1. They are supposed to be the best home cooks. Why Eloise has to put on the poor darling look because she has never cooked drumettes before. If you know how to cook chicken with bones, you should be able to guesstimate how to cook drumettes

    • It is rather amusing that certain contestants are being exposed.

      What have we learnt- Callan have never heard the proverb a stitch in time saves nine.

      Tamara bitches that she can’t make mayo and asks Sarah to intervene. Gary has to step in and suggest they use a food processor and Tamara nods sagely.

  2. Looks like Tamara is a protected species again because they usually don’t send a team of 3 to elimination if one of them has a an immunity pin.
    I’m finding Sarah’s earnest seriousness in her to camera pieces annoying, Diana is also serious but without the earnestness. I can picture Diana with a sense of humour that seems to be lacking in Sarah.

    • This is why they should do basic challenges and build the skills over the season rather than the contestants hiding behind a few practised dishes.

  3. The contestants are virtually in tears as they are in tiny kitchens and have no deep fryer.

    Eloise’s time is near. She is panic stricken.

    • Too bad that each team was not required to make a dessert. What would they have come up with without their beloved ice cream makers? That would have been a very difficult challenge for them.

    • They had to do the public facing challenge somewhere where we couldn’t easily see the long suffering diners saying frank comments like “gawd, this tastes off”, “worst ever prawns” , “where can I vomit this up”, “not another ice cream”, “gosh the cliches are painful”, “I’m so sick of Tamara” oops. That was probably a slight bit of my thoughts projecting in there…

    • I couldn’t believe how utterly useles – and, if I can speak frankly – DUMB – Tamara and Callan were. I could not BEAR how Tamara had to pull her saccharine sweet line of ‘oh, little cute me I’m just a sweet girlie just can’t possibly whisk quickly enough to do this oh so hard mayo”.
      “Sar – you’re quite a strong person who has to get by with just actual talent as you don’t have nice blonde cutesy looks – YOU do it. I’ll do something easier”

      It pushed ALL my buttons! Get over cute.

  4. Again, where did they get the guchujiang paste? That is a Korean soy bean paste. Must be provided by the MC food team. I am sure Japanese will only use miso paste

  5. Soooo Eloise looks about to cry because she has to deep fry something in – shock horror – A POT. WITH OIL.
    Tamara doesn’t want to make the mayo by hand so just gives it to Sarah… ummm WTF.
    Precious snowflakes should go straight to elimination for this. They should hang their heads in absolute shame. And thank christ for an ice cream free episode!!

  6. Eloise is happy with what the team did today! !! She did nothing! Only Diana and Karlie did all the cooking

  7. Well I’m so glad I was wrong (comment 2) but I figure those two dishes must have been REALLY BAD if they couldn’t figure out how to save Tamara or maybe they just figure Callan is an easy sacrifice.

    • Dont you think the producers already set up the blue team to fail. Having seafood is a lot of prep.

        • Sarah’s dish looked so inviting but I’m surprised she didn’t do something with the shell on to save time. Still, she managed to put up her dish and cook other stuff – I guess she didn’t twig she needed to micro manage the teammates. Not soaking skewers was a big problem

          • It was very interesting to see the flaming skewers. Every recipe with skewers always says “soak wooden skewers before cooking” and I usually do. I’ve never had an issue when I have forgotten, but the flame of those grills were so fast to catch skewers on fire!

  8. From Eloise tweet:

    Shame it didn’t really show on screen but I think that was the most fun I’ve had in a team challenge! #MasterChefAU

    Of course, Eloise. You did nothing except serve. Cant even deep fry chicken

  9. It’s just started here, already I am laughing at the lack of ability to plan with these people. The team of women, all are working on cleaning poultry. Diana’s team, did anyone put water on for cooking rice? They are so single-minded, This one will be funny. Obviously the lack of an ice cream maker is throwing everyone off.

    What is hanging off Tamara’s ears?

    • Actually Tamara’s bright earrings have been prominent before, but as I’m sure they are part of her attention-gathering shtick and I usually TRY not to make looks-based commentary, I’ve nobly refrained. . . But they were really loud this episode!

