1. I’m looking forward to Japan week. But, always in the back of my mind now, is that the omnipresent She Who Can Do No Wrong will be featured so prominently that the episode is spoiled for me. Let’s hope they let the Japanese cuisine and chefs speak for their food and skills, with no commentary from her – none, nada, zilch.

    • But she knows best! She HAS to comment on it. Maybe give a bit of advice too as she is such a seasoned chef to begin with…

    • She picks the A-grade wagyu, then cuts it into thin strips to ‘fry it like bacon.’
      Then pours the muddy sludge over it. Disrespect much?

    • Are we seeing winner edit for Ben? Diana wasn’t ridiculed – what’s going on?
      Mind you the contestants look about as cold as I feel tonight!

      • Yeah it looked very cold there. Gary had a scarf & Matt was wearing gloves & they all had heavy coats on.

  2. I’d like to see a challenge where everyone spends more time cooking and less time watching ingredients blow away

  3. In the mystery box tonight, since they all picked one ingredient each, they should have to cook with the ingredient they picked plus at least one more from the mystery box.

  4. Quite a few disappearing contestants tonight: Callan, Arum and even Tamara. Glad Diana won the first round. And I’ll forgive Ben making wasabi yet another ice cream since it was him. I know Arum did it too but it doesn’t count since he wasn’t in the edit.

  5. No bottom three tonight. Winner goes straight into an immunity challenge spot. Top 3 Eliza, Sarah and Ben. Winner: Ben. My final three prediction of Ben, Karlie and Eliza is looking good

  6. So yay Tamara wasn’t in the top 3 of either rounds. Miracles can happen.
    Glad to see Ben get the top dish for a change, rather than one of the ‘regulars’.
    Last week it was coriander & basil ice cream, tonight it was wasabi ice cream.
    There were some interesting dishes tonight with some unusual ingredients. Let’s hope they don’t have to cook whale while they’re in Japan.

  7. I think Ben will be in the grand finale. They so wanted a male winner and finally there is Ben who is modest, good looking to some and CAN COOK without drama!!!

  8. I don’t blame Ben either for making ice cream as he was trying to differ from the rest. But don’t let it happen again! And in what universe does Karlie think pickled gherkins and wasabi go together? She really needs some hot sake for that croaky voice.

    I think they gave us a stereotyped Japan experience tonight. It looked way too chilly for the blossoms to be out, judging by George jumping around like a maniac, trying to keep warm. And I don’t think you’d see many women in pink kimonos strolling around the parks.

    At least their favourite geisha,Tamara, was benched … for a short time, at least.

    • Indeed. And I don’t mind ice cream from him as he hasn’t done it every single time he’s cooked.

    • I like Ben, too, but another ice cream. YAWN. At least it is something he doesn’t generally do over and over again like other contestants, but either take away the ice cream machine or don’t reward someone for making ice cream.

  9. It seems we are not the only ones frustrated at the amount of ice creams being made this season: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4658520/MasterChef-fans-angry-judges-award-ice-cream-winner.html

    I’m stoked that Ben won. He comes across very genuine and family orientated, and I think winning for him would actually change his life. He always looks chuffed to be there and is not resting on his laurels. Quietly confident and not over exposed. He’d make a great winner for this year.

    • I am bias. I am like many viewers who now want Ben to win. Other blogs also have support for Ben.

      At least his ice cream used a different technique.

      • Agree LP. It’s just a shame that it was brought up on the occasion that Ben won. Overall though they really do need to address the fact that too many ice creams are being submitted. They had an entire “Sweet Week” to make it, and the judges should be saying that at this stage they need to be more inventive cooks instead of constantly praising the same dessert dishes.

        • It’s because the judges are greedy pigs who love dessert over everything else. When in doubt, do a dessert and you will be fine. I will give Ben a pass on this though because he’s not a one trick ice cream pony.

          • You forgot to add the crackling. I think we have seen enough pork belly with crispy skin

  10. This season has given me a new pet hate “noun used as a verb” – “motor” is the new “cook”

  11. I officially have cancelled all my earlier dislike of Eliza. She totally ignored George trying to give her a high five. Hilarious.

    • I’m still a little undecided re Eliza – that Baking Queen rendition is so so SO hard to overcome, and at times when receiving praise she appears less than humble. But on the other hand, when the stooges attempt to undermine her she doesn’t crumble in self-doubt – she ploughs on and often proves them wrong, and she has been known to snap back at George when he throws shade.

      • I am thinking she maybe just has a lively sense of humour and a sense of ridiculousness. As someone also with these qualities, I have decided to cut her some slack. .. but really, refusing to suck up to the judges is a huge vote In her favour, so I am choosing to be gracious. For now. Repetition of singing will remove her from my good graces.

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