MasterChef – Thurs – elimination

The losing team from last night’s pop-up competes in an elimination challenge.
No masterclass tonight.

The contestants each get different equipment and ingredients, supposedly at random (yeah, right).
Some people don’t have an other, Ray doesn’t have a stovetop, which is the short straw. Can you make jelly without a stovetop?
It’s hardly a fair fight. They should at least have done a knife draw or bid time for certain equipment or ingredients.
Teflon Tamara gets duck, an oven and a hibachi grill.
Fifteen minutes in, Dr Ray still doesn’t know what he’s making. How many times have we seen this? About as many times as someone has made ice cream this season. He has a deep fryer and an oven, so finally decides to do fish n chips.
Little Mich is playing the childhood memory card, making an Indonesian crepe.
Ben seems happy with his lot and is making a bisque. He needs to lose that flava saver on his face, though. Sooo Shannon Noll of him.
Young Sam got a lamb rack, an oven and a grill pan, so he lucked out. Gaz tells him his soz needs work, and he listens.
Arum (go, Arum!!) is trying to keep it simple, although he has Eloise as his assigned cheer squad on the balcony, so we could end up with a whiskey dish.
Presto tells Doc Ray his dish is dated, and not in a cool, retro way. They just love seeing him drop buckets of sweat.
Oh, Tamara has a Thermie, too, which she’s using to make a cherry onion soz. Sounds weird but she ignores Presto’s advice to rethink it. As punishment, her hibachi duck bursts into flames. No doubt Gaz will comment about it being wonderfully caramelised as he crunches on charcoal.
Poor Ray is trying to make mayo without a whisk, blender or vinegar. It’s not looking good.
Ben is worried about boiling his bugs correctly, but his high hair is maintaining its usual immoveability so he probably has a producer feeding him “what are you worried about?” lines.
Mich’s breadcrumb-coated fried crepes look like Macca’s apple pies. Gaz should be happy, as long as they are not too sweet.
Arum gets a heads up from the judges that his beef is way to mooey. And then his soz splits and he freaks out. There are multiple utterances of “oh, shit”. Oh dear. He has to make a last-minute cream soz instead.

Ben’s seafood gets the thumbs up. He lives to use the MasterChef house another day.
Tamara’s duck is delicious.
They like Sam’s lamb.
Mich is very sparky at the judging and seems to be gaining confidence in the kitchen. The judges are happy.
Deflated Ray is the opposite of Mich and bluntly tells them he has no wow factor. His fish n chips are “pedestrian”. Gaz says they will have to taste a very bad dish in order to save Ray. The camera cuts to a nervous Arum but surely that’s just them geeing us up.
Yeah, Arum’s steak is on the rare side but his mushroom purée and onions look ok. He gets the happy music. It’s retro good. Phew. So it has to be Ray.

Ray is gone – go in peace and save some lives, Ray.

Next week: Heston Week starts Sun. LOVED Callan’s reaction when he opened the front door to find Heston there. Think how the 15-year-olds scream when they pass Top Model auditions.



  1. If Tamara doesn’t touch up those dark roots, Gary might realise she’s not a natural blonde and maybe Arum and Ray might actually stand a chance.

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  2. Again we saw Ray and blah blah blah about the kids. He could be in trouble.

    Again the producers decicde who cooks with what equipments. What BS. They can set someone to fail or succeed

  3. It’s hardly a level playing field – it would be much fairer to give them all the same ingredients and deprive them all of the same appliance.

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    • Exactly, JB. Some of these challenges are not in a level playing field.

      Even those where they go and name an ingredient is not fair. Why cant they all write down all the names and the one with the least number of correct answers go into next round

      • What always annoys me about the “name an ingredient” challenges is it comes down to order. you could have 3 people guess incorrectly and some not even guess at all.

  4. Sam is trying to “hopefully give Gary what he wants”. Hmmm really think you don’t have the correct equipment to do that Sam.

  5. Well its game over. Matt has told Ray he is going home as fish and chips is not enough. Geez, if you don’t want fish and chips then don’t give him fish and potatoes and a deep fryer.

  6. Ray might get the wooden spoon at the end, even if he didn’t have one to stir his mayonnaise. Mayo was invented before the era of mixers, FFS!

  7. What BS! Raving over Tamara’s duck – Hibachis are dead easy to use and she had a Thermomix to make the sauce. I like Sam but again with the big chunks of unrendered fat on lamb – turns my stomach looking at it.

  8. If I had a choice between eating Ray’s fish and chips or Tamara’s duck I’d go for the fish. There’s nothing wrong with well cooked fish and chips and it looked a lot more visually appealing than the duck. I had a feeling before the show started tonight that the 3 stooges would find a reason to get rid of either Ray or Arum tonight and it looks like that’s the way it will go.

  9. I loved Michelle’s matchsticked pickled apple pile. A dirty look ftom Matt was paired with the reveal of Ray’s dish (not necessarily filmed at the same time or in that context, as we know).

  10. Oh FFS – Ray is being sent home but the camera pans to bloody Tamara and her OTT facial expressions. Poor Ray doesn’t even get his moment. If it wasn’t for this blog I would have jumped ship long ago.

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  11. Love it when George said Ray has cooked some amazing food and all we were shown were 2 dishes. One from the audition and the other one at the Mystery box with Curtis Stone

    • When has Ray produced anything that has been truly creative? He needs to be able to have a recipe or cook dishes that he has practiced. Otherwise he generally fails.
      Arum’s beef looked raw and the sauce was thick and gross. Tamara’s cherry and onion sauce sounded disgusting. Ben’s dish was boring. Surprised the stooges didn’t mention that there wasn’t any texture. Sam’s lamb looked fatty.
      The only impressive dish was Michelle’s.

  12. When eliminated, Ray said “I’ve learnt that I have a good creative streak”. Was that immediately after the audition? My goodness the producers have fun cutting & pasting.

  13. Thanks Juz. Well what a surprise Tamara was safe.
    Poor Ray was really struggling with his ingredients to come up with a dish.
    That was a weird mish mash of equipment & ingredients.

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  14. Oh no, the Tamara Show continues – will it ever end?
    An unlevel playing field for an elimination?
    I’m going to Dr. Ray for a super strong Panadol.

  15. Thank you for saving me the trauma of watching it Juz! No surprises by the sounds of it.

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  16. Poor Ray man. He knew he was going after he gave his dish to the judges, his body language said it all. Now he can go back to doctoring people and looking like the youngest 42 year old Ive ever seen.

    I find Tamara’s hair the most annoying thing about her honestly. It’s what we in the retail world call the “Can I speak to the manager?” haircut.

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  17. I am puzzled. Is this how young girls behave? Why do they jump up and down when they meet their idols? Just over the top.

    • And that’s for people they’ve never heard of.
      Wait till Heston shows up – there’ll be hysteria, fainting and frothing at the mouth. And that’s just from the boys.

      I wonder if Tamara will be suitably impressed by his CV.

  18. Another unfair challenge. Just give everyone the same equipment and the same ingredients to level the playing field. Give them all an equal chance to fail or to succeed.

  19. Looking at the preview of Heston Week, thinking how stupid do the judges look in those hats! Gary especially. And I wonder if the contestants get some headwear – remember last series how some of them got really badly burnt.

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