept of the alimination, is bizarre and pretty stupid really. Call me strange but if I’m eating paté for example, I want it to taste like paté. And I definitely don’t want corn icecream.

      • Same here I’m old fashioned too. I like my ice cream sweet. Not smoked salmon flavour like they did the other day. And remember last year they had the ice cream challenge at the beach & they had to make savoury ones. Someone made a prawn one.

    • That’s the MC fallback – when in doubt – cry. But she doesn’t realise that she’s supposed to do it when she serves the judges, while she’s telling them “I want this so bad (sic)”

  2. Urgh! The judges are so full of shit, Eloise’s runny muck and they’re trying to tell us it’s the texture of paté – what a crock. I don’t think I can bear to watch them orgasm when they taste Tamara’s ice cream.

    • That’s what I thought too – that parfait did not have the consitency of pate – it looked like runny ice cream. I think the concept was great what with the jelly lawyer but it did not have the consistency of pate. I’ve eaten my fair share of Maggie Bear’s Pheasant Pate and that thing the judges were scraping of the plate did not look like pate.

    • Michelle should have produced a golden bawl for the judges. Ma$tercute style.

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  3. What really shits me is they have said its supposed to be a surprise… they won’t know what they are eating. SO WHY GO AROUND ASKING QUESTIONS!?!?!?!?

    Also, when Sam is working away on his blackberry domes… they come around and tell him it’s going to make a huge blackberry. Well they just finished showing us HUGE veggies so how do they know he doesn’t have a good plan going??? So now he’s derailed and changing his plan.

    I wish Michelle would stop the maniacally stupid giggling!!!

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    • I know, that annoyed me so much. It’s supposed to be a surprise. It’s not a surprise when they go around asking everyone what their doing.

    • What was Michelle trying to achieve? She fried the sphere, cracked into half and then removed the butter to fill it with parfait.

  4. I just want to pin Sarah’s hair back, give her a winged eyeliner and some pink lipstick.

    Michelle got the elimination edit from the beginning of the episode which was weird because I generally haven’t been able to pick so far this season.

    • This has definitely been the season of bad hair – Sarah, Jess, Eloise, Tamara. Maybe Ten can’t afford a hairdresser and they’re having to do each others (no-one would do that to herself).

  5. Nothing exciting in the Masterclass.

    Please…… these are the best homecooks ever and all Heston can do is show them how to cook eggs!

    To make it worse, the contestants than said it was the best poached egg they have eaten! It is just a poached egg.

      • Never has a season so endangered by ability to keep dinner down. Hearing George call Heston “Haitch” was touch and go – it registered off the scale on the vomit radar.

  6. Well that was bullshit. They were just raving over Callum’s dish & then they say that Eloise had dish of the day. And they didn’t comment on any other dishes.
    I thought it might be Michelle when her parfait or whatever was frozen but then Arum & the other one didn’t ‘meet the brief’ so I thought it might be one of them.

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  7. Why are the judges asking people? What’s the dish. It’s meant to be a surprise – you work it out! Hardly any air time for Diana and Karlie. I am surprised by the number of people serving up ordinary desserts. Have they not watched past seasons? Heston always does some kind of deception dish

  8. Ok, we always knew that Tammy and her neckless sidekick would be safe, no matter what.
    But Nicole’s big bowl of popcorn! Where was the ‘deception,’ where was the creativity, where was the taste? Was she going to the movies?
    On what planet would that mess have been remotely acceptable?

  9. Saw Heston was doing eggs and switched over to the football. He did the whole how to cook perfect eggs on a series on SBS years ago. Done it all before so lazy and boring.

    • Very, very sad, so young. I often wondered what had happened to him. Used to be star of daytime channel ten. Hopefully all his “tv chef” mates will raise some money for wife and kids.

  10. That was a very dispiriting show. I confess to fast forwarding through most of it, so any nuances probably passed me by in a blur of tears, silicone mounds and icecreams.
    This series is certainly setting records – just not the kind of good ones! Ridiculous ones about the worst acting, the stupidest challenges, the easiest recipes, the laziest guests. . . all poor.
    Raving about a poached egg was beyond even the usual standards. And giving the best amateurs ever poached eggs and barbecue lamb? How complex. Next week the masterclass is boiling water.

  11. Michelle was on Studio Ten this morning – as all the eliminated contestants are. I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what she cooked because in true ST style they were all joking around and the dish was pre-prepared. Some kind of pandan pancake, recipe may well have been “borrowed” from sbs. They used food colouring to substitute pandan leaves or paste, which made them a fetching shade of bright green. Of course she was wearing a red top with large flared sleeves – very unsuitable for cooking with. Either she was very nervous or didn’t know who to talk to. When the hosts were asking questions, she seemed to “reply” to the audience – not the camera or the hosts!

  12. I only watched a little of the first hour last night. It got too stupid to bear after the judges began asking everyone what their surprise was.

    In the master class, Tamara’s feeble attempt at a joke about not enough butter on George’s toast had me sneering at the tv. But her “I’m going to pay for that (remark) later” made me cringe; it came across as really overfamiliar and sordid. Has anyone else noticed that when the contestants get a “go” or are moving from one area to another, Tamara often sticks out an arm to impede the person closest to her? She is a nasty piece of work.

    I like Gary in the master classes. He gives, clear, concise instructions, suggests alternative ingredients, and doesn’t act as though he is imparting the meaning of life. He’d be a much better teacher than a MC judge.

  13. The only deception here is that the judges are deceiving most of the contestants into believing that they are talented, skilled and innovative.
    There should have been multiple eliminations for this challenge.
    Eloise created a dish that looked like diarrhea. The stooges salivating over that was hilarious. Sara made a dish that looked exactly like what it was…leeks and carrots. Tamara made some ice cream in a cone. So what if it was savory. There was nothing deceptive about it. Sam sort of makes an apple but was originally going to make a mutant blackberry. Michelle created a sphere of butter covered with coconut and that’s exactly what it was. As for Nicole…WHAT!!….absolutely did not meet the brief. A bowl of popcorn with some sauce and surprises underneath. LOL
    Michelle, Sara, Nicole, Sam, Tamara and Eloise all should have been eliminated.
    Karli, Diana & Callan should have been the only contestants who were safe.

    The stooges and Heston should have done blind tasting with Shannon mentoring. Would have made the challenge more interesting and would have fit into the idea of the amatas creating surprising and “deceptive” dishes. How could anything be a surprise when they knew what the amatas were making.

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    • Agree with everything you’ve said. The way they were gushing over Eloise’s mush was laughable – not even a person hallucinating on LSD would’ve picked it as pate. But that bowl of popcorn took the cake (so to speak)! I guess being blonde and shorter than George compensates for zero talent.

      Heston week has been very underwhelming. Where was the trickery, the theatre, the ‘genius’ we’ve come to expect? They pay him a motza to show us how to cook an egg three ways?

  14. A lot of people on the MC Facebook page are commenting that Heston has seemed bored and the egg “class” was ridiculous. They should just go back to having him for one challenge of one of his fancy dishes

  15. This was the most boring week of the most boring season of MC. I didn’t bother watching Masterclass based on what I read about it. One would have thought Heston would have done something unique. How to cook eggs…why? That should be part of a basic cooking class and not a master class.

  16. Just checking on the ratings for this series. Only 2 episodes above 1million. And the 3 stooges were giving advice to MKR on how to get the ratings.

    I heard Gary on radio saying the show is rating well!!!!

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