1. There must have been lots that wasn’t shown of the wedding DJ’s off-putting behaviour because they all seem to have twigged to him pretty quickly.

  2. AK – the shifty wedding DJ – is already on my nerves, so I’m glad he’s on everybody’s nerves as well. I loved how the story about the chicken coop idol grew. First he’s just quietly mentioning the idol to Jarrad, and then suddenly, it’s a legit idol (said by people who can’t have seen it because it doesn’t actually exist) and Jarrad actually saw it (which he didn’t). I imagine a few of the contestants are both playing AK, and using him to raise their own standing in the tribe.

  3. Oh hey, there’s Lee from last season advertising Holdens. Far too little shirtlessness for my liking.

    • Although I have to add, I love how Adam outwitted AK to get to the idol clue first. That was nifty.

      • Yeah but then he says the others have to show their loyalty to him. What a moron! That would make me suss instantly.

        • Indeed. The thing was right there on the ground, and Adam said he didn’t find it, and then he asks half a dozen people to go back and keep looking for it. Either (a) he’s an idiot, or (b) he found the idol and this is all a complicated plan to make people *think* that AK has the idol. But given that his tribe-mates are now super-suspicious of *him*, well, see point (a).

  4. The reward challenge had two moments of absolute hilarity.

    1. AK is so pathologically addicted to making alliances that he spontaneously tries to make an alliance with someone on the other team. Dude? It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Something you yourself said on the beach twenty minutes ago.

    2. When the girls started losing their shorts on the slide, the censors blurred it out. But when Locky loses his pants and ends up wrestling with Mark naked? His butt cheeks (that even JLap commented on) were on full display. I loved how his tribe-mates all walked over and gave him a spank for good luck, hehehe. Anyway.

    • I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. I’m beginning to feel sorry for him because he seems to have such poor social skills.

      • You can see what AK is doing (and I assume all his tribe-mates can, as well). He’s obviously gone into this with the plan to make alliances with *everyone*, and cement his place as quickly as possible. The thing is, he’s forgetting a pretty critical factor in any winning Survivor strategy … timing. You have to make the right moves at the right times, and being able to adapt and change your plan, on the fly, is an important part of success. He’s going too hard, way too early, and everybody else is going to be super-wary of him, right the get-go.

    • JLap tells the winners the canoe will be waiting back at camp. When in fact, they all saw Locky’s canoe already

  5. I’m guessing the editors kept the resolution of the, “AK/Adam/hidden immunity idol” subplot deliberately vague, because it’s all gonna hit the fan at tribal council tonight. One of them has it, and we don’t know who, and neither does anyone else.

    I was glad to see the teal team win an immunity challenge. You always get scared that one team is just gonna go on a losing streak and get whittled down to nothing (making for a dull season), but that gives me faith.

    • Yeah, I was so glad to see the other team win. It gets real tedious when the same team wins over & over again. It was looking bad for them for a long time though.

  6. I thought it was pretty obvious that pink were going to tribal simply because of the amount of air time they had and it does explain the vagueness about the idol. Do we know if Luke overheard the idol clue for the teal team? It suggested he did but I didn’t see definitely.

    • He might have just been building his hutch for air time, know that sort of thing gets aired. I think Luke might have weighed up his chances of fame over winning $250 000.

  7. These two (AK and Adam) both deserve to be turfed they are complete and utter morons.
    Adam taking Tara aside but he’s not talking strategy “I just want to apologise”
    AK telling Jarrad he had to lie to him because he needed him to trust him.
    This is hilarious and I’ve seen windows that are less transparent than these two.

    • I want all these “I’m here to stir the pot” idiots who have tickets on themselves to go so that we can get on with some proper strategy, not just kicking hornets nests.
      I want stupid Luke and AK to go next. I didn’t care if it was Adam or AK tonight as they both are social lead-foots.

