Upcoming shows

A reminder of a few upcoming shows:

The Bachelor with Matty.

Australian Survivor Season 2

Family Food Fight

Nine were smart to nick Anna P after her stellar performances on MasterChef. This one probably won’t screen for a few months as it’s still in production. Actually, Matt and Hayden are both ex-MasterChef, while Tom was on Nine’s ill-fated Hot Plate.

Little Big Shots

Hosted by Shane “Kenny” Jacobsen, this is a kids’ talent show, without the scoring.
Premiers Sunday night most likely in the 7pm slot left vacant by House Rules.



  1. That “Little Big Shots” just looks awful, right from the get-go. So, hard pass.

    Definitely in it for Matty’s run at being the Bachelor. If any of those mean girls break his heart, I swear to goodness…

    Also, hopefully they’ve learned a few things from the mis-steps of the first season of Australian Survivor, and this season will be much improved. Fingers crossed.

  2. Leah’s dress in this Bachie promo is making me want to tear my eyes out. Looks like a flyscreen door and a car seat cover had a baby.

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