Yummy Mummies starts in a week

Seven’s new show, Yummy Mummies, starts in a week. Think Real Housewives-meets-Kardashians but pregnant women.
It’s scheduled to screen Sunday, July 9 but not sure of the time slot yet – presumably not early.
Looks excruciating but could be mesmerising.
Story here.

Preview here



  1. The SA bogan wants the venue to bump the wedding because she wants the bigger room.

    Where is the money coming from?

  2. We didn’t watch it in its entirety but this show is problematic:
    1. It is mean. The proverbial fat girl invites the cool kids over. They accept. Fat girl thinks she is in. Cool Kids can’t believe how gormless fat girl is and snicker about her in front of her.
    2. If you can’t fit into designer clothes while heavily pregnant then you are a failure.
    3. Unlike a British take on this show, no questions are asked on how are you affording the branded crap.
    4. Maria doesn’t need a reality profile but professional help.
    5. Jess (extremely patient person at the venue). Was she a paid extra by Channel Seven?
    6. Dr Google is not a reliable source and shouldn’t even be referenced.
    7. Have these people stopped to considered how these children will be bullied because their mothers went on a reality program before they were born.

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