  8. They have done well picking their opening week challenges – some good visuals (and no, I’m not talking about pantsless blokes. I wish the guys would stop wearing just undies that are super clingy.) Less Luke this Ep (a little Luke goes a long way) but I did enjoy his nod to Tony with the spy shack

    • And the girls should be advised to wear bikini bottoms that come close to covering their rear ends, surely they would be more comfortable and some looked to have rashes already.

      • hahaha! Not that I will ever go on the show but if I did i would give great thought into the clothing i would take…

      • I imagine a lot of it is the temperature. They’re in a very humid climate, right by the ocean, so during the day it’s probably stinking hot. Swim-wear would be a blessing, I imagine.

      • I would want swim wear too, but I guess I’m a bit more prudish and prefer swimwear to at least cover my bum cheeks!

  9. So ultimately Adam’s own stupidity bit him in the ass. As much as I would’ve liked to see AK get eliminated, I’m pretty happy with that as a conclusion.

    So Adam finds the idol clue, and then immediately threatens his own alliance-members into helping him find it (great plan, genius). Then he wanders over and doesn’t find the thing, despite the fact that, at one point, he’s literally standing on it (great eye-sight, genius). Then he lures more people over to help him look for it, they find evidence that an idol was there and already found, and he immediately goes out of his way to make himself look as suspicious as possible (great fore-sight, genius).

    At that point, his goose was pretty much already cooked.

    AK giving his immunity necklace to Jarrad was probably a clever move for a couple of reasons. It burns the necklace out of place (and nobody needs to worry about it going forward), it makes him look good, and it wins points back from Jarrad. That might be a good thing, going forward, given all the good will he’s burned so far just by being a dick.

  10. I agree Windsong it was a bit of a surprise but he obviously had some sense that he was less likely to go than Adam and it was a way to win back some brownie points.

  11. Poor Jarrad, though. It puts a target on his back, with everyone thinking he and AK must have an alliance. Adam handled that all very badly, and he continues the Survivor curse for poker players: Anna, Garret and John-Robert all failed to make it further than final 9

    • Locky immediately asked Jarrad, “Did you know what that was about?” and Jarrad shook his head. I think they’ve all figured out AK’s number, by this point, and they’re not likely to trust him over anybody else.

  12. AK needs all the help he can get. This is my second season of survivor and even I know he’s playing it too hard. he is meant to be a super fan- surely he knows to lay low and build some decent alliances. Don’t try to lock everyone into a fake alliance!

    • My second season as well, so still learning the subtleties.

      However, AK is on the nose. He’s like an inexperienced insurance salesman on steroids. I expect him to fail , along with Luke and Yoga yobbo.

      Sounds very much like the same muzak as Ma$terchef.

  13. AK and his chicken idol was hilarious. But he’s not very artistic, it really looked fake. Not like the guy last year on the US version who made that fake idol. It was a work of art.
    That guy losing his shorts was hilarious. Shows we’re not as prudish as the Americans. They only blurred him from the front. No way would they have shown his arse like that in the US version.
    That mud challenge was revolting. I would have hated it. Good come back for the Blue team. Just shows you never give up no matter how far behind you are. How many times has a team been losing & catch up at the last minute & win?

    • He had a good bum. And they all had to slap it.

      There are a few god lookers amongst this bunch. And a few who look like coach spuds.

    • Watching with teen girls, I would have appreciated a lot more prudishness. Why blank out one naked butt but not the other? It was really unnecessary, and maybe a warning about nudity before the show would have been appropriate.

  14. I liked that they waited until tribal council to show who had the idol, i kept going back and forth about who i thought had it.
    My thoughts on AK giving Jarrad the idol was that it was to suggest he was pretty tight with Jarrad, thereby mildly screwing up Jarrads game because people might not trust him now either by extension but also maybe AK thinks Jarrad will be indebted to him? I think that only works if Jarrad actually got votes.
    Throwing immunity challenges never works out well!

  15. Adam is a QLD boy, so he was doing the rounds of radio talk shows today. I don’t listen to the radio much, but in the interview he did this morning? He confirmed what we all suspected, that by this point in the competition? Everybody had figured out AK, and nobody really wanted to have anything to do with him.

