MasterChef – Sun, Jul 16 -mystery box

Only six cooks are left on MasterChef Australia: Tamara (or She Who Must Not Be Named because we need to balance out the edit somehow), Karlie, Ben, Arum, Sarah and Diana.
Tonight it’s a mystery box challenge “to prove to the judges just how far they have come in the competition”.

My final two pick: Ben and Karlie. What do you gice think?



    • God yes. They have cocked up flatbreads so much that they are superglued to brick pastry. Can’t see this lot knocking out a brioche or croissant or something genuinely challenging.
      Who am I kidding -this lot can barely make a cake.

    • Yep , I’m only just watching now and that is so irritating. Especially since they had to use ALL the ingredients. I want to know how they used them, and Arum and Diana were invisible.


    I’m over the ice-cream Ban the blast chiller! Take all the ice-cream machines away. 2017 they year of Brik Pastry and ice cream.

  2. Will not be watching if Tamara is in the final. Makes me angry because it’s not her fault – I’m sure she’s just one of those bouncy into everything enthusiastic people in real life, not different to her edit here. But the judges fawning over her is unprofessional and obvious. Get rid of them.

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  3. I did want Ben and Diana in the final.

    But the fennel ice cream tonight means I’m through with Ben. I hope he fails with Tamara.

    When it comes to ice cream, there’s a difference between scratching your ar$e and tearing it to pieces. Ben has literally torn it up.

    Garn, choose ice cream for the core ingredient, Ben.

    • Yeah Ben has lost me now. However, as they are surely going to ditch the few people left I don’t hate, maybe I’m stuck with him!

    • I’m done with Ben, too. I think he should have gone to elimination instead of Diana.
      Actually I’m done with most of them: ice cream, granita, panna cotta, semifreddo, sorbet, caramel sauce, goat cheese mousse or whatever, brik pastry….
      These are far from incredible cooks. They are unimaginative cooks.

      • So far no dishes has inspired me to try.

        But the judges still say these are the best homecook at the food festival in Brisbane. We are no fool. We can see.

  4. I am still going with Ben and Sarah finale. Diana would be my next choice after Sarah. Really think they are lining Ben up for the win BUT I would prefer Sarah.

    Arum might surprise us all!

  5. F**k off George with your roses and thunderstorms analogy! They were determined not to like Diana’s dish, picking up one tiny berry at a time but Tamara’s dish, they shovelled big spoonfuls down their throats.

    • An alament of Diana’s dish too “boingy” for Jowl$y. What an ass he is. He’s got the “boingy” issues.

  6. Tamara could serve a turd on a paper plate and the judges would rave about how clever she was.
    Negative comments for at least one aliment of each of the others but all positive for Tamara.

      • It’s the depth of flavour that she gets into that turd that sets her apart. I suspect her turds are beautifully flavoured with rose petals and fennel.

        • Gary:( licks fingers) “If I could walk into a restaurant and order a turd like that, I’d a happy man”

          Jowl$y: “What I love is the smokiness she’s managed to get into that turd, Inspired ”

          George: ” Wow. Such a flavour packed turd. Boom, boom, shake the room Just smell it””

  7. I must admit, due to excessive boredom I was channel surfing and missed the review of Karlie’s dish. Must have really sucked with the main element of Ben’s dish a runny blue puddle. Wonder why he didn’t use white Sambuca?
    At this time every year, I’m usually excited to watch finals week. This year, I couldn’t care less.

  8. Oh I was so worried for Ben for a while there, but Sarah & Diana & Karlie stuffed up more. That melted ice cream must have tasted great to save him. Pity about Karlie being in the elimination. Bloody Tamara’s dishes were ‘perfect’ again.
    More bloody ice creams & parfaits.
    They wait till Eloise leaves to have whiskey in the mystery box.

  9. She (need I say who?) is first one in the door. Nearly every reaction shot is her face. Then the judging – praise, praise for her first dish. Second dish, the judges start grinning and looking excited before they have tasted it. I don’t think it is only editing that makes her so unlikeable. I think she is a conceited, smarmy little twit. I was saying “ah, fuck off!’ so often, and more and more loudly, that I frightened my dog, and had to comfort him.

    They’ve just screwed Ben by telling him he is now the ice cream king.

    Karlie is a panic merchant, and I’m really tired of listening to her explain how stressed she is in her fake gravelly voice.