  10. So yellow team are unable to cut up the chicken, miraculously find some pre-packaged drumettes in the fridge and still have trouble cooking them. Have to say, Diana’s duck still looked raw … but they win anyway because of a nice mushroom. Eloise doesn’t do much because she’s focussing on her new ridiculous hairstyle for tomorrow.

    I guess Callan will be the sacrificial lamb as Tamara has a lot more to say and has bought some new earrings – or whatever the furnishings are in her ears.

  11. No ice cream tonight. Yay. Tamara’s in elimination tomorrow night. Double yay
    Those tiny cooking areas would have done my head in. Nothing worse than not having enough space to put things.
    If Sarah uses her pin then Callan’s a goner. Will only be him & Tamara & she will be safe unless she serves raw chicken.

  12. Is Callan for real? Saw the promo. He is making a sweet seafood sushi like a dessert!!!!!
    His time is really up

    • Surely they wouldn’t make it so obvious on the commercial if it were him going. If it were Tamara being eliminated the promo would have said something like “which favourite will be sent packing” or something to that effect. Here’s hoping Sarah has the smarts to use the pin, instead of taking a risk then stuffing it up only for the judges to throw her out to prove a point.

    • Oh – maybe its a fake out and that’s the one time his bizarro combos work out and the Chosen One is sent packing. Or maybe we are up to straightforward signalling that someone stuffs up and goes home.

      • I think Callan’s a huge favourite to get the boot, but if the impossible happens, and it’s The Chosen One … party at my house!

        • Not only on this site but all the other blogs have noticed Tamara is teachers’ pet.

          Have to blame the producers for not showing the other contestants.

    • Hard to say with this cunning promo……but I’ll say it’s a kamikaze Callan act that goes to hell. A final “cook” of defiant, deluded madness….sushi ice cream. What the fuji is going on?

  13. Gary should not have intervened by telling Sarah to use the food processor to make the mayo. These best amatas eva should have been able to figure that out by themselves.
    Was Tamara attempting to place the corn on the skewer vertically? I think she would have had fewer problems if she had placed it horizontally like the leeks. They should have just stir fried the leeks and the corn.
    Eloise could not cut up the chicken and then could not fry drumettes.She didnโ€™t do much of anything.
    Iโ€™m assuming Callan will be eliminated.

    • Gary had probably been forcibly restrained while Tamara held up the whisk and looked winsome but lost – he HAD to explode on the scene and do his best to try to save them by telling them how to suck eggs, I mean, make mayo.
      How BAD must have their food been to send them to elimination when one team member has a pin and the other is the Chosen One?

  14. OMG that was painful to watch. Seriously, I was barking at the TV whenever Eloise or Tamara got on screen. How clueless are they? And why the f*** did Sarah pretend to not be able to whisk mayo? She did it in a previous challenge?!? Tamara not only fucked up the mayo, she didn’t even see that babycorn would fall through the grill? What kind of engineer is she? Seriously, I’m so pissed off by the judges trying to sell those two as good cooks when they are lacking basic cooking skills. Ugh. Just hope Tamara messes up again so badly even Gary can’t rescue her. [sorry for the rant ๐Ÿ˜€ ]

  15. Rubbish about cooking something from where you come from and where you are going to. Just say cooks what you want

  16. Talk about one trick ponies. How many times are they allowed to make the same old things? But of course, silly me, Tamara’s umpteenth dumplings are “next level”.

  17. When I tuned in tonight, I felt for sure Callan’s time was finally up But now I’m not so sure. I have this horrible feeling Sarah will go, pin in hand. Callan’s dish is just weird enough that it might actually work and get him points for inventiveness. Tamara is shamelessly and brazenly cook yet another dumpling/broth dish that she knows the judges love – and to be extra sure she tosses in crispy skin.

  18. “Walking my dish up to the judges” is another phrase that needs to go. No, Tamara, you walk your dog. Your dish is carried.

    • ^^^^^^ THIS. Along with the beginning of every episode “Walking into the Masterchef kitchen etc”…..
      They do it on MKR too as “walking into kitchen HQ…”
      Also the way Gary grunts everything he says when he’s trying to be encouraging.

