1. I really find Sarah’s to camera pieces and voiceovers difficult to listen to. She’s just so earnest and intense.
    And she explains simple concepts as if the viewers were total idiots …. oh that’s right, I’ve continued to watch so perhaps she’s not wrong.

    • JB, I like her intensity! She probably has a producer there going “tell us in layman’s terms why you did blah blah”. She is probably getting the most airtime this ep as Karlie and Diana are rather subdued in their delivery

      • Yes it’s personal taste, I tried to say it such a way that I found it difficult but that doesn’t mean she’s awful because I didn’t want to be nasty.

    • Sarah, working for Australian Pork. ROFL She deserved to go based on cooking tonight. I wonder what she missed in her foam step?

      Given my track record. With exception of last two years, every person I pick to win gets knocked out in finals week. I wanted Sarah to win but for the past six weeks or so I’ve been thinking Ben would be the winner (with Sarah runner-up). Male, good looking, great TV chef look about him. Yep he cooks way too much ice cream! Let’s face it, anyone could replace those twits on Market Kitchen!

      Who will the shock elimination be? Going on my track record…….Ben! I’m really starting to think that Arum is getting the winner edit. The only “shocks” IMO tomorrow would be Tamara or Ben.

      • The shock elimination is just that Tue is usually an immunity challenge. But tomorrow it is an elimination challenge as they are all in black. That is the shock factor.

    • I think the producers meant to say “Schlock Alimination”.

      That’s what it will be.

      Diana really got those tears flowing. Great skill and timing.

  2. Sarah was a great cook and should have been in the final two or three. That challenge was ridiculous. A plate of food that takes over 3 hours to prepare. Come on. Watching them crumble mentally is horrible.

  3. I noticed that Sarah is working for Pork Australia, she has certainly been an ambassador for them throughout the series.

  4. So when Tamara was in elimination, they got to cook whatever they wanted.
    Did she ever have to make some ridiculous chef’s creation?
    Not that it matters; she won’t be leaving tomorrow as she’s impossible to eliminate … the cockroach of 2017.

    Too bad for Sarah – she was a free spirit and fun to watch.

    • I think Tamara has been in Pressure Test before. She was eliminated once in the Pressure test but came back the next day. Let see how long she can survive without cooking dumpling and parfait/ice cream

  5. Well that dish was absolutely ridiculous.
    Karlie did well, she stuffed up her marmalade but it was early enough for her to do it again. I figured she’d be safe as she was the only one who put everything on her plate.
    Don’t know what Diana did wrong with hers. Could she have put it in the microwave to melt it again?
    Sarah’s foam didn’t work out either, not sure what she did wrong.
    Every time I saw Tamara I thought you should be down there too. She kept yelling out keep going, even though no one had stopped.
    So another elimination tomorrow. Dare we hope Tamara totally fucks up & gets eliminated?

    • Thank God the series is nearly over. If I have to watch George picking apart the food with the tweezers and then watch Matt and Gary watching the effing picking apart I will put a foot through the TV.

      • Later there will be a competition on how to serve food with a tweezer. George will explain the techniques involved.

        Gary and Matt will be the judges and critiques whether it was divided correctly and how it was beautifully done!!!!

  6. I only saw the beginning and the end but when the guest judge said “my palate is crying out for some acid” I just groaned and was glad I’d missed most of it.

    • As if that dollop of marmalade will make all the difference. From the recipe, the marmalade is really sour. I wouldn’t want to eat that.

      • I am so jaded and old fashioned these days. That plate looked completely unappealing to me. All that trickery and ridiculous piping of ice cream into eggs nonsense leaves me cold. Nothing aspirational about any of the dishes or challenges these days. I haven’t looked at a mc recipe – other than to laugh- for ages now.

        • I agree. In earlier days I would make things cooked on the show. The local butcher always knew if a particular cut of meat had been used on MC the night before because there would be a run on it next day. What do we have now? Blue caviar and seaweed.

  7. I suppose the shock tonight depends on who they think will be shocked. If it is the viewers who will be shocked, then it will be Ben or Karlie, but if the producers are thinking with the mind of the two G judges, then it might be she-who-can’t. On the other hand, we the viewers might be shocked if they are willing to let her go – that would be truly shocking.
    A shocking mess.

    • Promo just playing with words. Shock because normally tonight there is no elimination. But they want us to believe a ‘favourite’ get eliminated.

      • I want to believe a “favourite” is eliminated. I want to believe.
        But I know my way around disappointment after too many years of Masterchef master manipulations and shenanigans.

  8. Don’t mind Sarah being eliminated. She frequently rubs her hands through her hair while cooking and because of that I don’t like watching her cook. Very unhygienic.
    Can’t get away from ice cream or caramel. πŸ™
    Of course, they didn’t get to cook whatever they wanted to cook.
    Sarah working for Australian pork. Perfect for her.
    Favourite is going to be eliminated. Favourite of whom, the viewers or the stooges/producers. Doubt that the “chosen one” is going home.

  9. That dish was ridiculous and most unappealing. A dollop of snot in a bowl of green. And to expect them to make home made marmalade in that timeline with 8 pages of recipe to follow – what a wank. Diane look liked she had been through the wringer. Would have liked Karly to go too, her croaky voice gets on my nerves.
    I’d like Diane to win the series, she doesn’t suck up to the judges or guest chefs.

  10. Well, I think tonight is again like cook what you want, either a savoury or sweet dish. So you know who will be safe.

  11. Sarah is on Studio Ten at the moment, cooking scallops
    They didn’t win ratings last night…. so not sure what they are boasting about.

  12. Love the Monda. Their proofreading is as accurate as their interpretation of the ratings – Ninjas got nearly double the audience – surely that has to mean something?

  13. This is what Sarah is doing with Australia Pork:

    She has partnered with Australian Pork to do a few cooking demos, a few farm visits, and all I’m doing is promoting how versatile and high quality Australian pork really is. She will be showing that you can cook it so easily at home and really achievable for the everyday Australian.
    Read more at https://www.popsugar.com.au/celebrity/Sarah-Tiong-MasterChef-2017-Elimination-Interview-43754953#rfidPAA5PSUgXjSr.99

  14. Rating’s would go sky high if we hijack tonight’s episode. All we have to do is go back to that wonderful episode where Tamara was actually eliminated, and superimpose that footage onto tonight’s elimination announcement.

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