1. Henry’s face was worth waiting for.

    Rarely have I ever seen an expression that was more, “…I’m screwed” than when Henry saw that Jacqui had been ousted. Henry’s a clever guy, sure, but his hubris got to him, thinking his old tribe was under control (when it clearly wasn’t) and wanting to control the new tribe (which he isn’t doing either).

  2. Whoa, when did the blue team start sucking that badly?

    Good for Henry, though. At this point, the only thing keeping him around is winning immunity. And the clue-swapping-shenanigans were the most interesting part of the immunity challenge.

    • Henry isn’t very tuned in to the game. Hegot it wrong about being able to control both teams. He got it wrong that Kent and Jaquie wouldn’t beout next. He got it wrong that his charm would make the tribe want to keep him. I was glad that his tribe won immunity to buy him more time.

      • Henry’s tuned into Henry. He’s got enough charisma to control two tribes. Just ask him.

        He’d make a good Yoga Instructor…..

      • I still think Henry is a smart guy, but I think his ego got away from him. He assumed the game was under his control. It’s like, dude it’s Survivor. The whole nature of the franchise is that you are never, ever in control of what’s happening.

        • Henry ‘s displaying a common phenomenon called egocentric bias, which can break up anything from The Beatles to some desperately forged alliance on a rtv show. Thank fuck for Dr.Phil making me buy a book with that stuff in it.

          I read that everyone displays egocentric bias to varying degrees….except me, of course.

          • Today Dr Phil forgot that there ARE versions of the truth. Many time I have heard him say perception is 95% of the truth…or something like that.

          • Dr.Phil says Robin’s extravagantly named wrinkle creams work, too.

            That’d be 99% false.

            I saw his spiel about versions of the truth.

    • They just didn’t have the strength or height needed for that immunity challenge. However, pink did have a better strategy having two people do the rope thing and only sliding through a few discs at a time. Blue tried to do it all in one go.

      I don’t understand how Henry thinks he has control of blue, when he isn’t there to actually control it.
      We never saw what Henry gave Jericho, thou did we?

      • No, we didn’t see exactly what it was that Henry gave to Jericho, but I think it’s a safe assumption that it’s idol related.

        I also think it’s a safe bet that little moment is going to be critically important at some point down the line. It feels like the kind of thing that the editors are going to surprise us with later. But they just wanted to hint at for the moment.

      • It’s likely he gave him the clue to the idol he already found. Trying to curry favour with his old tribe now he knows he’s on the outs

  3. I kind of preferred it when Michelle didn’t have much of a presence, because the more screen-time she gets, the less I like her. I don’t think she’s getting a very favourable edit, but I don’t disagree with Kent. She’s useless at challenges and seems to contribute very little around camp.

  4. Damn it. Kent was one of the few genuinely likeable castaways still left. And I like him infinitely more than Michelle.

    I can’t help but wonder if all the blue team is accomplishing is weakening their own team, because they’re down to 15 people and the inevitable merge can’t be that far away.

  5. Odette is the only likeable person left on the blue team.
    I liked Kent.
    Sarah and Michelle are not getting a good edit, both come across as very unlikeable and don’t get me started on Tara or Annalese – they should have been gone already.
    Luke is also very cocky.

  6. So Kent had some mysterious injury which we didn’t see how he got or what it was. Hopefully he’ll let us know when he does the rounds of talk shows tomorrow.
    Wow the blue team really struggled with that challenge. At least Annalese managed to get the idol. Was hoping Michelle would go, wanted to see the smug look wiped off her face.
    Wouldn’t mind another tribe swap to switch things up a bit.

  7. Mr Juz is also lactose intolerant so we were wincing at Jericho eating all that ice cream. He is going to pay! Poor Ben got the harsh commentary from JLap again. Poor Henry – it’s hard looking morose when you are wearing a flamingo shirt. Did you see Sarah’s banged-up knees?

    • Heh. Henry’s fine as long as they keep winning immunity challenges (and given the blue team keeps losing physically-capable players, I think Henry’s pretty safe for the time being).

      • Shock and dismay was on Henry’s face when he saw Jaquie gone. We might add horror when he sees Kent gone. But don’t worry…he still has Jericho in his pocket. 😂😂😂😂😂

        • And Jericho is so tiny and little that I think he’d easily fit into somebody’s pocket.

          I think Jericho’s game plan is that he’s there to be underestimated. He plays innocent and naive, but he has this secret evil dark side that so far only the viewer is aware of.

    • I was wondering if he had any ill effects but if he did they didn’t show it. I thought we may see him later complaining about an upset tummy or running to the bushes like Fishbach in the US version.

  8. OK, Michelle is officially the bottom of the heap now. She is showing all the traits that I dislike in young women, and I’m not surprised that Kent identified the same traits.

    Henry is even less smart than I thought. He still doesn’t realise that it is his fault that Jacqui (and now Kent) are gone, he is only worried that his game plan has gone awry. And he still thinks Jericho is one of his lackeys – that boat sailed a long time ago. I hope the “clue” he gave was the old one leading to the idol he already has. No mention of the biscuits for quite a few episodes now.

    Why aren’t these people out searching for idols all the time (or at least why aren’t we shown that). Wouldn’t that be a priority for the swap-ees? And surely the tribe were onto Annaleise when she was stripping the tree apart?

    • Lazy and entitled are unattractive in anyone not just young women. But you’re right Michelle really needs to go.

    • Yes, yes and yes. When you sum it all up, Henry has shown that he is to busy with his own agenda to realize others have agendas too. He thought he could run Suppertime from Assunder, when in fact he would most likely have had his neck on the block there too.
      And I wonder if Michelle is really the stuck up, lazy thing she seems. Be lazy on your own time, not when someone else is doing your share.

  9. Kent thought himself a smart player, but it was not smart to be transparent about his dislike for Michelle. You can’t pretend you’re a floater (😆 hate that word), when you have a personal dislike. And Michelle seems to be carrying a lot of power right now. I even look forward to horrible Tara tipping that boat.

    • Ohh how fabulous. As a survivor second season only viewer I would love to catch some earlier seasons.

      • Watch “Palau”. The winner is pretty clear by about the third episode in, but the season is just so awesome that it’s worth watching anyway.

        • Thank you windsong- I usually agree with your opinions! Although I have notuced you can be a tad unreliable when some handsome young man picks up a ladle on MKR 😉

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