  19. I zoned out when they would not stop going on about Tamara’s dish. I was embarrassed for the judges.

  20. Not looking good for Sarah at this stage. Watching three men close to orgasm on prime time tv, makes me feel ill.

  21. Oh Lord. How the judges shamelessly salivate on Tamara’s dish. Best dish she ever cooked. BLAH BLAH BLAH

  22. Masterchef would be so much better if they ditched the stooges – maybe keep Matt – and replaced them with someone like Shannon Bennett. That person could introduce the challenges and mentor the contestants. The actual judging could be done by guest chefs who have no favourtism.

    At this point I feel that Tamara could place a plate of 2 minute noodles in front of the stooges and get “dish of the day”

  23. If Tamara gets to the top 4 I will never watch this farce ever again.

    Top 4 should be Ben, Diana, Sarah and Eliza.

  24. OK give it’s been a while and I’m so busy with study and work at the moment. And as much I’ve been saying since the auditions Sarah all the way. For the first time we get the back story of Tamara and her husband. Who knew she was married??? ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜  Teacher’s pet??? I just don’t know if Sarah can pull through this one. Fingers and toes crossed.

  25. I hope Tamara is a better engineer than she is actress because those OTT reactions are far from believable.

    • I don’t think she’s actually an engineer. I noticed tonight they said she was an engineering OFFICER. I looked up her bio on the official site and it says she did two years of her degree and then went to work for local government. Now makes more sense wanting to take up cooking – she’s not a qualified engineer.

  26. Sorry, gice. Scheduled post for tonight did not publish – let’s roll with this one. I am avoiding reading comments until I’ve seen it but just a shout out to Tech Hater – good to see you commenting

    • Cheers Juz. I couldn’t help myself tonight. And because of huge study, work and travel load I don’t usually catch up until weekend. But Desi convinced me this week to catch up and 1st time this season I’m actually up-to date. Good to see all your posters are on the same page with the “chosen one” for f#ck’s sake when are the producers going to wake up and we can see through the 3 stooges and their pets. Anyone seen the Cadbury’s ad with Garry and his pet Gorgeya. Saw it last week in NSW for the 1st time. Was just waiting it for it to happen. Grrrrrrr ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  27. Matt resembled a mafia hitman tonight, with his suit and black leather gloves. on. Off to kill his mark after filming?

  28. I am late to this party but OMG Sarah did not play the pin!! Callan is making desert sushi out of fish??? Did he learn nothing from his curry leaf dessert?

  29. Can anyone tell me if they actually saw “the chosen one’s” quail eggs actually cut open. Nowhere on any of the 3 stooges plates was there a skerrick of yolk on any of their plates. Really ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ˆ are we so stupid to believe that we can’t tell a hard boiled egg from a soft boiled one. There should be at least a sign of oozy yolk left on the plate. Every other time a soft yolk is expected we see the results, positive or negative, first time they haven’t shown true outcome.

    • I was thinking the same thing. They usually make such a production of cutting into it & seeing if the yolk oozes out but they never showed it this time. Very suss. They just mentioned as an afterthought that the egg was perfectly cooked.

  30. Back the ad break and Tamara is STILL talking about her dumplings. What are the editors trying to do to us! Even her own family must be sick of her voiceovers by now. Gary gets a scarf but the poor contestants on the sidelines are shivering away. The constant clapping is to keep their hands warm

  31. Is it just me or am I going crazy. Did it really take 50 episodes before “the chosen one” actually mentioned that she has a husband. I’ve seen more episodes about her dog and arts and crafts, and this is the first time I’ve been aware that she’s married. REALLY ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  32. That was such fucking bullshit!!! The best thing she’s ever cooked in the whole competition? They were just fucking dumplings for God’s sake. They had decided she had the winning dish BEFORE THEY HAD EVEN TASTED CALLAN’S DISH. That tells you everything. They seemed to have forgotten that they had just raved about Sarah’s dish & were acting as if it was the best thing they had ever eaten in their entire lives.
    While Callan’s dessert sounded quite revolting, it was way more inventive than her stupid dumplings. And we know they love people thinking outside the box & showing initiative.

  33. Callan took it very well. Good luck to him. Strange to have Friday night Masterclass back after a couple of years it having it

  34. Thank you all for watching so I didn’t have to!
    I just couldn’t bear to watch. I was so confident Callan was going and the Chosen One would be given out of proportion praise that the only mystery was whether Sarah played her pin. And realistically Sarah must have known she could take out Callan so it wasn’t even especially captivating.
    It definitely doesn’t sound like I could face watching the show. Having eaten. Having a low tolerance for the Chosen One at the best of times.