    I’d like to see Diana and Ben in the final, but who can predict with this farcical competition. I hit mute so often now that I may as well not watch.

    • I agree. It’s not just the editing with Tamara – it’s her.
      All bouncy, fake-smiley kewpie doll one minute … looking daggers the next.
      But George and Gary are always suckers for a bottle blonde who’s shorter than they are.

      And her ‘delicate little macarons’ looked more like Big Macs.

  10. Adam L tweeted a message that perhaps they should put all the contents of the mystery box into an ice cream maker. I noticed that Ben declared himself the king of ice cream makers or some such thing. Facebook really, really anti Tamara.

  11. Finally six and some contestants are still ghosts.

    If they can’t make the other contestants appealing to the home audience then it is just lazy editing that they ALWAYS focus on Tamara.

  12. I agree that it was poor form not tasting all the dishes in the mystery box: the really mystery is why they keep with a tired formula when there are only SIX dishes. And who is editing this farce now: Tamara’s husband? How come we don’t get any narration from all of the contestants other than Tamara and creaky voice?
    Diana is looking pi$$ed off lately. What’s going on there?
    Also if they want something other than ice ream or parfait in a dessert then give them a couple of hours. Just to break it up a bit so we see something other than ice cream and sorbet.

    BTW has anyone caught Australian Ninja Warriors? It is such a blast to watch and so positive. Some really good people out there. and this competition doesn’t really on editing and capricious judges for a contestant to win: it’s solely their skills.

  13. Agree with others…There are only 6 contestants so taste all the dishes in the mystery round. Big mystery….where was Diana during that round? Little camera time and no interviews.
    Stooges describe Karlie’s slop on the plate in round one as stunning and beautiful.
    Ben stuck in an ice cream loop. Second ice cream was not just runny but also looked grainy and I thought his would be one of the bottom three dishes.
    Sarah can’t think out of the box and figure out how to use the licorice. She should have just made ice cream.
    Tamara can do no wrong. It’s the Tamara show starring Tamara & directed, written and edited by Tamara. Next she will be switching places with one of the stooges. Maybe they’ll clone her and she can be all of the contestants and the stooges and star in her own show (although she is already doing that).

  14. Really wanted Ben to be in the bottom three because i’m sick of his constant ice-creams. Wonder if his plan is to ice cream his way to the title.

    Kinda disappointed by this season, contestants are likable but they’re too one dimensional, repeatedly cooking the same things Whoever wins the title will be the one who makes the least mistakes.

  15. Part of the repetition problem is the ingredients they give them. There are certain ingredients that are in fashion, and others never get a look in.
    What was wrong with Sarah doing mashed potato, if she could do it well? And yet, someone else (Arum?) does a swede puree and is praised to high heaven – what’s the diff?
    We should start a list of ingredients that should be banned from the rest of the series due to overuse:
    Goat’s Cheese…

    And ingredients to bring back:
    Buffalo mozarella
    chicken fillets…

  16. Just watching and I just can’t with all the headshaking. For the next season they should:
    1. Ditch George. Do they really want a non-staff-paying aggressive hobbit to be their figure head?
    2. Ditch Gary, who is sexist and biased.
    3. Get at least one female judge
    4. Forbid to make one dish several times (dumplings, ice cream etc)
    5. Blind tastings
    6. More time to cook so the contestants got more options than ice cream, parfait, granita and sorbet
    7. No “Cook what you want”-cooks in elimination
    8. Fucking decide if it’s about taste, look or technique and not use what’s needed to keep the pet
    9, No comeback (or comeback ONLY with blindtasting) Really nobody would miss the judges not being present during the cook.
    10. Get back to simple food. A pressure test doesn’t have to have 1247264 steps, a million elements and a fucking balloon made from sugar.

    Maybe then it’s gonna be bearable to watch MasterChef again.

    Like 10+

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    • I’m definitely signing up to your new rules Rhubarbara. In fact, without them I think I can’t watch it again. . . I’ve said that before but I’ve been frankly bored this season and barely bothering to watch the recorded shows, so I think I’ve got a good shot at following through.

  17. I’m an eat everything person but I baulk at licorice. Fennel seed is fine and star anise, but I never eat licorice and rarely fresh fennel. But Ben is Dutch and they looove their licorice.

    • I hate the aniseed in all options – fennel ruins stuff for me! But I think he made a smart move trying to snooker the opposition. Sadly he nearly fell victim to the Mystery Box Curse with poor execution.

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