    I’m interested tonight why the fake-yoga guy wants to throw a challenge. Knowing how Australian television works, I’m sure there’s more to the story than that. Fingers crossed for some more nudity, at that!

  16. For people who haven’t watched a lot of “Survivor”, last season’s tryst between Lee and Elle was a rare beast — a relationship that nobody cared about until the very end. Normally on “Survivor” (which is what’s currently happening with Sam and Mark) is that, if you hook up with somebody, and there’s clearly a romantic vibe between you? That tells everybody in your tribe that the two of you are now in an unbreakable alliance and will act as a coherent, single unit … right until the final 2, which makes you a *huge* threat to everybody else. Ergo, Jacqui and Yoga (who’s name I haven’t bothered remembering) plotting to oust her as quickly and quietly as they can.

    And Sam seems like she’d be smart enough to realise that advantage (pseudo-dating Mark) would give, and then use it, which is why I think it’s probably a good idea to deep-six her. I’m not sure I’d throw a challenge to do it, but it’s not bad strategy from Jacqui and Yoga.

    • She’s super intense and I think she’d get on people’s nerves really quickly. And having made it so obvious how competitive she is, she is an obvious choice to get rid of ASAP. Having said that throwing a challenge is pretty full on.

      • Lee and El were at least careful not to do personal displays of affection. I am not usually keen on throwing challenges but it was hilarious to see Yoga Henry’s sabotage was all for naught

        • Henry trying to throw the challenge, but the blue team winning anyway?

          That either says really *good* things about the blue team, or really *bad* things about the pink team.

    • I got the feeling that despite all the lovey-dovey, that either of them (but particularly Sam) would still quite happily vote off their love interest. That could be an interesting strategy to sell to your alliance.

  17. I’m glad that Yoga’s plan to throw the challenge (just for the chance to get rid of Sam) didn’t work, because honestly? While he may have had sound intentions, throwing a challenge is *never* a good plan. There’ll be plenty of time to oust Sam later on down the line.

    Meanwhile, a member of the blue tribe was deliberately trying to throw the challenge. The pink team still *lost*. Hmmm.

    • And he was very bad at throwing it well, if that makes sense. It is usually fatal to be caught throwing a challenge, and yet he fake-paddled, left the key behind, was putting his weight on the raft instead of pushing it in – it was all so obvious if anyone had just looked at him. He is lucky they won anyway because now nobody is looking for a scapegoat.

  18. I don’t know about you Windsong but Kent’s budgie smugglers just aren’t doing it for me. (I’m about 20 minutes behind).

    • Trust me, they’re not doing it for me either. Although it was kind of funny when he got conked on the head by a falling piece of bamboo.

      Meanwhile, my dad says while he’s watching Jarrad, “Is that his real hair?”

  19. 2nd immunity challenge in a row pink have blown a decent lead – maybe someone on pink is throwing immunity challenges?

  20. So during the montage when the pink team was voting? I’m literally scratching my head wondering who half these people are.

    I also think the tribal dynamics the morning after are going to be hilarious, but that’s for next episode.

  21. I’m watching tribal council and Tara is so incredibly annoying (besides the fact she says ‘everythink’ and ‘youse’) she’s so defensive about flipping it’s clear she knows she flipped. I’ll be happy if she goes.

    • I don’t like Tara either. Also I am in my lounge room correcting all of their pronouns. We could play shots for every grammatical error and be sozzled before the first ad break.

      • Anythink is a killer! My ex SIL used to say it and it always sets my teeth on edge.
        Plus- I know I’ve said this before – but why on earth does she think being a “frickin barrel racer” confers great advantage in this game? Newsflash Tara- unless there’s a horse hidden somewhere in the coconut grove, I don’t think it will help much!

  22. So Henry tried to throw the challenge but they still won. Ha ha hilarious. He left the keys & was hopeless rowing. But they still haven’t managed to win a reward challenge.

