House Rules – the end is nigh – Sun, Mon, Tues

We’re almost at the end of House Rules. The three teams each makes over an apartment to sell for charity but will be whittled down to two. Are we set for another twinning victory?
Next year can we have ALL twins?
The whittling doesn’t happen until Tuesday night, so there will be a lot of padding – and not of the upholstery kind.
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House Rules, Seven, Sunday, 7-8.10pm, Monday, 7.30-8.40pm, Tuesday, 7.30-9pm



  1. Clearly everyone is as enthralled with last night as I was!
    Kinda dragging it out now, i wouldn’t mind the extra episodes if there was less focus on drama and more on the design and how they are coming up with features in the rooms.

  2. I sat down to watch it last night because I thought they’d be done with the current charity-house reno quickly, but they said that it’d last until Tuesday, with the judging done on Sunday (!), and i just thought, no. I went and caught up some housework instead. The end of the season always gets quite boring. I’m only halfway into reno shows most of the time anyway.

    Plus, I’m hanging out for the Ninja Challenge show on 9 that starts in a week. One of my friends actually got on it, he’ll be in the episode that airs on the 11th. I’m looking forward to it.

    And we’ve got the next Australian Survivor (go JLap) and the next Bachelor to look forward to (go Matty J! if any of those mean girls break his heart, I swear to goodness, I won’t be happy…).

  3. I think they have made a mistake making this last two weeks so drawn out. I suppose that is in keeping with the poor decisions about two-night judging, and less nights of real renovation. It feels like the show has lost all of its momentum, and many viewers will forget the grand final is on.

    I really, really want to see the back of the gold coast couple. They were lovely to start with, but the competition has brought out their expectation that everyone will give way for them.

    Harry and Kate (well, Kate really) have been smart about the peacock, and as was said last night if you have to have taxidermy, then that is a wise choice. Glimpses of the bedroom show that it might be very nice. Of course, the charity will remove the peacock asap, because it will be mucky with dust within a few weeks.

    • Yep the show could have had the grand final tonight really.
      And agree about the peacock, i think it will pay off.

  4. If you have a look around FB and twitter apparently the scores for tonights judging were accidentally leaked last night…
    I was actually thinking that the rules the judges have set don’t really allow for a calming environment for someone having treatment at the hospital, however will wait to see what is revealed tonight.
    For the common area, the tables on the angle like that look ridiculous… not sure if they will end up staying, i will pass judgement when i see the final reveal. My immediate thought regarding the dining and lounge area in the common area was that they should have created a few mini lounge / dining areas that each family could use… rather than massive areas for both… human behaviour is such that if you don’t really know people, you tend to steer clear of a table or area they are already using…

  5. I always think the charity renos are the best moments in HR… love their genuine gratitude. Wish there was more stuff like this and less drama and tears throughout the rest of it.

  6. The judges should not have known which team did which apartment and which team did which area of the community room. It’s nice that they do this reno as part of the competition. It’s very meaningful.
    I thought the judges were overly harsh when it came to the twins.
    Couldn’t care which of the remaining 2 teams win since I really don’t care for either of them.
    Peacock over the bed was terrible.
    Finishing in AD’s apt was horrid.
    Did not like the wallpaper in the community room.
    BUT all of this was an improvement over what was there. The peacock will probably be removed.

    • Could not believe they received perfect scores. I didn’t see perfection and that peacock was so out of place.

    • Also they didn’t follow the rules – they changed the colour scheme – although Lawrence liked what they did, should they have at least lost points for not following the rules?

    • From what little I saw, the peacock looked pretty vile … but it’s what Laurence asked for. I’m not sure what that says about Laurence’s tastes, but, whatevs.

    • If you have to do taxidermy that is the way to do it, rather than some deer head. I wouldn’t want it in my house, but it worked for their design. If someone really doesn’t want it, even just keeping the fathers would look good.

  7. Mostly negative comments about the judging and the choice of decor by Shanna and Lawrence. Majority feel that the twins were cheated, that the show is rigged (no surprise) and that the best apartment was produced by the twins.
    A few cancer survivors posted that if they had to stay there they would choose the twins’ apartment. There were even posts by people who actually stayed there and also preferred the twins’ apt.
    Judges should have thought of the clientele that the apartments were being designed for. Garish art deco and neoclassical with taxidermy…not really appropriate.

  8. I felt that the judges had already made up their minds that they would not like the twins area. Although they did make a few positive comments, the majority of comments were negative. I also wonder why the teams who fail to gain extra space are always blamed for not fighting hard enough and nothing is said about the mean teams who refuse point blank to co-operate for the benefit of the home owner or project.

  9. I think the contestants apart from the twins were thinking more about pleasing the judges than thinking about the practicality of these rooms. Cancer patients and their families want something modern, comfortable and easy to maintain. Also think of the dust collecting in that peacock for one thing!
    The twins at least had a seat in the shower for maybe patients needing extra support, hand rails and the like might have been a good idea. I liked the twins rooms the best, the kitchen was very nice and practical, and the lounge area looked cosy and comfortable.

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