MasterChef – Wed – Intense Matt is back

Yay – Intense Matt is back! I’ve seen him flogging olive oil on TV and know he’s doing the fitout of his new Asian diner, so hopefully he’s going well.
The blurb says: MasterChef Australia 2016 runner-up Matt Sinclair is on hand to mentor contestants in a pop-up restaurant team challenge to create a three-course menu for 100 diners.



  1. What a joke! 2nd chance contestant given the chance to pick someone to sit out the team challenge.

    There should have randomly picked someone to sit out

    • That was a joke having Tamara choose someone to sit out. Why not just have a blank token in the bag and whomever chooses that does not have to cook? Why should Tamara have the privilege of making the choice. Poor thing had such a difficult week.

  2. Seriously ? When was the last time you stood staring at meat in Coles and had a staff member magically approach “Can I help you?”

    Down Down
    Real Life is Down

    • Too right. It’s a rush to find a check out operator to serve you. Plenty of DIY checkouts though. Sometimes after a hard day at work, I just want to be fricken served in Coles.

      • No. Checkout staff should be avoided at all costs at Coles. They either charge you for non-existent groceries (like how is that even possible??? ) or throw your change on the floor.

  3. Tamara shows how brilliant she is with flavour profiles. We shouldn’t put the charred apricots on the plate suggests Michelle. Nah, says Tamara put them on the plate and the blue team dare not contradict her. Judges hate the apricots. The camera lingers on Michelle in accusatory blame.

  4. Yes, how odd. Tamara gets eliminated, slithers back in, then gets an advantage and saves her co-irritant. How does that work – elimination turning to benefit?

    Happy the red team won, except for Ben, who should’ve switched places with the useless Nicole. I don’t even know why she’s there … oh yes I do: she emerged from the early wake-up call in her shorty shorts and ‘hi fellas’ smile.

    Pretty sure old Tam will be safe tomorrow – otherwise they’d have to find another way to get her back in.
    Lovely to see the delightful Matt Sinclair again!

  5. Oh my – trying not to watch it… But does anyone think Gary’s fantasies came true when he crept around a dark house where Tamara was sweetly sleeping?
    And she frigging got to choose to sit out Eloise. It doesn’t get worse. I know Eloise needs time to devote to hair sculpting and construction, but still.

    Poor intense Matt was meant to be thrilled by Tamara’s resurrection as breathlessly gushed by Gary, but he did a pretty fair job of keeping a lid on his excitement. Almost like he didn’t realise that she holds Gary’s tender heart in her expressive hands.

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  6. Have these contestants watched previous seasons? Don’t pick fiddly things like prawns & fish which take ages to prepare.
    That pork belly looked really yummy.
    Poor Michelle. She didn’t want to put the apricots on but got outvoted.

      • That was Ben’s reasoning on leaving it on plate- thought it needed more. He wasn’t making a flavour call, more a value for money one… the flavour call was little miss superior palate Tamara who said it was fine.
        And while singling her out for criticism – my new favourite activity – she seemed pretty darn happy to smile smugly at praise of fish, but looked like Ben actually cooked the fish while she made broth.

      • I remember having mousse for dessert in restaurants & it being served in a champagne glass. Now a days its in a quenelle or a few blobs on a plate. Total rip off. And they probably charge 3 times as much too.

      • Should have but the mousse in glasses if those were available. Should have thought about portions because that mousse was definitely small. Taking apricot away made dessert look sparse but Michelle told them that the combination wasn’t right and taste should rule over quantity. Why should any of them listen to Michelle especially the know-it-all returnee.

  7. Once again diners had no vote regarding which team offered the best food. Why even bother having diners. Each team could still plate up enough food for 100 diners. The stooges would scarf that down.
    Didn’t see Matt mentoring very much.
    Blue team made bad choices. Prawns too long to prepare and they didn’t know how to cut the tuna.
    Nicole is definitely not there for her cooking abilities.

    • Yes, the amatas will have parts of their cooking tops missing and will have to make do. Easy to load that up for Tamara to sail through.

      • Yes I’m sure Tamara will sail through. Really not sure who will be going tonight, I would guess Ray (in the preview, he’s once again stuck for ideas) or Michelle (other barracuda contestants are eating her alive).

  8. It’s the same every team challenge – one team picks prawns, then fusses about how long it takes to prep thousands of prawns; other team chooses pork belly, then stresses over whether or not it will be cooked and crispy in time. Last night had the added bonus of a lovely chunk of tuna being mangled so the pieces were evenly sized. I nearly cried at that.

    There is not much point to the confab about the menu, held oh-so-efficiently with a big piece of paper and a thick marker, when the cooks are so devoid of basic skills.

  9. I think they’ll try to rid of Ray if they can, followed by Michelle. If they’re after a cute boy winner this year they’ll keep Ben or Sam. We all know Tamarachef will be there until she does a Matt until she stuffs up so badly in the final there’s no way they can save her. I’ve never got a handle on how they feel about Arum. I’m out for an early dinner but no doubt the judges will still be droning on looking like executioners when I get back so I’ll try to catch the end.

    • The judges would be jealous of Ray having a job of some benefit to the community, while they wallow and grunt in $hine’s filthy lucre.

  10. Not sure how they assigned each contestant to the benches. If it is not ramdom then the producers can decide who cook without which equipments. Some of the challenges between teams and at eliminations are not fair. Last night I would think it is easier to cook with meat then with seafood for the masses.

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