Australian Survivor – Sun, August 13

The promo is all about pocket-sized Sam twigging Henry is not a yoga instructor, and Henry subsequently making a move. I really, really hope he breaks up the power couple.
Hopefully that tribe will lose and go to tribal, so we can see what’s been happening over there – other than Cookie Monster alliances.
Ten, 7.30-9pm



  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have this mental image of cutting to the blue tribe to see Jericho folding back a corner of the tent to reveal his plans for world domination … through cookies! And nobody really knows whether to be afraid or impressed.

  2. Okay, so I figured out who the curly-haired guy on the blue tribe is. He’s Ben, and he’s pretty useless.

    Boy, the blue team just sucks at reward challenges. They got absolutely smoked. I have a feeling this is leaning towards a blue team loss at immunity.

    Sam: “Ben and Michelle are our weakest links.” Who the hell is Michelle?

  3. So Tara’s gone with the “when all else fails, cry” plan. I wanted Tess to shake her a little and say, “THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING TO US FOR THE LAST FIVE EPISODES”, but alas, it’s not meant to be.

    • I wzs thinking what one of the tribe members said, “She is just bawling because someone did to her what she was planning to do to them”. What’s the word for that………oh yeah, hypocrite. And then later Mark throws a hissy fit because he doesn’t get his way. It’s a game Mark, not Iraq.
      I don’t like players who feel entitled to win, and therefore sulk when things go haywire. What’sthe word for that….oh yeah, sore losers…or bad sportsmanship.

      BTW am I the only one who like Life of Brian Henry? I have liked him all along.

      I think Tara needs to stay in for another few weeks…just for the weight loss. But not Ken coz he will need a tummy tuck. Isn’t Ken a loveable giant?

      • I actually like Henry, the more time we spend with him. He’s playing the game, and he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

    • Seems Tara can give it out but not take it!
      And she said he self at tribal, at some point the 8 member alliance had to break up – she didn’t didn’t know at the time, it wasn’t going to be in her favour!

  4. So Henry finally got to throw a challenge to get rid of Sam. I hope it works, because if it doesn’t? Then he’s screwed his team over for no gain.

    • I am just wondering if Odette is ever going to make the edit? We at least got to hear from Ben and Michelle finally because their names were thrown around.
      Loved Jacqui’s Monopoly analogy about the vote being like landing on Mayfair

      • I wonder if Odette is going to fly under the radar until merge, or else, the editors are deliberately keeping her quiet because she’s going to make it a lot further in the game.

      • I loved the Monopoly analogy as well. I always appreciate people who understand what happens in the game stays in the game and don’t get upset when a “friend” knifes them.

  5. Luke the lifesaver! Well done. Good to see some footage of teal team as the Tara drama was gearing. AK was right when he told Tess that on Survivor, if you are on the bottom you have to fight

    • Better than sharing a cache of cookies….save lives. I warmed to Luke tonight, not because of the life-saving but because of his cheeky gloating.

  6. Spoiler alert for those not on the east coast …

    So the plan worked, and Henry broke up the power couple. You could see on Sam’s face by the third time that her name was read out, that she realised, “I’m about to be knifed. Damn it”. To be honest, I saw the sense in Henry’s plan about the time that Sam interviewed, “All the girls will be voting for Michelle, and Mark too.” That tells us that Sam was running the show, and was the one calling the shots. Interestingly enough, in her end-of-show interview, she said that she felt it was her lack of a social game that did her in … but simply put, it was the fact that she’d shacked up with Mark and had formed a power couple (and not only that, but she was using him the same way Locky was using his girls, as a power bloc).

    And it was *everyone*. In all the time we spent away from the blue tribe, Henry must’ve really worked to get everybody onside. I think it was a good idea to break up Mark/Sam, I just hope throwing the challenge won’t cost them in the long run.