    • When Kent struggled with the underwater knots I was sure Henry wouldn’t have to lift a finger anyway.
      My how AK’s fortunes have turned. It’s annoying me they are calling the lime farmer Tarzan when there is already one in US Survivor. I do like him stirring up Locky. I also like crazy Luke the driller cuddling with Jericho the flight atttendant for warmth.

        • When the merge comes and everyone starts targeting the alphas (I really hope that happens) I guess Luke can stay.

          • Yeah, I’d imagine Locky is pulling head in the “final winner” category by being such an awesome competitor, and that just makes you a threat in this game.

            Same with ex-special ops guy Mark. You know, last night I was beginning to question how capable Mark was (given that Sam was ordering him around, and they lost two from two immunity challenges), but the blue team won while Henry was deliberately trying to make them lose. I think Mark’s physical strength and overall leadership was negating Henry without either of them even realising it.

            But yeah, I don’t really count Luke as an alpha. I think he’s more likely to be turfed because he’s a wild card. Or, kept around as a goat. If anyone could trust him long enough.

    • Carole, not only that but he also tried paddling backwards, putting the oar in as a break, “forgetting” to untie the raft from the buoy, and then putting all his weight onto the back of the raft while the others were pulling it up on the beach. I think there was also something going on with unloading the poles, but that wasn’t quite as clear.
      A guy’s gotta wonder what else you could possible do!

      • The only other thing would have been to untie knots, but even going slow, i don’t think would have been much faster than Kent.

      • I thought the same thing, Erin. But they don’t usually do that unless someone has been useless a few times, or is already near the chopping block.
        I don’t mind the Brian (coz he looks like Brian from the life of Brian) the “yoga teacher”.

  23. I was liking Tarzan but tonight I wasn’t impressed by his sulky reaction to Lochie yelling out mid game. Over sensitive ego and it can cost you the game.
    Have Mark and Sam not watched Survivor? Lee and Elle, Amber and Rob? Millenials v Babyboomers? You don’t let people know you are bf and gf.

    Anyone think Yoga Bear looks like Life of Brian guy?

    • Was he being sulky? I thought he said he just wanted to, once again, “stir the pot”, by challenging Locky’s self-appointment as boss. He seemed to be doing it in a cheeky way.

    • I have gone off Mark quite a bit after the Sam hookup. I thought he was smarter than that! Sam is super paranoid. Hilarious to watch her trying to pretend it was anything other than paranoia.

  24. I nearly always have trouble deciphering why the voting went the way it did.
    I presume that the difference last night was Mark (Tarzan) who was impressed by Tessa’s resemblance to his daughter and decided he wanted to protect her. Having failed to find an idol for her, he tips the split vote to Kate (instead of Tessa) but he was meant to vote for Tara with Kate and Tessa.
    I’m really sorry to see Kate go. There was no good reason to get rid of her, and she was another strong challenge competitor. Pink have weakened themselves even more.

  25. I have it on very good authority that Brad and Sam are a real life couple now. I haven’t asked if there’s more information… like how long did they last by putting that target on their backs?! Good luck to them!!!

    • yes, I wondered, Carol, if they knew it put them in danger, but decided “love” was more valuable than the prize money.
      BTW, (Brad is it?) looks a bit like, and reminds me of Andy from Married at First Sight.

    • Sorry, who is Brad? Do you mean Mark W? On the very limited edit of one show, I thought she might have been using him, so I am glad to hear there was a bit more to it than just gameplay. The chemistry was certainly instant between them.

      • I quite like Jarrad – but not his hair! I’d hate trying to get past it, not walk on it and generally do things in challenges. Even if he doesn’t care for himself it’s a tad inconsiderate to other contestants.

    • Thanks for that Juz – it was really bad and I cannot respect any of them for falling for it. I’d be betting a few of them are on to him, I’ve never done yoga in my life but at least know some of the terminology and surely his lack of it is a giveaway.

  26. I’ve been laughing at the bamboo falling on Kent’s head in the challenge. Always wondered what “bamboozled ” meant.

    Thanks to Ch 10 and endless encores , I’ve caught up. Survive Adelaide when it’s 8 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.

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