MasterChef – Tues, Jun 20 – Heston has wind

The judges and Heston Blumenthal welcome the eight contestants to the Mildura salt pan. The contestants must cook dishes inspired by ‘air’ in teams of four.



    • Yes, Ghandi walked a hundred and twenty miles to a supermarket to get some salt, Michelle.

      Don’t you just want to assault some of these amatas?

      Taking mediocrity to a whole new level on He$ton’s road to ruin.

    • I don’t get how anyone thinks it’s a good idea to actually spout that garbage. I don’t know whether she was trying to be cute or she genuinely didn’t know where salt comes from, but if it were me, I wouldn’t want to advertise on national tv I don’t know that stuff.

  1. Has anyone seen how red Arum’s eyes are? Bordering on Dr Who villain.

    If the salt plain is so dangerous, why are the waitstaff not wearing protective eyewear.

  2. Common those dishes are entrees. No wonder the judges are so fat.

    Wonder how big an Entree George serves in his restaurants

  3. Well the best thing this week has been Juz’s punny headings.

    I just finished reading the comments on last night’s show and there are some cracker lines in there too. Well Done you guys!

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  4. What?? Pork crackling evokes the salt pans???? Not a blatant appeal to the judges’ tastebuds.

    Wonder how recently this episode was re-edited to minimise the exposure of Tamara.

  5. Nicole was the perfect choice of captain………. for Tamara. Tamara got to make the decisions but will take none of the blame if it all goes horribly wrong.

    • Well Tamara had zero clue of a main. Just randomly threw out things like Potato foam so that Nicole said ‘so, it’s a vegetarian dish’. hilarious!

    • Eloise “I’ve got my pork in the oven and now I’m going to …” – pretty much an instant expert after Arum painstakingly showed her how to cook it.

  6. Heston has nothing at all this week! I am not a fan of Marco but he did much more in a week.

    All Heston did was go from town to town, start the challenge, eat and be seen. What a waste of money!!!

    • Totally agree. Heston actually detracts from what is actually a good concept (road tour) on its own.

      We are not seeing much evidence of molecular gastronomy. Just pork crackling, ice cream, salted caramel. fish , rinse and repeat.

      Heston works best when the contestants need to replicate one of his dishes or the contestants are ask to create a dish when there is a dissonance (?) between the presentation and the taste.

  7. So, there are 7 (I don’t count Tamara, we know she’s not going anywhere) contestants up for alimination. Are they sending 2 home?

  8. George is wearing the teeniest hat. Any smaller and it would be a fez. Teams are;
    Blue: Ben, Arum, Eloise Eliza (capt)
    Red: Nicole (capt), Tamara, Mich, Karlie

  9. I’ve just started to watch, missed the first few minutes so am not really sure what the challenge is. But I can’t get past George in a tight pink shirt, skinny jeans, and a hipster hat. Uh, George? You might be a bit too old for dressing like that, mate. Laughing my butt off.

    Red team should win a prize for longest bit of faffing around while accomplishing precisely nothing, especially planning a menu.

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    • Winner was obvious. Eliza was a capable captain. I feel sorry for a Karlie being on the losing team but she should do well in the elimination unless it’s a stupid “you can only cook with a waffle iron and use a turkey drumstick for a spoon” type one.

      • The kind of challenge where Tamara is gifted an ice cream maker, cream, sugar and eggs and Gary says something charmingly artless like “we all love your delicious ice cream”? The totally level playing field challenge?

  10. Aside from Karlie, who was the real engine driver of the team, Red could’ve channelled the theme by presenting as airheads.
    Barbie simply fluffed around, Michelle was useless, as usual, and obviously still confused as to where salt comes from .. as in not Aisle 4 .., and Tamara was suspiciously anonymous and in disguise, like she’s in witness protection.
    Let’s keep it that way.

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  11. None of the dishes evoked anything about “air” to me. This tour trip with Heston has been underwhelming as are most of the amatas. Neither of the captains were very good although Eliza much better than Nicole. Nicole was lost. Just like I’ve been doing most of this season I watched the beginning, fast forwarded through the middle and then watched the results at the end. So boring….the food, the cooking, the contestants, Heston. Where’s the molecular gastronomy…showing the contestants something interesting and innovative?
    MC is blowing away in the wind.
    The stooges are full of hot air.

  12. “So Heston want to be a permanent guest chef for MC Aus.”

    That must be the craziest idea Heston has ever had. As well as this:

    “You think the level of contestants can’t get any higher, but I can’t believe the standard [this season],” he reveals. “It’s gone up so much.”

    • Heston and the judges say the same thing every year. They just try to trick us to believe that the contestants are better each year.

    • I totally get the popcorn/air connection. Plus, I also long to have random bits of popcorn littered over my barely cooked duck . It’s a dream I’ve cherished for, well, as long as everyone else who has had a dream to be on Masterchef.

  13. So on Tuesday they burnt the contestans, on Wednesday they blinded them, hey, maybe they’ll have to cook inside a errupting volcano and the lava is the only cooking appliance they’re allowed to use for today?
    Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the judges and the production?

  14. When will these people learn to judge the doneness of meat/fish/fowl? They always panic over whether the protein will be over- or undercooked, and seem to have no clue about either until they cut into whatever it is. Then it’s “ew, it’s raw” or “oh no, it’s dry”, with resultant frantic efforts to remedy the raw in a frypan or crestfallen looks at the dry. Sheesh. Cooking skills 101: how to tell at what stage a protein is done.

    • Didnt even professionsl chefs carry a meat thermometer to test whether the meat or fish is cook to perfection?

      I remember seeing a professional chef carrying the thermometer in his pocket

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