    And now Mark’s out for revenge? Your tribe is ahead of the game in terms of sheer numbers (come the inevitable merge). If you go rogue, you’ll just get yourself voted off faster. Don’t let you penis do the talking, okay big guy?

  7. Survivor and a war zone are similar , says Mark E. Righto. He’s full of it. What is Rambo scorned gunner do now? Sam was just collateral damage to him.

    Henry tanked but the lying expert Mark E missed it.

  8. Sam came across as a bit smug and a control freak. She must have annoyed all her tribe members with her constant paranoia and game playing.
    Mark is clueless.
    Who is Ben and Evita? They get no airtime and must be coasting along. No standout person I am going for yet .
    Tara will be the next to go , what a sook.

    • Beyond his curly hair, Ben is another one that has had zero screen-time so far. Like, I know he’s young and bad at challenges (clearly). But beyond that, who is this guy?

      • If he is bad at challenges – based on last night startlingly bad- and useless around camp… what’s he got?

        • Hehehe. Startlingly bad is an apt way of putting it. No wonder they kept making him sit out of challenges. And if we’re not hearing much from him right now, it means he goes far in the game, which would be a shame. Because like you said, he really does seem quite useless.

  9. So Henry’s plan finally worked & Sam went home. Would have been funny if it had backfired & he went home.
    I was worried for a minute when Mark was getting sus that someone would be intimidated & spill, but no one did. He was getting a bit over the top calling people traitors. Hey mate your not in the army or at war. It’s a bloody game & you’re supposed to double cross people. That’s how you win.
    Surely they must be due for a tribe swap. Be good to mix things up a bit.

    • Those who spit the dummy, or want revenge, show they felt more entitled to win than others. Na aa.
      Next tribal, Tara or Lochie. Preferably Lochie because it will be fun to watch Tara go, “How very dare they!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
      How was it. Tess was on the bottom and didn’t go , “I’m all aloooone”. And Lochies says to Tara, “Hellooo, I’m here( waves hands in Tara’s face”. So funny.

  10. I feel that Sam probably had a very clear idea that she was probably going. She and Mark seemed to cotton on to the rebellion quite easily. The problem was that they couldn’t (or weren’t shown trying to) do anything about it.

    I’m surprised that no-one seemed to call Henry out on throwing the challenge. It was much more blatant than his previous attempt, and Jonathan obviously knew of the plan as he kept pointing out Henry’s incompetence in the commentary. I suppose it is even possible that the majority of the tribe wanted the couple broken up before that and were willing to let a suspected “throw” go unnoticed.

    • i was fully expecting Henry to be called out for throwing the challenge, I know its easy to say sitting on the couch at home but that puzzle didn’t look tooo difficult.
      I was hoping Sam would tell them all he is not a yoga instructor when she left thou!

    • I keep changing my opinion about Mark. Sometimes I think, yeah, this guy is a total badass. He used to be military special forces, after all. His leadership got them to win a challenge that Henry was deliberately trying to throw.

      But then other times I keep thinking, his social game isn’t great (everyone on Facebook reckons they’d be terrified of him), he’s not exactly a master tactician, and for two weeks now, Sam was playing him like a fiddle.

      It’s like, I want to really like him, but so far? I’m not convinced.

      My favorites right now are the castaways who are actually playing the game, like AK, Tess or Jericho.

  11. Interesting to see how the dynamics will play out.
    I am sure the other team members won’t want to calmly swap out Mark/Sam for Henry/Jackie, so how are they going to work it?
    I wonder if tribal swap soon might save Henry. I note that he was busy saying hello to the other team and congratulating them on their win. Obviously got a long game going on.

  12. You guys have covered most of what I was thinking. I was really glad to see the end of smug Sam (smug is never an attractive quality).
    I just wanted to add that I thought it was hilarious when Tara was crying saying “I’ve been so strong” Um – yeah you didn’t cry when everything was going your way and you spit the dummy as soon as it doesn’t, that took real strength.

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