MasterChef – Wed, Jun 21 – Heston’s flame game

Contestants have 60 minutes to cook a savoury dish inspired by fire. The two least impressive dishes must then cook off to avoid the elimination challenge.



  1. Would charred remains be sufficiently inspired by fire.

    This episode is all about Eliza.

    Sorry, got to go through all the Planeteers. Maybe we should have done the Voltron Lions.

    • Just started watching. Surely potato 50 ways is right up Georgie’s alley. Now she’s made the edit we can see Eliza has a sense of humour

  2. Just leave Ben alone. Stupid judges. George is always so nasty. Same goes with Gary.

    Where is the bloody Heston? This week he doesnt even go round the kitchen to help the contestants

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  3. Matt has to act as a mediator for the unrelenting nastiness of Gary.

    Arum’s dish apparently doesn’t meet the brief of fire. He is a marked man for elimination.

  4. Heston says to Arum: Explain the concept of fire….

    and for me this sums up the entire week – if you have to explain it, it was never there in the first place…

      • I am so weighed down with cynicism from being manipulated by the show, that I forgot to register my actual pleasure that Ben won – I loved his adorable reaction.

        Super quietly chuffed, proud and very happy without over the top acting or ridiculous affectation. Hats off to gracious winning and a GENUINE moment.

  5. Ben is probably the only contestant left that is actually likeable. Heston phoning it in as usual. Is he slightly drunk? All week he has been slurring his words.

    Gary needs to be replaced. Everything he says needs muting, but once I do that I still have to look at his disgusting way of chewing. I have never seen someone chew with their tongue before.

    • Well the one person it won’t be is Tamara. She is this years “canary in the coal mine”! I think Ben will be right up there.

    • Loving ‘The Chefs Line’ on SBS. Only half an hour, informed and interesting judges who come across as encouraging and entertaining. They actually show how the contestants prepare their own dish. A different restaurant showcased and cuisine every week.

  6. Ben is accomplished, natural and humble. And his smile and chiselled face don’t hurt either.
    Can Eloise’s hairstyles get any more ridiculous? Maybe she could help Sarah with hers all over her face.

  7. Didn’t realise Ben had kids. Did I miss something, have they been mentioned before?
    Such a shame about Eliza’s dish. It looked great but unfortunately some of her potatoes weren’t cooked.
    Ben & Arum did really well tonight. Good on them.
    Wow there’s heaps going into elimination tomorrow night. Only 3 of them are safe. From the promo looks like another stupid concept.

    • Right from the earlier episodes, the judges questioned Ben as to why he didnt go and do an apprenticeship if he is so passionate about cooking ( but stupid judges didnt ask the same question to those sweet young boys and girls)

      His reply was he has 3 kids and need to provide for the family.

      • I can’t bear the fact they don’t ask the kids that question- Ben had the perfect answer that he needs to provide for his family. But someone like Michelle or Callan- what is stopping them?

        • A fast ticket to fame!!! Only a minute few did well after MC without doing an apprenticeship to become a chef.

          Kylie, Andy and some others did go on to do an apprenticeship to become a qualified chef or pastry chef.

  8. I dont know why I have the feeling that Michelle is very fake. I dont mind Callan. He is still young and hopefully he will go hone his skills

    • I agree. Michelle’s overdoing the giddy, childish mannerisms – 19 yr olds don’t behave like this. She’s more like a primary schooler.
      And you can see her looking daggers when she thinks the cameras aren’t on her.

    • Michelle’s “perky little girl” behaviour is really obnoxious. Actually I can’t tell whether she’s really like that or it’s an act. If it’s the former, she’s got no place in a competition like this, if it’s the latter the act itself is incredibly undignified. She’s giving me second-hand embarrassment.

  9. I can’t help myself from dreaming a little when the promo says a “favourite” will go home. …damn my optimistic nature that allows hope to triumph over reality.

    There’s a Chance though, right?

    A teeny weeny glimmer of a chance that Tamara slips on the slimy entrails of Gary’s love and is hastily evicted? or maybe Eloise’s hair product solidifies and drips into her soz, poisoning Heston?

  10. What do they mean by favorite? If it’s favorite of the judges then either Eloise or Tamara will go home. Am I hoping too much that this is the case?
    What was the purpose of having Heston week? He hasn’t done anything but stand around and tell the amatas to start cooking.

  11. Stupid promo – bombshell elimination of a favourite – or some such rubbish. Don’t think she will be missed, nor will Heston.

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