  35. Well, no surprises.
    Even the Chosen One looked genuinely shocked that she got away with her 100th dumpling dish again. Just add crispy skin and a couple of dubious eggs, and the judges writhe around in ecstasy.
    Gary practically lit a cigarette.

    Teary Eloise was sweating her bff so hard, she was almost sitting on Tamara’s shoulders – telling her to check this and that. Not that it mattered – Tammy just had to show up.

    I don’t mind the manic Sarah, but can we finish with her ‘mom’s’ recipes?
    I’m glad that Callan made it this far and got a trip to Japan. He’s very mature for his age and has a lovely attitude.
    But the rest of this farce is trying my patience.

  36. cant decide who’s more annoying- Tamara or that kid dancing in the forest in the Mitsubishi ad! Both stomach churning

  37. Callan’s tiny speck in a bowl? In 75 minutes? “Here goes nothin” said Gary as he brought the spoon to his mouth.

    • lol – my mother (Ma$terchef newbie and HATER) wanted to know where the rest of it was. She said “there’s nothing on the fucking plate!”.

  38. So Masterfarce continues.
    Sarah makes another pork belly, Callan another ice cream and Tamara more dumplings. At least Callan thought out of the box and was creative.
    The stooges were OTT regarding Tamara’s dumplings and it was nauseating. Next level dumplings….LOL. Compared to what? Agree with others that it was strange they didn’t show the yolk oozing out of the quail eggs. The stooges always make a big deal about that. Assume that in this case the yolk was not runny. They wouldn’t want to reveal that the chosen one had failed at cooking the eggs.
    Why didn’t they invite a Japanese chef to present a dish for the contestants to recreate in a pressure test? That would have been more interesting and more challenging. Instead it’s just cook whatever you want and, for these contestants, just make something you have done over and over again previously with slight modifications.

      • I agree. If you are so passionate about dumplings, please go and learn how to do some more elegant pleating

        • When they were pretending to compete to return to the competition, I remember noting how appealing Brian’s dumplings looked and how deeply ordinary Tamara’s did. If that is your thing, and given she has cooked them at least 4948 times in the competition by my count, รญt MUST be her thing- at least NAIL the presentation.

  39. Sarah looked downright scared once she realised the judges were keeping Tamara at all costs. I think she just twigged that if she’s up against her in the future she will HAVE to use the pin or she will be toast. Sarah is a great cook and runs rings around Tamara but the judges just love having a pet blonde don’t they?

    • And she’s not even a natural blonde which was obvious the other week when her roots were showing.

    • Just like Gorgeya and can’t cook chips Emma. Just wait Tamara will be next to have her own show on 10 “how to cook dumplings 4948 ways” (cheers brusselsprouts) Desiree has been saying since her audition she will go far because she is soooooo marketable. Which is obvious as to how OTT she has become with her comments.

    • Yes, I think Sarah didn’t use the pin because she knows she is a better cook than either Callan or Tamara an d was saving it to use against more skilled cooks but the penny must have finally dropped that Tamara is not there because of her cooking.

  40. Wonder if Tamara and hubby hang with seafood king and wife? Broome small place for two egos that size.

    Wonder if Tamara and hubby tried out for MKR too?

  41. Hoo boy, the bullshit was deep last night. I had to shovel my way away from the tv.

    Judges, you have finally crossed the Rubicon.

  42. Good on Sarah deciding to cook, even if she needs to do something besides pork. Was surprised Tamara got best dish, it looked somewhat ordinary to me.
    Not sad to see Callan go though, he likes experimenting but that doesn’t make him a good cook. Now i don’t really mind which of the remaining eight win.

    • Sarah’s dish looked pretty cool. I don’t mind that she cooks pork because she has said all along she wants to have a restaurant that focuses on pig. Plus we know she can cook other things, too

  43. There is a MasterClass tonight at 7.30pm. Of course we see George creating a Japanese dish when he knows nothing about Japanese cuisine

  44. The best thing about this series is that it has been so bad there are new people posting on this site and ‘old’ hands like Techater returning.

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